What Is Engine Life And How to Increase It

Each car has a large number of different characteristics and parameters, including acceleration dynamics, fuel consumption, environmental standards, etc. To determine such parameters, special methods and equipment are used. They also have certain regulatory tolerances. As for engine life, this is a more complex concept that determines the durability and efficiency of a key component in a car. If you suspect the engine life of your vehicle is exhausted, do not rush to look for companies that pay cash for junk RVs, sedans, SUVs, etc, in this article you will learn details about the engine life.

What Is Engine Life?

The service life of the engine means the service life of the unit declared by the manufacturer, during which it will function without failures or damage. This period lasts until the need for a major overhaul of the power plant arises.

Engine failure is accompanied by a characteristic knocking sound, decreased performance, and increased fuel and oil consumption. If such signs are detected, you will need to perform comprehensive engine diagnostics and begin troubleshooting.

The service life of engines often varies among different car owners, both down and up. Typically, drivers use the car as usual and do not pay attention to minor problems. But over time, this leads to disastrous consequences, including the final failure of the most important and expensive unit. Let’s figure out what affects engine life and how to extend it.

Proper Starting Of a New Internal Combustion Engine Or Running-in After Repair

The service life of a new engine and its future efficiency directly depends on proper running-in. This procedure requires special attention when purchasing a new car.

There is a myth among drivers and dealership managers that modern internal combustion engines do not require preliminary running-in. They argue that current engine models are significantly superior to outdated designs. The new models are distinguished by their high quality of assembly, configuration, and fitting of components. There is also an opinion that cars are run in the factory.

However, if we are talking about civilian models, and not specialized and sports cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, Nissan GTR, then it is unlikely that anyone will test them in factory conditions. The maximum that can be expected from such models is a cold run-in, a procedure for cranking the power plant without starting for the purpose of grinding in components and diagnostics before starting. However, such actions are not always carried out. This means that running the engine before using a new car is extremely important.

Rules For Choosing Oil And Timing Of Its Replacement

One of the most important actions to increase the life of an internal combustion engine is a routine oil change. This is a mandatory measure that allows you to extend the life of the vehicle and prevent critical problems from occurring during its operation. The procedure boils down to updating the technical fluid and accompanying filters.

First of all, you should select the appropriate brand and composition of the lubricant. The oil must be of high quality and exactly meet the requirements of the car manufacturer.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the seasonal purpose of the product: the SAE viscosity must correspond to the specific operating environment. Therefore, experienced auto experts recommend adjusting the timing of oil changes taking into account seasonal characteristics.

Proper Operation Of The Cooling System, ECU, And Engine Power Supply

These components play an important role in the correct operation of the power plant and determine its service life. Situations often occur when the internal combustion engine operates without failures, but disturbances affect the fuel supply, control, or cooling components of heating surfaces. Some drivers simply do not notice the violations because they do not have experience in diagnosing them. Others ignore the problem and delay diagnosis.

You must take into account that any failure to comply with the norms and regulatory requirements may cause an urgent visit to a car repair shop. After all, even minor problems can provoke the failure of more important and expensive components, reducing the overall resource of the internal combustion engine.

Malfunctions of the cooling system provoke excessive heating of the engine. Even if it is not critical, it negatively affects the performance of the engine and causes irreparable damage to it. There is a big risk that your junk RAV, sedan, or hatchback will go for sale and you will receive one or another amount of cash.

Often, a failed thermostat causes insufficient operating temperature, which prevents the appearance of normal gaps and disrupts the combustion cycle of the fuel-air mixture.

Considering the above features, it is important to replace the antifreeze in a timely manner, flush the cooling system, and take into account the cleanliness of the radiator. From time to time you need to check the tightness of the pipes and connections, and also pay attention to the correct operation of the cooling system fan, thermostat, and pump.

Quick Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

Having discovered strange sounds, vibrations, and other problems on the part of the internal combustion engine, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the system and make sure that there are no problems in the attachments or in the motor itself. Sometimes such symptoms are eliminated by replacing belts, pulleys, and rollers, and in other cases, they involve a complete overhaul of the engine itself.

However, it is important to consider that a broken timing belt and chain will lead to complete failure of the power unit. Such an incident is caused by the bending of the valves and a number of other consequences.

In order to prevent such disastrous consequences, it is important to update the timing belt and rollers in a timely manner, taking into account the manufacturer’s regulations. The chain drive should also be serviced.

Wrapping It Up

Regular maintenance, including oil and oil filter changes, air filter changes, antifreeze, and other fluid changes, and parts inspection and replacement, helps keep your engine in good condition and prevents wear. If you are the owner of a RAV, SUV, sedan, or truck with an exhausted engine and want to get cash for it in any city in the USA, we recommend contacting JunkCarsUs.

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