A Guide on How to Become a Firefighter

Do you want to work a job that makes a difference in the world?

Become a firefighter! This rewarding position offers job security and benefits and allows you to save lives.

Don’t expect to simply show up and get hired. It takes knowledge and skill to navigate life-threatening situations. 

Read on to learn how to become a firefighter.

Learn About Firefighting

Do not simply go for this job to blindly fulfill some childhood dream of feeling like a hero. Learn what it actually means to accept this position.

Firefighters must put their own lives in danger to save other people. This means that you move towards situations other people run away from.

It takes courage and strength that most people simply don’t have, which is why they proudly wear custom badges for their bravery. You must also possess a clear mind that can think through frightening situations.

This job requires long hours of work. Emergencies can happen at the end of a long shift.

Firefighters do not only put out fires. They maintain trucks and equipment, clean up hazardous spills, treat injuries, write reports, and serve the community in a number of ways.

Shape Up

If you want to fight fires, get fit. Firefighters need their bodies in top physical condition.

This job requires extreme athletic-type ability. The firefighter gear alone weighs about 45 pounds.

While wearing it, firefighters must carry heavy equipment, climb ladders, drag charged hoses, and break into enclosed spaces. They must move quickly, maneuver difficult terrain, and quickly dodge threats.

For this reason, you must pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) to work in this field. It assesses the individual’s ability to safely meet the physical demands of this job.

To pass this test, work hard on your physical fitness months in advance. Wear a weighted vest as you push through strenuous activities to simulate wearing the gear.

Run up and down flights of stairs and use Jacob’s Ladder at the gym. Build up your endurance with long runs and Insanity workouts.

Create obstacle courses to work on agility as well. Joining a training program will help you reach all of the necessary fitness goals.

Get Certified

Becoming a firefighter requires a number of different certifications. The CPAT only touches on one important skill set.

Firefighter careers put you into direct contact with injuries and possibly dying people. It is your job to save them.

An EMT certification course teaches you how to treat wounds, stop bleeding, perform CPR, and more. Most states require this certification.

You do not need a college degree to begin working in a firehouse. But, fire science and other degree programs will help you build a successful, lifelong career.

Learn How to Become a Firefighter

If you want to save lives and make a difference in your community, learn how to become a firefighter. It takes a level of dedication and courage that will make you a hero

Protecting others means first taking good care of yourself. Find wellness tips on our health page!

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