Why is My Dryer Squeaking?

The squeaking dryer can be a cause of great concern. Dryer squeaking is not normal wear and tear as it indicates that your dryer needs repairing at the earliest.

The squeaking of your dryer can be due to the presence of foreign objects in the drum.

A noisy dryer is more than an annoyance to everyone using it because it could state a faulty dryer part. Like all symptoms of appliance wear and tear, one should not ignore it. Through ignorance, the problem of dryer squeaking may become more intense. 

Let us look at some of the most common causes of a noisy dryer so that you can get all the main answers to the dryer’s annoying squeak.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the common causes that make the dryer squeaking along with some troubleshooting tips that can help you determine the next steps.

A Quick Dryer Check if You Are Experiencing Unusual Noise

  • Foreign Objects

The Items that have fallen out of clothing pockets, including coins knocking around the whole machine during a washing cycle, can sometimes cause a noisy dryer. 

Before starting the washing procedure, you should examine the drum for foreign objects such as coins. You can catch some articles below the lint filter.

You should gently take out the lint filter and inspect the opening for safety. If you sport any foreign object, immediately unplug the dryer and remove the item. Remember to wear a glove while doing so to protect yourself from a severe electric shock.

  • Idler Pulling

This spring-loaded wheel serves a small but critical function as it keeps the drive belt tensioner. You can check whether the drive belt is damaged or dislodged.

The damaged or dislodged drive belt may create friction on the drive belt that can cause an audible squeak. It needs the installation of a replacement idler pulley. 

If the wheel pulley bearing is squeaking, you can spray lithium grease over it. It may be enough to stop the annoyance of the squeaking dryer.

  • Dryer Motor and Bearing

There is equipment for the dryer motor with bearings that allow the driveshaft to spin. If the motor makes a noticeable squeak while running, the bearings may become worse that will not be usable.

That squeak will turn into a grinding sound, indicating that real damage is being done. Because the drive shaft is encased and you must hire a qualified technician to replace the motor at the earliest.

  • Drive Belt

A worn, stretched, or broken drive belt that does not have a firm grip with the dryer drum can intensify the squeaking noise. 

Certain stop-gap measures, such as bar soap or belt spray, can muffle the squeak, but consider this a warning sign that the belt is on its way out and you should replace it with a genuine GE Appliances replacement part soon.

Is it Safe to Use a Squeaky Dryer?

There is something wrong with the dryer if it squeaks. Thus, it’s a big NO to use it while it’s squeaking to avoid further damage.

It is not an issue if it makes a normal voice during usage. But if the voice turns out to be unusual, you should immediately identify the cause and replace the defective component or fix it yourself.

Should You Fix it Yourself?

You should consider the task at hand before you roll up your sleeves and move forward to work. To repair any part of your squeaky dryer, you must first disassemble it and then reassemble it.

You will also need to buy parts for your specific dryer model to fix it. Apart from this, you will need a few tools for your ease. You will also need a lot of patience to do the task because a single mistake can cause much damage and also your time, money, and effort.

After resolving this issue that you thought was the source of the squeaking, you may also discover that several issues are causing the squeaking. This is the case when it comes to DIY plans for the repairs.

If you are not comfortable doing so or are unsure about any part or step along the way, do not proceed and risk damaging your dryer. Take no shortcuts that will need a more extensive repair later.

This guide includes a form where you can enter your zip code and get a free quote from an appliance repair company in your area.

If you don’t already have a go-to appliance repairman to stop your dryer from squeaking, fill out this form to find one! 

What to Avoid?

While fixing the dryer, the main thing to avoid is to never lubricate your roller wheels. In the inside of your dryer cabinet, there may be clogging with lint and dust. When you apply the lubricant to the inner surface of roller wheels, it attracts and retains lint and dust.

If damaging your dryer’s internal components wasn’t bad enough, lubricating or oiling the roller wheels poses a serious fire risk.

Petroleum products combined with lint are a dangerous and flammable combination. The lubrication process takes place with the roller wheels in the factory itself. Thus, you should not have to lubricate them again.

When the lubricant runs out, it is time to replace them rather than grease them. And you can bet that an appliance expert can assist you with that as well.

When to Call an Expert?

If your dryer is still squeaking after trying and testing all the above methods, do not put off fixing it until it becomes a bigger problem that is hard to handle. 

You should immediately entrust your dryer to the professionals at Appliances Factory Service for its repair. The technicians in the service center have all the necessary tools and parts ready with them. 

Also, they have the training to complete the job on the first visit itself so that you do not have to keep visiting the service center again and again.

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