Shipping Surfboards Fedex (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

A surfer has a special board, that’s why they cover it with a protective film with anti-slip properties. They carry their board with them as they surf, to prevent it from being damaged.

Shane McFarland – a man known for being a bit of an authority on shipping surfboards – wrote an article recently for the Surfing Magazine where he talks about USPS, FedEx, and UPS, and which one is best for shipping surfboards.

Shipping Surfboards FedEx In 2022

A box is used to ship your boards. Wrapped boards in a styrofoam box are safer and easier to ship in the post. Boards should be wrapped in a blanket or with bubble wrap. Usually, boards should not be shipped without a box because they are much harder to pack.

There are a lot of things that I have to share with you in this entire article, so make sure you check it out!

Does FedEx Ship Surfboards?

FedEx can ship surfboards of any length but are not allowed to ship surfboards over 18 feet in length.

I am not sure if packages that are longer than the maximum weight are allowed as my wife’s UPS packages are not even 107 inches in length!

Generally, shortboard surfboards range in length from five to seven feet. They are eligible for FedEx shipping because they fall within the size limits.

And the reason why they don’t ship using FedEx is because of how small and light the longboards are.

Is It Safe To Ship A Surfboard Through FedEx?

It is very possible that FedEx will be able to find no reasonable cause for the damage to your package, but that does not address the fact that you’ve been inconvenienced by not having your package delivered.

But in my experience with my own boards that I built from scratch, I never had any issues. I think the quality of the material should be more than enough to keep my board alive.

Since a Raspberry Pi is designed to be easily portable, it’s important to pack your board carefully so that no damage occurs during transport.

If you are not careful, your new DIY electronic kit can be damaged from the shipping.

If any board damage occurs, please make sure to note the damage on the shipping receipt or label and email us. If you find that the damage has occurred after delivery, please contact us and we’ll help you sort out the issue.

Also try opening it before the FedEx driver leaves. If the damage is extensive, note it to the driver and don’t accept the package.

How Do I Pack A Surfboard For Shipping Through FedEx?

Surfing is a sport that calls for your board to make it through the shipping process intact, so you need to do everything in your power to prevent your board from being damaged.

* A longboard or shortboard is best for traveling for an extended length of time.
* Surfboards are usually too wide to fit inside your luggage.
* Pack your board by its handle and then roll it up. Don’t compress it!
* A small amount of room to compress the board in the box is fine.
* Keep it level!

The steps below will help you put together your surfboard with convenience.
Step 1: Carefully measure all the materials out so that you can achieve the right size.
Step 2: Secure the bottom of the surfboard with an adhesive double sided tape.

– Remove fins, or protect them from scratches. The fins are designed to keep the blade from being knocked off when being used.
– Some blades are completely smooth as if no fins were added, so a thin layer of material needs to be added around the blade to prevent it from being scratched up.

If your fins are removable, take them out, and add bubble wrap to the areas that the fins touch. If your fins are glassed-in, cut a piece of cardboard to cover them.

1. You can use any number of layers. The more the better. The final number of layers should depend on what is going to be seen on your screens. Remember, we don’t want to create a bunch of small elements that are going to be rendered with the same pixel shader.

You will want to make sure that your board is protected against scratches or other damage. You will want to make sure that you protect your board using a padded board bag.

For the second layer of protection, use a roll of old carpet to protect the board. Wrap the carpet around the board and secure it using duct tape.

All the parts that can be hit quickly and easily are the most vulnerable parts.

You can use blankets as a third layer for extra padding and protection. But, you can skip this step if you feel the extra weight of the blankets makes shipping too expensive.

In the case where the vehicle is small enough, to fill the area in between the wheel, add in some extra padding and bumpers. Also give this area a bit of extra strength by adding in a center stabilizer bracket to help the vehicle resist rolling.

Make the top bar longer than the bottom one to make a wider nose and make the bottoms shorter to make a narrower tail.

To pack an item, you may want to look into using packing crates, or other strong items to protect your board from drops during shipping.

This is very essential before putting the items in the box.

After you have placed your board inside the box, fill any open space with bubble wrap or towels to prevent the board from moving around in the box.

When you’re done, make sure that you don’t forget to write two things on the box: “Fragile” and “Up”.

You may want to keep the box off the box and get it to the post office early, but I am not sure how much this will help.

This is the most important part of shipping. It is the hardest part of shipping.

I would also include your phone number, as well as your emails in case the package gets misplaced.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Surfboard Through FedEx?

You can choose from different shipping options to get your surfboard where you want it, and the price will be determined based on the size of your board, where it is headed, and current gas prices.

When you add your board to the FedEx calculator, it will show you the shipping and delivery time by zone. Your total shipping cost will also show you how much it will cost to ship your board using each shipping carrier. When you’re done changing your inputs, just hit the button and FedEx will show you your shipping quote.

I can’t be more specific because I’m not even sure what you are looking for.

Prices vary a lot amongst surf shops and it seems that you should just shop around and see what works for you.

Shipping is quite cheap. The usual shipping charge for items you order will be $15, $20, $25 or less, depending on the size of the item.

To know about other ways to ensure timely arrival of your package, you can also read our posts on FedEx tracking, FedEx courier services, and delivery confirmation.


In many cases, FedEx can ship your surfboard as long as your board and box are less than nine feet long.
But before you head out the door, make sure to check if your surfboard qualifies.

Shipping a board to another country means that it has a risk of getting ripped apart by customs agents and is the last thing we want. It is the responsibility of the shipper to make sure that the board gets to you in good condition.

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