Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

Spring is a time of growth, and of change. With the blooming of flowers comes a sense of beginning, a clean slate and the promise of the warmer sun.

As we emerge from the relative hibernation of Winter, now is an excellent time to think about re-energising our homes for the upcoming seasons – but what kind of renovations should you carry out ahead of Spring 2022?

Embracing Nature

Bringing the outdoors indoors is nothing new for interior design, and has been seen at the pinnacle of various trends and aesthetics in the last century; indeed, the humble houseplant has been a core home accessory for well over a decade, with renewed interest in indoor horticulture from Millennials and Generation Z alike.

This Spring, houseplant culture and maximalist aesthetic are set to collide like never before. Make judicious use of hanging plants to add texture to your spaces and intrigue to room corners, and drape Ceropegia along mantelpieces and surfaces for a sense of overgrowth. Large statement plants like cheese and rubber plants could also be used, not just to define a room but to swallow it up. Pair large plants with bespoke armchairs for a unique, refreshing reading nook.

Addressing Your Furniture

Speaking of furniture, your furniture sets could well be due for an update – and Spring is the perfect time to do it. Even if you don’t invest in new furniture entirely, there are other, perhaps even more fashionable ways to re-invigorate your furnishings.

Sustainability is a big trend for 2022, as public interest in environmental concerns spills into interior design and renovation trends. Simply re-upholstering your sofas with a sustainable material or natural finish can elevate them for the Spring season, while upcycling older vintage furniture items can breathe new life into stale rooms.

Converting a Room

Sometimes, though, furniture alone cannot rejuvenate a space. To dig fully into your Spring renovation, consider taking on a larger renovation project in your home. Are your rooms fit for purpose? Would you benefit from an open-plan space to make the most of the Spring sunlight? Or maybe an extension into your garden for the same purpose?

Whichever you choose to take on, be sure to protect yourself accordingly; home renovation insurance enables you to carry out more extensive work on your home without worry about costly stalls to progress. Even knocking through a wall can present dangers to yourself and your belongings – but the end result is well worth the effort, and could transform your house just in time for Spring.

Curating Art

Lastly, your space could benefit from an injection of fresh art. In a time of new beginnings, you could replace some of the pieces displayed around your home with a new set of objects and artworks – even themed to bring in the season. Treat your home like a gallery, and curate its content with the same fervor and attention to detail. You might be surprised at the result.

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