10 Easy-to-Make Cupcake Designs for You to Try!

Decorating cupcakes is just like decorating your bedroom into the best you can because cupcakes are more lovely when you put the best designs on them, just like in your bedroom. It’s a lot of fun to decorate cupcakes, and the level of wow factor you get when people view your cupcakes will influence them by the decor. Articles like this will teach you to bake some baking kinds of stuff, like how to soften cream cheese or other desserts. But this article will give you cute designs for your cupcake.

You may be thinking that it is hard to think of a design to put on your lovely cupcake. But you will be surprised once you visit Recipes.net and find out how easy it is! Continue reading this article to get an idea of 10 simple cupcake designs! 

Blueberry-Blackberry Cupcakes

When you think about blueberries to bake, maybe you assume about those unattractive blueberry muffins that look without a proper design. That cupcake is still good in taste, but it is not that good-looking in its physical appearance.

This design is very suitable for bridal showers, birthdays, and many occasions. This cake isn’t too sweet and pairs beautifully with the tangy cream cheese, and it features a juicy crumb and a tight crumb. The natural violet color of the frosting, which you can achieve by using freeze-dried blueberries, is beautiful. You may easily substitute different freeze-dried fruits without using food coloring to make rich-colored icing and mixtures. 

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Another cutesy and effortless design for your cupcake! In this design, your children can help you with this. To put it another way, if your child’s birthday celebration is approaching, these are the cupcakes to make! But seriously, if you’re throwing your birthday celebration, these are the cupcakes to order. Let’s admit it, many people, especially the kids, enjoy cotton candy. 

Cotton candy is sweet, caramelized, jammy, fruity, and berry-like flavor. Cotton candy is a flavor created by combining two distinct flavors, and its perfect sweetness makes it an ideal pair with cupcakes! Take note that cotton candy is easy to make and very colorful. 

Designed With Circle Frosty Decoration

Ooh, a frosty one! They just put some frosting on the top in its typical swirl style in some usual cupcake designs. This one may appear humorous at first, but wait till you see it completed. All you need to achieve this stunning abstract look is a round pastry tip and bag or just a corner trimmed off a zip-top bag. Pipe circles all around the cupcake using your pastry bag. You may make these icing circles just the same size, or you can make them all different sizes. 

Dust these cupcakes with your favorite colorful sugar or sprinkles to finish. It serves to emphasize the abstract design while also giving a festive touch. How adorable are these? So, what are you waiting for? Put frosting on your cupcake but make it creative!

Cupcake Bouquet

This one is very yummy and at the same time romantic! The cupcake bouquets would make a great Mother’s Day gift two weeks away. It would also be appropriate for other events, such as wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays, get-well facilities, or simply as a pick-me-up for a buddy needing a grin and a sweet treat. Flowers have numerous implications throughout myths and stories, ranging from new death to life, purity to desire. As they expand from a delicate bud to full bloom, flowers are associated with youth, beauty, and joy.

On the other hand, flowers symbolize fragility and the quick journey from life to death as they wilt and perish. It will be great to try it in your cupcake because of the rich symbolism of the bouquet flowers. You can do it using fake small flowers or candy that looks like flowers. 

Floral Mini-Cupcakes

You may construct a gorgeous cupcake that looks like many miniature roses using the same approach as the previous cupcake but with a smaller star tip. Fill a piping bag halfway with your favorite buttercream, colored in any floral color, and tiny pipe florets on top of the cake, careful to cover every inch.

Finally, you’ll have a lovely cupcake that resembles a little bouquet. When icing, use two comparable shades if you want to add some variance, and it helps to add a little more depth.

Cupcakes With a Watercolor Theme

This one is for the art enthusiast in your life! This art piece decoration will appeal to you because of its outstanding appearance and because it requires no special equipment, not even a piping bag! Separate your fave filling recipe between three or even more bowls and dye each one a different color to make these paint palette-inspired cupcakes. Then apply tiny dabs of frosting around the cupcake with an offset spatula until it is completely covered.

You may leave the icing alone or use the spatula to mix the edges a little for a marbled look. Watercolor paintings are a unique technique for using water-soluble colors to imaginatively express imagination, fantasy, and vivid feelings.

Colorful Toppings in Two Tones

Doubling the color is one of the simplest methods to provide your cupcakes with a fresh look. Fill a piping bag halfway with buttercream frosting in two different colors. You are free to use any pastry tips you want.

All you must do is pipe a simple swirl with your frosting. The two icing tones will also swirl together, creating a beautiful marble look. You can easily alter this concept to fit the time or the event and be very simple.

Strawberry Shortcake

Each of these delectable strawberry shortcake cupcakes contains a sweet surprise: a strawberry filling cooked from scratch. Using a melon ball or a teaspoon, separate the center of the cupcakes and spoon the filling in for a sweet ending. Top with condensed milk and a strawberry slice. 

Owl Cupcakes

These lovely owl cupcakes do a fun decorating project for kids. To make large owl eyes, have them split open Oreo cookies and top the interior with two M&Ms. Then make a tuft of feathers out of finely sliced almonds, giving each owl its distinct personality.

Dipped With Sprinkles

Do you need something quick and pretty? It is a simple cupcake decoration idea for you to try. All you should do is cover a cupcake using your preferred icing and then roll it in your favorite sprinkles. It is a terrific way to decorate when kids are in the kitchen.

Sometimes the most basic concepts are the most powerful! In its sprinkle coat, this completely coated cupcake looks festive. Basic jimmies are great for everyday sweets and bake sales, and you may also use nonpareils, quins, or any other type of sprinkle.

In a Nutshell

Decorating things expands your creativity and pushes your time to be productive. It also applies to decorating your cupcakes or even your homemade cake! You don’t have to be hard on yourself for making lovely decorations, there are easy ways to make those, and this list is perfect for you!

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