4 Reasons To Use Reverse ETL For Your Data Stack

Did you know that reverse ETL is a technology category that is revolutionizing the modern data stack? In fact, if used properly it can actually get rid of any data silos, use data for operational benefits and also make the integration process of your data automated!

The modern data stack has changed the game when it comes to how we can all use and access data. The beating heart of a modern data stack is known as the data warehouse. This warehouse is extremely beneficial and extensive and can help drive your business to new levels.

But a data warehouse can get so big that data silos can form, limiting who gets access to data and how it ends up being used.

This is where reverse ETL really comes into play. It not only helps prevent problems from arising but makes your modern data stack even more streamlined and user-friendly.

One of the best ways to summarize how powerful a reverse ETL can be is how it is able to actually copy data that is in your warehouse and integrate it into all your business tools that are used by various departments, including the likes of consumer growth teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and support teams.

How Does ETL Work?

So how does ETL actually work? The full meaning behind this acronym is “extract-transform-load” and is a three-step process that modernizes the efficiency of your data. This means that not only does it get data into your warehouse for secure storage and cataloging, but it also gets that data back to various parts of your business to maximize efficiency.

This automated and streamlined process is a game-changer for businesses and how they can use their modern data slacks. Here are all the reasons why.

1. Say Goodbye to Silos

Silos do not do anything but cause problems in a business. Previously, the focus with data has been to get it all integrated into one secure location. But until reverse ETL came around, it was hard to get this data back out into the organizational eco-system. This would cause numerous data silos, where the right people were not getting access to the data that they need because of a time-consuming and human-error-driven process.

With reverse ETL, that all goes away and you can officially say goodbye to those silos. Now anyone who has the most basic SQL knowledge and skill sets can access data sets in the warehouse—they don’t even need to be proficient in code or a whiz with APIs. Imagine how much easier everyone’s lives are going to get?

2. Use Data for Operational Purposes

With reverse ETL, you can use data for operational analytics more easily than ever before. You do not have to ever bother with building dashboards that won’t be used or adopted across the board. Instead, the data will go to specific tools that are already integrated into existing systems that will help everyone do their jobs better.

Reverse ETL allows for certain data models to be created to a specific team’s need so they can make operational decisions and organize the day-to-day tasks of it all. Best of all, it is automated so no one person has to be bogged down trying to do it all for everyone else.

3. Automates All Data

Manual processes mean that there are simply higher risks of human error. With reverse ETL empowering dashboards to b automated, the data that is getting stored and sent back out is going to be way more accurate and be able to be distributed in a much more streamlined manner.

This makes the likes of reporting, especially on a frequent basis, way more manageable. It does not rely on one dashboard anymore but instead can allow teams to use the tools they prefer, such as a spreadsheet.

Of course, there is still the need for human involvement and decision-making. But it cuts out a ton of the tedious manual labor that really is not necessary anymore. Life is about to get a whole lot easier for everyone!

4. Achieve Your Business Goals

Data is so important for not only short-term business decisions but driving overarching strategies and long-term business goals. With reverse RTL ensuring there is a continuous loop in your data, you can get modern data sets that will help you confidently make decisions that ultimately will get you a win for your business.


Data is the way of the future. Reverse RFL helps make your business future-proof and maximize the potential that data can provide your company with. With this component allowing all teams to easily access and utilize data in an automated way, why wouldn’t you want this as part of your organization?

There are so many benefits to enjoy and ultimately get you one step closer to being an even more successful company.

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