Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Have you discovered that your toilet doesn’t flush? This can become a huge problem if there’s only one bathroom in the house. 

This situation mostly causes panic. They start a continuous loop of questions – why won’t my toilet flush? Is it going to overflow? Will I get a plumber at this time of the day? 

Don’t get stressed. A toilet that cannot be flushed is a common issue and can be easily resolved. 

But before understanding the solutions, it’s important to know what causes this problem.

There are many reasons why your toilet stops working. A few of them include – clogged pipes, broken lift chains, low water levels, clogs, and more.

In today’s blog, you will get an in-depth overview of such causes. In addition, we’re also going to share some expert DIY techniques to fix your toilet. Let’s start with the causes. 

Broken or Jammed Toilet Handle

Try flushing your toilet and see what happens. Push your flush’s handle down. Did water come out of the toilet tank? If your answer is no, there is definitely something wrong with the handle. 

Well, it’s good news. Why do we say it’s good news? It’s because an improper working handle is easy to fix. It won’t even take you 2-3 minutes to repair it.

There’s a chance that your handle might be disconnected, stopping water from coming down the tank. To reconnect it, open the top cover of your toilet tank. You will see the flush liver, connected with a straight arm or chain that lifts a flapper. 

A flapper controls the release of the water. When you push your flush handle down, the arm gets lifted, further lifting the flapper. When the flapper gets raised, the water gets released to the pot. 

If you find your flush’s handle disconnects from the straight arm or chain, connect it back. Once done, you’ll see that the flush starts working again. Now you can flush as many times as you want. 

However, when checking the proper working of the handle, try avoiding multiple flushing. 1-2 times is enough. It will save lots of water. 

Low Water Level in the Toilet Tank

Another reason your toilet doesn’t flush could be because there isn’t enough water in the water tank. To determine if it’s the actual cause, you can look at the back of your toilet tank. The water must be around 1 inch below the overflow markings. 

If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry because it’s pretty simple to resolve. Twist the valve of your flush. If the valve is loose, consider replacing it as soon as possible. 

A broken valve acts as a barrier between the water tank and the main water supply pipe. It stops the inflow of water. By repairing it, the water will again start flowing properly inside the water tank. 

However, if there’s nothing wrong with your valve, consider checking the float ball. There’s a chance that it might have been misadjusted. A float ball is linked with a lever that controls water flow inside the tank. 

If your float ball is not correctly placed, the water will stop coming into the tank before it’s even half full. When you readjust the ball, the water flow will be back to normal. If the ball is broken, replace it with a new one. 

Your Toilet Might be Clogged

If your toilet is not flushing, there could be a chance that it’s clogged. You should know that toilets are designed to handle specific amounts and types of wastes. If you try to flush items such as sanitary products, toilet paper, etc., it will get clogged. 

Now comes the main question – how to check if your toilet is clogged or not? Take a look at your toilet and check if anything is stuck at the bottom, which isn’t going down. If your toilet is in such a condition, it’s definitely clogged. 

When it comes to clogs, they are of two types – small clogs and stubborn clogs. Small clogs are mostly at the surface and can be easily removed. You just need to poke them or plunge them using a toilet brush. 

Stubborn clogs are hard to remove as they are deep inside the drain pipe. You can use a long toilet auger to remove the clog. Moreover, you can also call a plumber to do that job for you. They will easily unclog your toilet on time. 

Issue With Drain Line

Have you checked everything in your toilet and found nothing that isn’t functioning well? Well, it’s because there’s nothing wrong with your toilet. Instead, the problem might be lying inside the drain lines. 

The pipelines that transfer waste from the toilet to the sewer might have a problem. But how to know if this is the exact reason why your toilet doesn’t flush? Well, if the drain in your toilet isn’t working, the drain lines all over your house won’t either. 

You will see showers, sinks, and taps backing up the water or draining the water very slowly. There’s a chance that your drain lines might have been clogged. To unclog them, you need to call a plumber to clean them thoroughly. 

Calling out a plumber is an ideal choice. He will also inspect the drain lines thoroughly. Moreover, he will also let you know whether pipes need to be replaced or if repairing is enough.

Final Words

So these are all the major reasons why your toilet doesn’t flush. Some of these causes are easy to fix, while others require hiring a plumber. When calling a plumber, make sure they have a good experience, license, and all the required tools and materials to resolve your problem. 

Also, share this blog with all your family members, acquaintances, and friends. This way, you can help them to be prepared for the day when their toilet doesn’t flush. 

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