A Simple Guide On How To Build A Freestanding Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobes are bedroom essentials and a household furniture staple. They are the best storage option for clothes, shoes, and accessories, making it easier to keep a room organized and clean.

Every room needs at least one wardrobe, whether a fitted/built-in wardrobe or a freestanding wardrobe. Built-in wardrobes are a preferred choice for many people because of the amount of storage space they offer. However, they are usually expensive and not as flexible as the freestanding wardrobes.

Freestanding wardrobes are an affordable, flexible, and simple solution to room storage issues. They come in different shapes, sizes, finishing, and the best part is that you can build one yourself. All you need is the right information and tool.

This post discusses how to build a freestanding wardrobe closet and more. Read on!

How To Build A Freestanding Wardrobe Closet 

You can build and design your freestanding wardrobe closet to suit your taste. Here is a general guide to building a freestanding wardrobe closet:

Step#1: Construct the base of your freestanding wardrobe 

The base is a pivotal part of your freestanding wardrobe. It carries the weight of the entire closet. So, it must be solid.

The first thing to do is measure the chosen area for the closet. Next, measure the height and width and write it down. Then cut out the frame of the closet base on the floor using 2×4 inch wood.

While cutting, make room for the closet door, considering the door’s width (not height) and space for the wood studs (an additional six inches and a quarter).

Next, cut pieces of 2×4 inches wood for the base length. Don’t leave a door opening. After cutting, arrange the wood on the floor and screw.

To screw the wood into a concrete floor, use a hammer drill. For wooden floors, you need a power drill. Make the base of your wardrobe firmer by drilling the holes on the floor before placing the wood on it. Put anchors in the predrilled holes and then screw everything tightly into place.

Step#2: Construct the closet walls 

Start by building the wall sides on the floor. Refer to your previously written measurement. The measurement for the closet wall should be the already measured height.

Measure the height of the base and subtract it from the overall size. Also, subtract at least 2 inches for the top of the wardrobe. Then, cut as many wall studs as you would need. The wall studs should be 12 inches apart.

For each side of the wall, cut a wood piece for the top and base. Ensure that you use the exact width measurement as the screwed-in base.

Next, place the wall studs in between the top and the base. Arrange them perpendicularly and keep them 12 inches apart. Then nail them to the already laid out base and top pieces.

Place each wall on the screwed base. Use heavy-duty deck screws to screw them into place. In addition, you can screw in extra pieces of  2×4 wood to the corners of the wall to make it firmer.

Step#3: Construct the top 

Measure from one side of the wall frame to the other. Cut wood pieces that you can place 12 inches apart from each other on the top of the freestanding wardrobe closet.

Then screw the wood pieces into the frame of the side walls. Use angled (90 degrees) metal plates to hold the corners of the top in place.

Step#4: Construct and install a door frame

Measure the door space you created for the freestanding wardrobe closet. Then, cut 2×4 wood pieces according to the measurement.

Next, insert the cut-out door frame into the closet door space. Get a hammer and nail the frame into the wood studs. Use screws and hinges to attach the door to the door frame. You can also create a door handle that suits your taste.

Step#5: Finish your freestanding wardrobe closet 

Now that your closet is standing, finishing touches, like painting, would make it look good and presentable. Try smoothing rough surfaces before painting.

Can You Buy An Already Made Freestanding Wardrobe Closet?

Yes, you can. Freestanding closets cost less than fitted closets, and they are available in many furniture stores across the country. You can get them online at reasonable prices as well.

Many of these stores offer various options—different types, styles, sizes, finishing, and prices.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Freestanding Wardrobe Closet 

To choose the best freestanding closet for you, you need to know your storage needs. So here are some questions to answer:

  • Is the closet for you alone, or are you sharing it with somebody?
  • Do you need hanging space alone? Or hanging spaces with shelving space? Or hanging space with drawers? Or all three?
  • Do you prefer a particular type of freestanding closet?
  • Does your room decor follow a particular theme? Do you need your freestanding closet to follow the said theme?

Types Of Freestanding Wardrobe Closet 

To pick the perfect wardrobe for your space, you must know the available different types. Here are different types of freestanding wardrobe closets:

One-door wardrobes:

One-door wardrobes are tall and thin. They are the perfect fit for small-sized bedrooms because they occupy little space. You can use a one-door wardrobe if all you need is hanging space for one person.

Double-door wardrobes:

These wardrobes with two doors are among the most common freestanding doors in the market. They are a good fit for both small and large rooms. With double-door wardrobes, you can choose to have only hanging spaces or hanging with shelf space.

Triple-door wardrobes:

This wardrobe option is suitable for sharing wardrobe space with another person or when you need ample personal storage space.

Before you purchase a triple-door wardrobe, make sure you have enough space in your room for it.

Corner wardrobes:

Corner wardrobes are as their name implies. They use spaces that you would ordinarily not use because few things can stay there.

You can use corner wardrobes in a small room, or you can choose to maximize your room space by combining it with another freestanding wardrobe. The latter would create more storage space for you.

Bi-fold Wardrobes:

These wardrobes take less room than a wardrobe with hinges. Their unique design gives you access to the content of the closet without taking too much room space. It is one of the best freestanding wardrobe options for saving space.

Open wardrobes:

Open wardrobes are gradually becoming a norm. You would find it in many minimalist homes. They come in different designs and types. The good thing is that no matter the design or style, they complement the room space.

Open wardrobes often come with shelves and hanging spaces. And is an affordable wardrobe option for almost anybody.

Benefits Of A Freestanding Wardrobe Closet 

Most times, people choose fitted wardrobes over freestanding wardrobes because it maximizes the room’s space. However, this advantage of fitted wardrobes doesn’t remove the vast benefits of using a freestanding wardrobe. Here are some of the benefits of a freestanding wardrobe closet:

They are flexible:

Freestanding wardrobe closets are one of the most flexible and versatile pieces of furniture in the home. You can quickly move them from one position to another.

Suppose you choose to redecorate, reorganize or move to another room/house. In that case, these closets are flexible enough to accommodate the changes.

They are affordable:

There are numerous freestanding wardrobe options to choose from. This array of options makes it easy for you to find something within your budget.

They are by far more affordable than fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes require professional assistance, which comes with a fee aside from the cost of purchase.

They blend in with your interior decor:

Freestanding wardrobes can fit easily into your room’s decor. So if you’re looking for a wardrobe to match your pre-existing room decor or you’re trying to redecorate, freestanding wardrobes are your best bet.

They are easy to replace or resell:

It is easy to sell your freestanding wardrobe closet to a new owner. So, if you’re moving or need to trade in your old wardrobe for a new one, freestanding wardrobes are easy to resell and replace.

They get delivered to you faster:

When you order a freestanding wardrobe closet, there is a high chance of you getting it faster than a fitted wardrobe.


Freestanding wardrobes are famous for their flexibility, affordability, and overall good look. As a result, more people are opting for freestanding wardrobes now. And with the wide variety of options available, they can satisfy our many storage needs.

This post discusses how to make freestanding wardrobes, the types, and the benefits of freestanding wardrobes.

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