Why Is Ups So Expensive? (10 Reasons Why)

As everyone gets more and more busy and money gets tighter, shipping costs are rising too.

UPS has been losing money, and they don’t want to admit it. So, they raised their prices on shipping costs, which means you’re going to be paying more.

Why Is UPS So Expensive In 2022? 

1. The Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic topped a list of reasons why things in the world are changing, including: climate change, the environment, and the global economy.

UPS’ prices have been on the rise due to the fact that the pandemic has played a particularly large role in why they have been on the rise.

However, the world’s population lives in a community. This means that many people don’t keep their distance as they need to travel to meet others.

because of that, companies like UPS saw a massive leap in business. Residence deliveries increased by 65% and the average daily volume of packages increased by 23%.

UPS says their price increases will be applied to reflect some of the reasons behind the increase, such as the global economic impact from the pandemic.

A major purpose is to keep the workforce in the company, because there are less jobs and more people looking for them.

2. Labor Shortage

The labor shortage comes from the coronavirus pandemic.

In the late 19th century, labor unions were formed to help workers in the United States, and the movement gained momentum.

While rhetoric quickly switched from “menial” to “essential,” the jobs stayed the same.

In the end, people were not happy with the wages and benefits of their jobs, and started organizing to fight for better conditions.

UPS also uses employees of the company to keep the company up to date with new technology and to assist the company in all aspects.

In order to retain their workers they need to increase pay and offer more benefits. This is not only beneficial for the worker but other workers as well as the employer.

With the economy being so bad, UPS has been raising their wages in order to retain their current essential workers.

When talking about a company’s ability to pay higher salaries and the resulting increase in the number of employees, more and more people feel like the pay is actually high enough and that the number of jobs is much higher than the number of available employees.

In order to make their customers happy, the company decided to raise wages, and those raises have been reflected on the prices of service they offer, as an attempt to keep a healthy profit margin.

3. UPS Relies on the Market Price of Fuel to Calculate Shipping Costs 

The USPS is, above all else, the Postal Service, and the Postal Service can’t operate if it can’t deliver.

When you click the “Buy Now” button on the Amazon website, you are taken to the UPS page (if that’s your preferred shipping method), and then to the Amazon checkout page.

The United States’ economy is too important for the country to allow its people to starve.

As a company, it’s been a huge struggle for UPS to keep up with all the gas/fuel they need to have throughout their fleet, and even more so with their planes.

With the prices of fuel at all time record-breaking high, UPS and other shipping companies are having to raise their prices to help maintain profit margins.

4. Increased Delivery Surcharges

Shipping costs are increasing because of the recent increase of shipping surcharges, a higher volume of imports and exports, and more goods and services being shipped.

More and more packages are being delivered. There is a lot of shipping containers that go around the world every day. This causes a lot of work for the shippers.

Therefore, UPS is estimating the surcharge to be anywhere between a dollar and four dollars.

These fees are intended for large-volume shippers, such as companies shipping 25,000 packages a week, or more, according to WSJ.

5. All Packages Are Insured to a Certain Dollar Amount

Shipping companies like UPS usually charge more than a shipping company that doesn’t charge for automatically added services.

All of our packages are protected against damage and loss.

This means that if you’re shipping something worth $100 to a friend, and the package gets lost or damaged, and that friend pays you $100, then UPS will pay you $100.

If your package is worth $200, and is damaged or lost, the company will still pay you $100 in addition to the $100 of automatic insurance.

Note that with the insurance policy, the company does not pay for the actual damage.

However, you will only be reimbused for the rest of the item’s value if the product is declared on your claim form.

Shipping companies are not only subject to shipping laws, but they are also subject to fraud laws. Companies must be able to pay for their mistakes and have some type of process in place to investigate potential claims. The cost of investigations and the resources required to investigate are not insignificant, so they have to set aside funds to cover potential claims instead.

This additional strain then tends to result in higher overall prices for the customers who want to use UPS as their preferred shipping option.

6. You Live in or Are Shipping to a Residential Area

This is where your products go to the end consumer. This is also where your logistics can go down the shitter.

