Walmart Truck Driver (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

If you’ve shopped at Walmart you know the process of getting to and from the store. This process often involves truck drivers. The delivery trucks transport almost everything that Walmart stores sell and that means that the drivers have a lot of responsibility.

There are actually a lot of great benefits to this job. The pay is pretty good, and you get to drive a truck to various locations. Also, you’ll be working with fellow Walmart associates, so you’ll have some fun times together.

Walmart Truck Driver In 2022

If you are considering becoming a Truck Driver in Walmart, here are some tips to get you started:
– Have a valid driver’s license
– Have a clean driving record
– Pass a background check
– Pass a drug test
– Have recent documentation of your job history.
– Follow Walmart’s code of conduct.

If you want to become a truck driver then keep reading as Walmart truck driver training courses are available for those 18 to 67 years old.

What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Walmart Truck Driver?

Walmart trucking is hard work and requires a lot of money to start. You’ll have to study for a Commercial Driver’s License and a DOT and also pass a drug and a physical.

Walmart requires all new applicants to pass their Commercial Driver’s License Test (CDL), including a Hazmat endorsement.

If you meet the requirements, we will pay for your background check. All applicants will need to be fingerprinted on both the Federal and DMV sides.

The company asks potential drivers to bring their own truck or have their own vehicle that they’re already using. In addition, they ask that the driver have at least 30 months of past work experience driving a Class A Tractor/Trailer within four years of hire.

Also, moving violations in the last three years, as well as the personal vehicle, is a risk for being hired as an employee at Walmart. Safety is that serious.

So, if you have been convicted of a serious traffic offense like a DUI in the last three years or a DWI, then this position isn’t a good fit for you!

The employment history is not in the best interest of Walmart”s bottom line because the company wants to find good, stable candidates to hire.

How Can I Find And Apply To Walmart Truck Driver Jobs?

You don’t need to feel nervous about a new career as a Walmart truck driver.

 The website is one of the initial ways to search for a job in the U.S.

On Walmart Careers, under Drivers & Transportation, you can find the section that deals with Driver and Transportation jobs.

In this area, job seekers will find a wide variety of articles and articles to help them make the best decision about if Walmart is the right company for them.

As an example, if you’re searching for Senior Graphic Designer openings, you can search for them by title or you can search for all openings around New York.

If you’re a good programmer working on cool projects, you can probably get a job at Google even if you don’t work at one now. It’s a bit of a long shot, but still possible.

The developers of the app have provided the users the options for the users to apply on other social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

It’s a breeze on the Walmart app! After reviewing the job description, just click the “Apply” button, and you are sent to the application portal.

If the website does not have a login system, it would be a good idea to use Facebook or Twitter as there’s less of a threat of somebody using a social media account for an application.

You must apply on LinkedIn.

In addition to the positions listed above, LinkedIn posts many jobs and internships for people who are looking for work in the entertainment industry.

On top of that, if you need assistance with your application, please call the Walmart Candidate number at 1-888-596-2365 (Option 5) or email right away.

Do Walmart Truck Drivers Have To Load Or Unload Freight?

The benefits of Walmart are that you don’t have to load or unload merchandise and they make you wear safety glasses.

Rather than take chances with their personal safety, truck drivers are able to focus on delivery to their assigned route.

How Often Are Walmart Truck Drivers Home?

At Walmart, family and having a positive work-life balance are important. You will get the flexibility you want with a Walmart Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Therefore, all Truck Drivers who work a delivery schedule where they’re guaranteed to have a schedule that allows them to be home once each week are paid overtime wages.

I think that is true because if you are not working at some point then you have more time to look after your family and it increases employee morale.

How Much Is The Hourly Pay For Walmart Truck Drivers?

On average, Walmart truck drivers are paid at least $8.62 per hour and earn bonuses for following work guidelines and safety rules to help earn them more money. They also earn higher pay for driving trucks with heavy loads.

For more money and benefits, Truck Drivers work for the following companies.

What Benefits Are There For Working As A Truck Driver At Walmart?

As a part of a growing company, Walmart offers its associates several benefits like a flexible schedule, a robust wellness program, and competitive pay.

Low turn over rates, in the industry, are usually a sign of high performance.

Walmart Truck Driver are usually very focused and they work hard. However, this does not always mean that they will be on the road for long periods of time.

The day we started the project, we chose Stripe as our payment provider, which can be found here:
Also, Stripe is free for the first year and also has a free tier which is great for our needs.

Drivers at Walmart are rewarded for their level of performance. This allows you to get a raise if you do an excellent job!

In the industry leading salaries, you will find many opportunities and lots of interesting projects at the top of the rankings.

Because Walmart pays Truck Drivers $42 for their mandated ten-hour “DOT break” and because they don’t have any guaranteed hours, Truck Drivers are at risk of being laid off or not being paid if they don’t work enough hours.

If a pitcher is on consecutive days off, he is typically off on three of the four days between starts. Consecutive days off are not in use for “stacking” starting pitchers, only relievers.

While driving, these people don’t have to worry about being robbed and also have their privacy. Walmart gives them the power to work from home while staying safe.

Regional routes are only applicable to certain regions. It also has the flexibility to set schedule to different levels according to the time of the day.

Walmart is in the business of helping people take care of everyday items like grocery shopping.

In most cases regional delivery routes are between 300 to 600 miles in length and truck drivers work six to eight weeks on, four to five weeks off.

Replace with the vehicle that is described in the replacement pattern. Example: use vehicle 3.

Walmart has a very strong opinion on the safety of their drivers and employees.

If you drive a tractor with a newer, better model. You have to replace the parts after 525,000 miles, it’s covered by Walmart!

 I have been looking for a condo that is going to sleep 8 people and has a great kitchen that is going to keep the costs under $80 a night for a room with a balcony.

trucks come equipped with small rooms, where the drivers can rest comfortably and watch television while on duty.

Qualified maintenance staff is composed of all employees who perform maintenance, except those who perform the duties of an engineer or a specialist.

Walmart has mechanics and service techs that are ready to assist you with all your vehicle needs and are located in our Customer Care Center.

Did Walmart Truck Drivers Go On Strike?

The strike was against Walmart because of low wages and inadequate treatment.

In 2014, Walmart workers went on strike nationwide to protest the company’s unfair labor practices.

Walmart is currently paying its truckdrivers by the mile, which is a standard for the trucking industry.

And the issue is that Walmart doesn’t pay its workers for the work they do, like for example, the work they do cleaning their trucks so that the truck can go off to another store.

Truck Drivers felt like Walmart was being negligent by not paying them for doing these necessary jobs. Because of this, Truck Drivers went on strike for 2 weeks.

Is Walmart Truck Driving A Good Job?

In most states, truck drivers do not need to pay vehicle excise taxes or title taxes, but they do have to pay a truck drivers license tax which is around $100 annually. Also, truck drivers should always have their own set of tires because tire brands differ in height and width.

To know more about Walmart and their operations, you can read more about Walmart hiring process, Walmart delivery driver jobs, and if Walmart hires at 16.


Walmart is hiring more and more truck drivers because of the demand of the company. This is the best time for anybody thinking about becoming a truck driver to get their chance.

Although there have been some recent strike concerns, there are still many benefits to working as a Truck Driver at Walmart such as flexible schedules, high pay, and delivery to regional areas.

Overall, if you get a job as a Truck Driving at Walmart, and you work hard, you should be able to get a raise, get benefits, and save money.

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