Are Clorox Bleach Pens Discontinued? (Find Out!)

Imagine spilling coffee on your blouse while interviewing or scribbling colors on your shirt when drawing. Cleanliness and cleanliness are good for the property and increase its value.

Clorox bleach pen is the best choice for removing tough stains from grout, tiles, porcelain and clothes. It also guarantees to remove all stains.

Clorox bleach pen have been missing from many of our favourite stores. Are Clorox bleach pen discontinued? This article contains more information and in-depth details.

Clorox Bleach Pens Are Discontinued

The Clorox bleach pen can be carried and is handy for emergency spills. This is a huge loss for the loyal fans. Clorox bleach pens have been discontinued by the makers of this product, perhaps because it did not sell as expected.

We can still use Clorox bleach pen, but that’s okay. There are also many DIY projects online that can make similar products.

We are confident that the manufacturers will produce high-quality cleaning products for our clients.

Continue reading to learn more about Clorox bleach pens alternatives.

What can I use instead of a Bleach Pen?

Clorox bleach pens can be replaced by many other cleaning bleaches and non-bleach products. Tide-to Go instant stain removal pen is one product. This non-bleach stain removal pen is lightweight and can be used on food stains such as ketchup, fruit juices, wine, tea, and so forth.

OxiClean max stain remover pen is another product. You can choose from many options depending on your budget, and then select the best product from the market.

Online DIY projects are popular because they offer a comparable product to Clorox bleach pen. We aren’t sure how safe DIY projects are. Be cautious.

What can I do to refill the Clorox Bleach Pen

The company doesn’t offer refills for Clorox bleach pen.

You can either refill the bottle with another stain remover gel or use DIY bleach products to fill it.

This would make it easier and cheaper for the company in the long-term.

How can I use Tide-To Go Instant Stain Removal Pen?

Follow these steps to achieve effective results

  • Make sure you shake the bottle before you open it.
  • Unscrew the cap at the tips
  • Apply the lotion liberally to the stained surface by pressing the bottle against the glass.
  • After you’re done, remove the lid. Wait for the lid to dry before you replace it.

What is Tide-To-Go made of?

Tide to go is made up of hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide immediately dissolves stubborn stains.

Other components include ethanol and citric acid as well as sodium alkyl sulfurate, benzoic acid and sodium alkyl.

You can quickly review the ingredients before you start to apply the stain. These ingredients are gentle on fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about fabric discoloration.

What Types of Stains Can Tide-To Go Remove?

Tide to go is well-known for its ability to remove stubborn stains after washing laundry and food stains.

It effectively removes food stains such as coffee, teas, juices, ketchups, wines, alcohol and many others.

It has been reported that it can remove oil and grime.

What can I do with the Tide-To Go on colored fabrics?

Tide to Go is suitable for all colors. Tide to Go does not contain bleach, so it can be used in all colors.

Tide to Go is safe for all fabrics, including wool, silk, polyester, cotton and cotton.

To test the pen’s reaction on fabrics, the company suggests that users use a small hidden potion of the material.

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For emergency spillages such as coffee spillage at work or food spillage in restaurants, you can use non-bleach pens and bleach stain removers.

Bleach pens are a great way to conceal and remove stains. These products can be carried in your purse, bag, car, or even pocket. This is a great way to keep your hands clean.

You should choose a bleach pen that is easy to clean and gentle on your skin if you are going to buy one.

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