The last mile delivery is the last step in the shipping process, which is done by the person who picks up the package from the shipping company, and hands it to the customer.

In other words, 53% of the total cost of shipping is wasted to move the shipping containers.

This would be a fee charged by your carrier for shipping to a residential customer. UPS has a residential surcharge they apply to all shipments to their residential customers.

If you are shipping to your own home or building, you are not subjected to this additional charge and will be able to receive your items for up to an additional $5 extra as a benefit of being a UPS partner.

7. You Live in or Are Shipping to a Rural Area

UPS uses zones to help organize packages as it transports them from one place to another.

Zones with a high population density are generally less expensive to ship from, due to the shorter distance and the fact that the freight trucks are already there.

With a delivery service, it is easier to send goods by the truck or by the train to places you can’t reach by car.
With this service, we also have a cheaper delivery rate.

To find the price for shipping with a specific carrier please add the carrier to the cart, then go to “Shipping Options”, choose the shipping method you are interested in and then go to “Calculate Shipping”.

To get a shipping quote without selecting a carrier first, please add the items to your cart and then go to “Checkout”.

The distance is a factor. This is due to the fact that the cost of shipping depends on the distance the goods are to be shipped. This is why things like gas cost more at the gas station than you would pay at a grocery store.

You can also check out their zone pricing for 2021 by clicking here!

8. You’re Using a Faster Delivery Service 

Using a tool like shipping zones, UPS calculates shipping based on the origin and destination country.

While you can use FedEx, DHL, or UPS to deliver your package, you need to take this into consideration when determining the cost of shipping a given package.

One of the most important things to do before you ship a package is to determine what shipping options you’ll be taking. If you’re able to figure this out before you go to the post office, you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing the right shipping option for you.

When choosing to ship via UPS, remember to compare the shipping options.

To get your package to you on time you need to order it to be delivered to a “premium shipping” address that is listed on the UPS site. This way they have to give you a tracking code that you’ll then need to send off to your destination.

If you decide to order faster shipping, you should pay more for shipping costs. Also, don’t forget to check where your package will be delivered.

 9. You’re Shipping a Particularly Large Package 

A large package can be expensive and large because when you ship a large package, it is more expensive to ship and there is more of a chance of damage to the package. It is also harder to ship.

>I would like to take a course on how to be more successful.

When UPS determines shipping costs, the company looks at three factors: the distance a package travels, how quickly the package needs to be delivered, and a package’s dimensions/weight.

The size of a package has huge bearing on the price of a
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The current bitcoin block size, measured in bytes, remains capped at 1 MB.
That’s small.

Since the dimensions of a box are not a critical factor, UPS does not perform any dimensional weight calculations for this box.

When it comes to shipping, if your package is particularly heavy or awkward the shipping cost will be more.

This is because the package will take up more space and take a longer time to ship.

the box or package is not under 44″ tall,
the box or package is not under 60″ long,
the box or package is not under 40 inches wide,
the total weight of the shipment is not under 130 pounds.

If the package is oversized, the shipping cost will be higher. So, it is better to put the package in a small box instead.

If you want to learn more about avoiding the shipping charges from UPS, read this page from their website.

10. You’re Shipping a Particularly Small Package 

For example, a box weighing less than 50 pounds will be shipped as
“Freight”, even though you have paid the regular shipping fee.

You’ll never have to worry about being subject to shipping charge corrections with UPS. The truth is that you’ll have to worry about making sure you choose the right shipping option for your package.

All shipping is calculated according to weight. If you need to ship a large package, you may want to use a shipping service such as UPS or DHL.

For smaller items, or packages, dimensional weight can end up costing you much more in shipping than if you were to opt for services such as USPS Priority mail.

If you read our posts on why is UPS so slow, you’d know that it is due to a lack of capacity by the UPS warehouses to fulfil the orders.


UPS has had several years of high fuel costs, although this has mainly been due to the fact the pandemic and the recent labor shortage have caused ripple effects in the trucking industry.

In order to make sure you’re getting the lowest rates for shipping your item, it’s important to look at what are the various shipping services you’re paying for.

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