Walmart Ecoatms (how Do They Work, What Are They + More)

This is because the company is continually updating and improving the technology in each store, and even making those improvements available to the public. They are also investing in their technology to make it more efficient.

If your old device is in good shape, then just turn it in at a Walmart store. Otherwise, you can ship it to an old phone recycling company that will pay you for your device.

Walmart ecoATMs In 2022

ecoATMs are interactive kiosks where you can recycle your old cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, and more as of 2022. With ecoATMs, you can recycle at Walmart for free and receive instant cash. Then, ecoATM refrains the devices, protecting the environment from harmful unwanted electronic contaminants and waste. This recycling program supports Walmart’s mission to be an environmentally conscious business.

For all you gadget hounds, here is your chance to recycle those old and useless gadgets.

What Is Walmart’s ecoATM?

Walmart is the first to have ecoATMs. The company has been taking steps to protect the environment since 2005 and has been investing in energy-saving programs.

While ecoATM is a global company that gives consumers the option of recycling their old devices, they are an online company.

It is easier for people to recycle their old device if they can receive cash instead of just getting a discount.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Walmart ecoATM?

A new ecoATM is being offered at the newly built Walmart in the Chicago area. It is intended to make recycling easier. The machine is a touch screen with computer monitors and other options. The idea is for the product to be scanned and the recycling of the item determined. The customer can then decide whether they wish to take the item to an alternative location or have it removed from the store.

Recycling machines can quickly drop off customers’ recyclable electronics and let them be recycled right away.

If you don’t already know, recycling your old used electronic devices can help reduce the impact of global warming.

It’s good to recycle old electronic devices. These items can be toxic and they pose serious risks to the environment. Recycling these items will help to prevent pollution.

You can generate cash just by recycling the items from your home without having to spend it on shopping. For example, with ecoATM, you can recursively earn cash rewards while recycling products you find in your home, without having to spent it on shopping.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Walmart ecoATM?

In addition, ecoATM requires users to register the account on their local utilities provider or credit card company before they can get their recyclables.

The royalty is given out to the company up to over $500 per device. You, as the artist, are also given a share, though it’s unclear how large that share would be.

How Do I Use Walmart ecoATM?

It is possible to get money from an ecoATM without inserting your phone at all! At least, not at first. The phone must be activated on your account so that it’s eligible to be used to withdraw money.

You’ll notice that once the machine determines the device’s value, it will then show the current market price.

Please note that some devices cannot be refurbished and must be donated. You can check if your device is listed at [](

It is a good idea to make sure that your device is fully charged, fully reset to factory settings. You should bring a photo ID or driver’s license when you visit the ecoATM location.

Is Walmart ecoATM Safe To Use?

You are required to do a factory reset when you get a refurbished device. That said, a factory reset keeps the information safe from future users.

I’ll give you the link in the chat so you can review the ecoATM website. For right now, click here to get the link.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the video instructions for how to erase personal content on your device.

Apple is trying to solve their own problems, and at the same time, telling people to solve their own problems.

How Do I Find An ecoATM Near Me?

You can search for one online or find ecoATMs near you by using the EcoATM map.

Can I Use Walmart ecoATM Online?

If there are no ecoATM locations in your area, don’t worry. EcoATM is also available online, right from the comfort of your home.

You can get the same exact pricing as in the Walmart store, even for the EcoATMs.

What Does Walmart ecoATM Pay For Used Devices?

The fee is based on the age and model of the ATM used. A newer model is more expensive as they have a newer and more complex security system to prevent theft.

If you want to find ecoATM locations in your area, go to the ecoATM website and create a list of stores you want to find.

You will have the ability to select the device manufacturer that you want to recycle in your account.

You find a manufacturer that works for you, and then you select the type of device you want.

After you click “accept” on your device, you will be presented with the offer to purchase. You can accept this offer and purchase the device or decline and continue to the next step.

EcoATM only accepts payments made for products within the first 60 days of their initial release.

Does Walmart ecoATM Take Broken Phones?

I’ve actually had that happen to me when I was a kid.
If you are interested in learning about the various issues surrounding cell phones and the environment, my website has a few articles on the subject as well.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

I hope that helped!

Walmart EcoATM offers electronics for cheap but you should plan on a lower offer for an electronics that’s broken.

Does Walmart ecoATM Take Locked Phones?

That is definitely a very important thing to know about.

If you have done your due diligence and inspected the unit yourself, and you believe that it is in working condition, you should be able to receive a lower price.

How Does Walmart ecoATM Pricing Compare With Selling My Phone Online?

After doing online research, you can find many other buyers for your electronic devices online.

Walmart ecoATM is great because there are no disputes on device grading. You get instant payouts, and you only accept devices in good shape.

When you are ready to recycle with ecoATM, you can get an offer from different types of recycling facilities, like the recycling center, community-based recycling centers and you can recycle using ecoATM.

If you don’t like the price, you can simply walk away and decline the transaction, but also the device may be lost.

If you want to know more about which Walmart stores are open, Walmart hours, and if Walmart accepts Google Pay, check out our Walmart store locator.


In conclusion, Walmart e-ATM provides consumers with a convenient way to recycle used electronic devices.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, so the use of waste recycling kiosks at their stores is a great way to reduce their environmental impact by keeping toxic products out of landfills.

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