Where Is Cornstarch In The Grocery Store? (Updated 2022!)

Cornstarch is an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen. Cornstarch can be used in many baking recipes to thicken sauces or stews. You might wonder where to find it at your local grocery shop if you are looking for it.

Although cornstarch is often kept in different locations by different stores, there will be a few places that it can be reliably found at major grocery chains. You will often find it in the dry goods or baking aisle.

Continue reading for details about where cornstarch can be found in grocery stores and information about which stores sell cornstarch.

Cornstarch in Grocery Store: What aisle?

Cornstarch, a dry product that is light and often purchased, may be found at the top of the aisles. If you are unable to reach the top shelf, ask someone to assist you.

You can find cornstarch in most grocery stores’ baking aisle. It will be located near flour, cocoa powder, and other powdered dry products. It will be located in smaller grocery stores.

It is a good idea to call ahead to inquire about the location of cornstarch and whether they have any on hand. It’s a good idea for employees to help you find what you need. They are more than happy to assist you in finding what you need.

Which stores sell cornstarch?

Cornstarch is a common ingredient in western cuisine and should be available at all grocery stores. You can also find it at Walgreens and other grocery stores that sell cornstarch. If you are having trouble finding it at your local store, it can be ordered on Amazon.

  • Walmart: Cornstarch will now be available in bakery products at Walmart. It should be located near the flour.
  • Whole Foods: Whole Foods should include a section for baking in the pantry essentials section.
  • Safeway: Spaceway often mixes their condiment aisles and baking products. This aisle contains the cornstarch.
  • Target: Target, like other major retailers, keeps the cornstarch close to the baking products.
  • Kroger: Kroger usually keeps tea and spices in the same aisle with baking products. You should also be able find cornstarch in this area.
  • Publix: Publix has the cornstarch in its baking aisle.
  • Trader Joe’s: You can find their cornstarch in the baking section of Trader Joe’s.

Cornstarch is also available at many smaller grocery stores. Ask an employee for help if you aren’t sure where to find it. You can check online if the store where you are shopping has a website like Walmart or Target.

Walmart: Where can I find cornstarch?

Walmart stocks a variety of cornstarch brands. Some cornstarch products, like baby powder, are not suitable for baking. To ensure you get the right product, make sure to read all labels.

Walmart will have cornstarch in its baking goods section. It will be near flour, cocoa powder and other powdered baking products. It might be high up on the shelf.

Ask an employee for assistance if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for or if you cannot reach the shelves high enough to find it.

Cornstarch is available at Target.

Target also offers a variety of cornstarch products. Target should have a good supply of baking products in their pantry section.

Target will have cornstarch in its baking goods aisle. It will be near baking soda, yeast and other powdered baking ingredients.

You can shop online at Target if you are unable to find cornstarch in your area. You can order products for delivery or pick up.


Cornstarch can be used in many dishes. You can find it in most grocery stores in the baking aisle. If you are unable to reach it, ask an employee for assistance. It is not a good idea to force yourself or climb the shelves.

It’s a good idea for employees to help you find the right store if you don’t see what you need. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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