15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Fruits & Vegetables (are They Fresh + More)

I will answer these questions in two parts. The first is the importance of buying organic and growing your own.
The second is buying locally.

Check out the 15 things to know before buying fruit and vegetables from Costco.

15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Fruits & Vegetables In 2022

1. There are Fresh Costco Fruits and Vegetables.

Costco is a great place to buy a cheap bottle of wine. At Costco you can buy a wine for about half the price of what you would pay at your local liquor store.

For example, one Costco employee in Minnesota stated that their produce department is one of the best in the business.

2. Costco Also Stocks Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The best produce is a mix of quality and price. I found the organic cukes and beets at Costco to be good quality and reasonable in price.

I am a big fan of Costco in general, and I think they make a big difference in the produce section. That said, it is a “good” not a “great” experience.

– Red peppers
– Eggplants
– Pears
– Grapes
– Watermelons
– Sweet potatoes
– Onions
– Celiac-friendly produce like mushrooms and bell peppers.

All of them contain some type of pesticide, and the pesticides will be absorbed by our skin and then ingested.

3. Prices for Costco Fruits and Vegetables are Great

Costco’s produce department has many varieties of healthy produce that are always priced lower than supermarkets, so the question isn’t whether to buy them. The question is will it be worth it to you.

You can often save some money at Costco by buying things in big containers versus small containers. You can also sometimes save more by buying the same thing in bulk.

Bananas are much cheaper at Costco, I think it is about 11 cents per pound.

A package of baby carrots at Costco is only 17 cents more per pound than the same package of conventional baby carrots, while a comparable package from Kroger costs nearly 50 cents more per pound.

If Costco only sells broccoli at $1.99 per pound, it’s a good deal. But if Costco sells it for $1.89 per pound, it’s not, especially when Kroger sells the same item for less than $1.99 per pound.

You’re getting a great deal when you buy your produce at Costco, so much that it may have been the only place you could find your favorite organic peach.

4. You’re Buying a Lot Of Costco Fruits and Vegetables at Once

There is a huge caveat to buying Costco produce, namely it’s a warehouse, buy it in bulk store, and that includes your produce.

If you want baby carrots, then you have to buy two pounds worth of carrots, at once.

5. Only Pick up the Costco Fruits and Vegetables That You Know You’ll Eat

I usually shop for groceries with my roommate at Costco, but, if you’re short on time, we suggest shopping at a store like Target and then going back to Costco where you can get a lot of free samples, you’re more likely to get deals, and the employees there are more helpful.

If you don’t, you may waste a lot of food. For example, if you have a lot of apples, you may have a hard time finding someone to buy the whole bag.


6. Employees Might Warn You Off Of Buying Costco Fruits and Vegetables

One Costco manager said that most people in his store are poor and buy their food from the store because they can’t afford to buy it elsewhere.

Ultimately it is a waste only if you go into Costco’s produce section not with the same mindset as you’d have when buying fruits and veggies from a regular grocery store.

7. Some Costco Fruits and Vegetables are Known to Last Longer Than Others

Costco has a great selection of delicious foods, from avocados for $6.49 a piece to a great selection of organic meats and veggies. They are great for those on a budget and save a good deal of money.

Costco was motivated to create a new way to eat bananas by a relationship with Apeel Sciences, a company that develops fruit that does not deteriorate.

Costco avocados now last twice as long as those from other grocery stores, which will make them less frantic to use before they begin to rot.

8. Try Some Of the Tropical Costco Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to normal fruit, Costco also offers tropical fruits like kiwis and plantains, both of which are worth picking up next time you’re in a store.

9. Ready-Made Veggie Trays in the Costco Fruits and Vegetables Section 

Costco really has an impressive selection of fresh fruits and veggies. There are also a lot of convenient options for salads.

You’ll receive 18 ounces of fresh, delicious, good, no-bake goodness that is perfect for snacking or impromptu family gatherings.

10. You Can Buy Single Mini Watermelons in the Costco Fruits And Vegetables Section

Costco is selling adorable mini watermelons, so if you’re just one person or a tiny family, you aren’t pressed to finish one.

11. You Can Buy and Freeze Garlic from Costco

Costco’s garlic is sold in two pound bags and only lasts four months (two months per bag), so you may be wondering if you’re missing out on a bargain, as you only have four months to use it.

However, the magic of garlic is that it can be frozen so easily. You can even pull cloves off as you use them and put the rest of the bulb back in the freezer to keep. [Original]: In fact, the garlic bulb is like a time capsule. When you pull off the cloves, you are essentially opening the door to a time capsule of garlic flavors.

12. There are Some Fresh Costco Fruits and Vegetables You’ll Want to Avoid

13. Some Organic Costco Fruits and Vegetables are Grown by the Company

Costco does indeed have organic farms, and they have a team of people growing and selling organic products. This means that the farm-to-shelf process may be a little more authentic.

14. If You’re Ordering Costco Fruits and Vegetables Online, Be Picky

You can order your groceries from Costco online using Instacart, but did you know you can also include instructions for your shopper? If you’re looking for a way to save time during grocery trips, Instacart may be for you.

To avoid people wasting a bunch of time, the bananas should be left at least one hour after they were picked.

You should add the item to your cart, and then go to where you see the item when you go into your shipping account. Where it says “Edit Ship Date” is where you go to change your delivery date, shipping address, and billing address.

15. Can’t Eat Your Costco Fruits and Vegetables in Time? Consider Buying Frozen Or Canned

Costco also carries an abundant selection in their canned and frozen sections for your convenience.

If you start throwing produce away faster than you can eat it, it might be a good time to make the switch to the canned or frozen produce aisle.

To learn more about Costco’s policies, check out: Costco stores, Costco.com policies, how much does Costco charge for groceries, and how to shop using Costco rewards.


Costco’s fruits and vegetables department is a great deal if you carefully select the produce you purchase. Don’t buy something you know you’ll never use up and research some best practices for storing produce to extend their shelf life.

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