Where Is Corn Syrup In Walmart? + Other Grocery Stores 

In order to make finding items easier, Walmart started tagging certain items, making them searchable within the app and by simply walking by the tag, you’ll be able to pick that item up.

I just looked at an ingredient list for a recipe I was trying to make, and the only thing I didn’t have was corn syrup. I started searching all over the grocery store for the name for it, and finally remembered what it was called!

Where Is Corn Syrup In Walmart? 

If you want to purchase corn syrup for an ice cream-making project, corn syrup can be found near the maple syrup and sugar. In order to find corn syrup at Walmart in the baking aisle, look for a product called corn syrup. Additionally, Walmart offers corn syrup in the breakfast aisle near hot cereals, oatmeal, and maple syrup.

Let’s take a look at all of the different sources of corn syrup that you can find.

Use The Walmart + App To Find Corn Syrup At Walmart!

Navigating your way around Walmart stores is difficult but the Walmart + app is an excellent solution. It is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. You can download it for free today.

Use Find Ingredients on the Ingredient Lookup page to locate a specific ingredient. The page will also tell you if your store currently stocks a given ingredient.

If you don’t have a smartphone you don’t have to worry! I’ll help you find what you need!

Where Is Corn Syrup In Other Grocery Stores?

Corn syrup is often found in most grocery stores, especially the ones that sell high-end foods like Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, Meijer, Publix, and Safeway. Corn syrup is also often found next to the cooking syrups in the baking aisle, next to the sugars and sweeteners in the same aisle, and down the breakfast aisle.

You can also have a look at our post on where is buttermilk in Walmart, and the article on Where is Ghee in Walmart.

What Is The Best Corn Syrup At Walmart?

Walmart aims to cater to every consumer’s baking needs with the sale of dark and light corn syrup. Brown’s light corn syrup has reported an impressive 5-star rating from consumers. You’ll receive 32 fluid ounces.

Karo corn syrup is the highest rated dark syrup at Walmart.com. We can bulk buy it for $37-$122, enough to make 1-5 gallons. If you’re looking for something softer, you may prefer the organic sweetener.

Finally, while the United States is known for its corn syrup addiction, many people around the world have the same problem. To view a complete listing of corn syrup by country, visit the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations website.

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