Products Made Out Of Oil

No normal person would want to swallow something inedible, especially oil. But in essence, oil is one of the most versatile products found on earth and is made up of many hydrocarbon chains. Thanks to the oil industry, the oil industry is being modified in such a way that it has limitations on our bodies. There’s nothing to it, so it’s important to know which foods are worth watching if you don’t want to ingest flammable liquid derivatives. If you enjoy risky moments of your life and don’t mind tasting some oil products then test this Play Amo’s casino slots and win your first jackpot. 

Chewing Gum

Surprisingly, this chewing gum, which is supposed to freshen breath and take care of oral health, is made from petroleum products! But children love chewing gum. The “chewing” base of the gum is petroleum-polymer resins, polyethylene, and paraffin. Yes, and for the aromatic and flavor composition of chewing gum, dyes and flavors are responsible, which are often made from the same oil. By the way, chewing gum is not amenable to biochemical decomposition, which means that it causes damage not only to the human body but also to the environment.

Candies and Lollipops

         Another favorite type of food not only for children but also for adults is sweets, lollipops, marmalade, etc. Bright, colorful, with rich flavors – have you ever thought that such colors are quite rare in nature? Many of the colors and preservatives approved for use in the food industry are artificial and have a synthetic base. For example, a wonderful dye E129 called charming red AC or preservative E211 sodium benzoate. You can also find oil under the name of food paraffin in the composition of some chocolates.

Vanilla Flavored Products

       Also, vanillin is made from oil-refining products – a flavor with a rich aroma, which we associate exclusively with sweetness and tenderness. Delicious vanilla cream cakes and pastries, morning vanilla lattes, and vanilla sundaes are all most likely made with vanilla. Which, in turn, is made from the aromatic hydrocarbon of benzene. In large doses, vanillin can be poisonous, so a safe daily intake of 10 mg/kg/day has been established: for example, a 70 kg person can eat up to 700 mg of vanillin per day, which is physically impossible. By the way, the artificial sweetener saccharin is also made from benzene.


       And the last substance that is not a food product, but which we ingest quite often, is acetylsalicylic acid. Surprisingly, this medicine is also made from oil. Scientists learned how to produce salicylic acid from phenol back in 1874, and since then, not only aspirin but also many antibiotics and antiseptics have been made using this principle. The case is when oil kills all living things in its path in our body, and we are happy. Laxatives are also made from petroleum products.

     Oil is essential for us. Not only as an energy resource but also as a product which we can use to create lots of interesting things. Food is only a part of it. 

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