What Kind Of Tuna Does Subway Use? (+ Other Common Faqs)

In a recent lawsuit, Subway claims that they make their sandwiches with real tuna. It is believed that they are using the filler.

We’re not sure which is better – Subway’s tuna or the real thing we have in our stomachs. We know Subway made up this story about its tuna. Who said what? The following are the people (who have been quoted) who took the time to tell us the truth about Subway’s tuna!

What Kind Of Tuna Does Subway Use In 2022?

– The lawsuit has nothing to do with Subway; it is about the original source of the tuna.
– Subway is being accused of knowingly using cheap tuna.
– The lawsuit is about supply, not about the taste of Subway’s tuna.
– Subway’s tuna is real tuna, and it is responsibly sourced.

Subway’s tuna sandwich is a huge controversy. There’s lots of controversy about it. Lots of controversy, but the controversy about the taste of its tuna is especially loud.

Is Subway’s Tuna Real?

The lawsuit highlighted that a DNA test showed that Subway’s tuna was wrong. Other sources have noted that cook-altered tuna would have a different DNA.

The owner of the Subway chain says that the company used to purchase canned tuna that was not pre-cooked, so that it would be fresh. However, they have now been buying pre-cooked tuna since 2014, which is what the DNA test seems to suggest.

Note that this is from 2017–subsequent articles that quote the DNA sample from the tuna have since been published.

We find that the only legitimate reason to believe Subway’s tuna is fake would be if Subway actually added the “fake it” ingredients to their sandwiches.

The fish has been frozen and kept completely fresh, including when it was frozen. The fish is kept in containers that contain enough oxygen to sustain life. They’re constantly kept at a temperature that’s just above freezing, and they’re kept in airtight bags, which prevents the fish from absorbing any water or other fluids.

What Testing Does Subway’s Tuna Undergo?

A tuna can get from the ocean to the restaurant, but they don’t let it out of their facility.

This program was created to prevent seafood products from being mixed or switched with other products. This is to prevent unsafe products from being sold.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, or FSIS.
The US Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Inspection Service, or MPIS.
The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Service Inspection Service, or FSIS.
The US Department of Agriculture’s FSIS’s Quality Assurance Program.

In short, many certifications are required and they are quite thorough.

These rules are there to protect you, and Subway and other food franchises have to follow them to keep on making money. So, they can’t sell you a shrimp sandwich unless it’s in the right amount and shape.

What Sources Does Subway Purchase Its Tuna From?

Jana brand of albacore tuna contains high levels of mercury, which can cause brain development problems. The other brand of tuna, Rema, is a bit fresher and has a lower level of mercury.

These brands began as small, one-person, or family-owned businesses and have been trusted partners with Subway for decades, now they’ve grown to be huge international groups, some with multiple brands.

We stand behind the quality of our seafood products, including our tuna. The issues raised today are not a Subway-specific problem. They are a customer-specific issue.

I’m sorry, but you’re not going to take that out of context by saying Subway and Tim Hortons.

Will Subway Change Its Tuna On Its Revamped Menu?

They started to make healthier choices like low-fat bread and grilled chicken, and offered more nutritious options like salads. They also started giving customers the option of choosing from one of their four new fresh flavors, and added a variety of toppings.

On top of that, tuna was still far away from being a complete and proper implementation.

But after the release of the first 2.0 version of Aika, the community rallied around the project and the tuna project gained enough visibility.

Although I am glad they are not going to serve the tuna I am also disappointed that they will continue to serve the tuna sub.

How Is Subway’s Tuna Prepared For Subs?

When tuna arrives at a Subway restaurant, it’s packaged in pouches. When tuna is packaged in a pouch, it is often precooked and must be placed in a container and mixed with mayonnaise before serving.

The fact that they’re a little large is a characteristic I really like.

After grabbing a tuna pouch, a Subway employee will then place the pouch contents into a bowl or container of some sort. After that, they will add mayonnaise. This will be the case regardless of the type of sandwich you order.

It is best to start with 1/4 cup, and add or subtract as needed until the mayonnaise achieves the desired consistency.

Finally, this tuna salad mixture is then transferred to the refrigerated unit, where customers can view the products, including the ingredients, at Subway.

To get even more information, you can also read our posts on Subway’s glutenfree bread, and whether you can still order a six-inch sub in the morning.


The company that does the meat in Subway’s sandwiches has filed a lawsuit saying that the tuna is fake or contaminated.

Tuna is a highly perishable seafood — so while it’s great when you first get it, it can easily spoil. That’s why we like to use it within a day or two of purchase.

Our ingredients are of the highest quality, which we carefully select, and all of our sandwiches are prepared using the safest possible techniques.

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