Stores Like Costco (13 Similar Stores Listed)

Some items you might find cheaper are from Costco, however, other options include Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.

I would like to have more value, and more convenience in my next shopping trips. So, I will consider these warehouse club favorites.

13 Stores Similar To Costco In 2022

1. Sam’s Club/ Walmart

Costco is known to have great deals. Customers are also drawn to Costco because it is a large wholesale store that lets customers buy products on a bulk basis.

Amazon has started to compete with Costco as Costco is a member of its membership club.

We’re here to serve our customers, and I am deeply sorry that some of them do not enjoy our company. We’ve heard your concerns and questions over the past days and we want to be transparent about what we’re doing as a company.

Discounts on other items in the store and free access to some private, members-only events like movie screenings and the World Golf Classic.

2. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s is a member-only club, which includes inner circle members and rewards members. The rewards member offers perks and benefits that are not offered to the inner circle member.

It costs $55 to become an Inner Circle member, and the member receives a complimentary membership for a family member or friend. Inner Circle members have access to BJ’s’ grocery program, electronics, furniture, and more.

Giant discounts on everyday items including milk, meat, produce, and more.

A special member only sale calendar.

Daily deals like 50% off your favorite food items.

10% off every drink at the bar.

3. Makro (South Africa)

In the rest of the world Costco is a very popular wholesale and retail store chain, that’s like Makro in South Africa.

Initially, Makro only handled their own retail store operations, however, as the years have gone on, they have expanded to handle their e-commerce sites as well.

As Makro went under the Massmart umbrella so did it’s prices. If you were shopping Makro before the merger, you may be pleasantly surprised at the new prices!

Makro has a payment system that enables customers to earn special rewards and rebates when they shop at the retailer.

Not only does the app provide discounts on purchases, it also provides cashback via the app.

4. Lidl (UK)

Lidl is a discount grocery store that offers some of the lowest prices on grocery, household goods, health & beauty items, baby products and pet care items.

Lidl Plus provides exclusive rewards and other benefits to members.
You have the opportunity to earn points.
You can redeem points for discounts on a variety of products.
You can also redeem points for cash back.

5. Wholesale Club (Canada)

Wholesale Club also sells food to their customers. They also encourage their customers to buy from their website and from their foodservice stores.

The club caters for your business needs to include offering your members benefits. For example, the club can cater for your business needs by offering discounts on products and services.

6. PriceSmart (Jamaica)

Since PriceSmart is a big name in the discount retail industry, they were able to earn some favorable reviews as a comparison shopping website.

*Member only discounts on select brands.
*Member exclusive offers on new products before they hit the stores.
*Member access to private sales and events.

7. City Club (Mexico)

When Costco first opened in Mexico in 2002, they were able to do wholesale and retail all at the same location, but later they decided to only do wholesale retail.

In 34 locations, the City Club offers excellent values on products for businesses and families that consume a lot.

At City Club, members can earn cash back on large purchases. For each purchase over $2000, members receive 2% cashback in their e-wallet to use on future purchases.

8. Africa Imports

The wholesaler is different from the supermarket companies, and the difference comes from their business model and the size of their operation.
The retailer can be found here.

You can either use resale or wholesale prices, as they are all the same price. If you are buying for resale, the retail price will be listed, if you are buying for your personal use, the wholesale price will be listed.

[The] Africa Import is a great place to buy incense, soaps, African robes, and other African items. They also sell other ethno-centric items, incense, soaps, and gifts.

Africa Imports teaches you to set up your own business in the importing and distribution of products.

9. Target

Target always has offered big discounts and storewide sales that sometimes even rival those of Walmart or Costco. Target is often able to bring in big crowds of shoppers and sell out of their merchandise, something that Walmart has yet to do.

There are benefits for being members of your store’s program such as getting invitations to their events like their Black Friday sale.

When you use Target Circle deals you will find savings based on what you have bought previously.

This can also apply to travel deals, where you may acquire travel deals full of travel deals, rather than just one per customer.

You can access the Club’s exclusive members-only dining and entertainment venues. Enjoy discounted food & beverages at restaurants, entertainment venues, and hotel lounges.
Enjoy special events and experiences at the club.

10. Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that sells fresh, seasonal ingredients without the high prices that your average grocery store charges. They also offer food that tastes great and makes your meals better.

If you are a regular customer at Trader Joes you will know that not only is the quality of the products at Trader Joe’s far above most other stores in the area, but these people will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with your shopping experience.

This can be a problem, if you shop at TJs like I do, because the store is pretty big and if you run out of a popular item, you might not be able to find it. However, since the products are all private label, you should not really be running out of stuff. I have seen a few instances where I’ve run out of some items, but no problem – I quickly switched to another item.

It’s a company that only makes stuff with a high quality standard unlike other companies that might make less and charge more.

It is also worth noting that Trader Joe’s has a large number of customers and therefore a great deal of information about whether a specific item is selling well. This allows the chain to make timely decisions about what to carry and what to drop.

11. Aldi

Aldi’s private label items may be the cheapest ones you can buy at your local food store, but for good reason. Aldi uses more efficient manufacturing processes to reduce the cost of operating their stores.

Since finding hidden treasure at the grocery store is the best part, we do not expect you to stop shopping at Aldi. The more you shop, the more you earn!

Aldi also saves money by making their store a place where you can find great things at a great price with the bonus that you won’t have to pay for a big bag or cart.

You can be assured that Aldi doesn’t need a staff person to help you. Rather than paying for a small bag, you can take a reusable bag. Overall Aldi stores make it easy to control the costs.

12. Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market is a place to get healthy food. There are many ways to save at Sprouts, from digital coupons to sales items and exclusive app deals.

Additionally, you can find featured monthly specials in the Deals of the Month section. In this section, you’ll find all kinds of groceries that are on sale.

13. Cub Foods (Minnesota, USA)

Cub Foods, a regional grocery store, offers a variety of fresh, local, and affordable foods. They offer an improved website and delivery through Instacart.

The My Cub Rewards App and discount card help save shoppers time at the register.

Costco is one of the biggest companies in the market. Costco’s target market is Walmart but Costco’s sales are growing faster than Walmart. Because of Costco’s success in the market, other companies have started copying Costco and Walmart is also copying Costco. If you compare Costco’s target market to Walmart, Costco has a wider target market but Walmart is growing faster. If you look at the market shares of Walmart and Costco, Costco has a much greater market share.


By expanding in these markets, Costco needs more warehouses to warehouse their more membership and discount store items and as one of the largest warehouse and discount stores in the nation, they’re offering these items at the right locations.

Because of the incredible savings warehouse clubs offer to bulk buyers, they have become a popular alternative for shoppers who want to save money.

The answer is a paraphrase. You could say “Because of the HUGE discounts warehouse clubs like Costco offer, they have become a popular alternative for shoppers who want to save money.”


The answer is an ellipsis.

Smaller stores don’t have the same purchasing power as larger stores and therefore don’t have to charge as much.

It’s true that a lot of people prefer to shop as a wholesale club or discount store in order to save on their purchases, but this is not always a good idea.

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