Paypal “this Type Of Number Is Not Supported” (Meaning + Potential Solutions)

The company is using a phone verification method which will require the customers to enter their phone numbers to use PayPal app, this way the company can keep your information safe. The users will see the message that the verification code was sent to their phone number.

If you have had issues with adding or changing your phone numbers and have received an email or message from PayPal, saying something like “this number is not supported”, you may be wondering what exactly that means and how to solve it. Here is what I found out!

What Does “This Type of Number Is Not Supported” Mean on PayPal In 2022?

If PayPal says your phone number is not supported when you are trying to add or edit it, it means that the name or address attached to your phone number doesn’t match the name or address that you supplied to PayPal. If this is the case, you can try another phone number or contact PayPal Customer Support in 2022.

If you’re curious about what can cause name mismatches, possible solutions, and more, be sure to continue reading!

Why Does PayPal Keep Saying My Number Isn’t Supported?

If you see the “Error” message on the PayPal screen and it says “error” that means that your name on your account doesn’t match what’s attached to your phone number.

* A name conflict with someone else (if you are going by the name of someone else).
* Your name not being in the correct spelling of your ID.
* Your name being misspelled in one of the information fields.
* The wrong surname being linked to your name in the ID.

Further still, you can try adding a new name if you have more than one name.

You may also want to try correcting the spelling of your name or address, or contacting the service provider that provides the service you ordered from.

If you’re in a place where your phone number isn’t working, you can use a free burner phone. You can also create a virtual number through a text/call app, such as TextNow.

Burner phones are short-term prepaid cellphones that you can purchase from any retailer or even gas stations.

One of the main downsides to burner phones is that they usually cost less than a month of phone usage or are as cheap as $10. And when you’re done with them, there’s no contract to worry about or the hassle of maintaining the service. You won’t be spending any monthly fee on the line either, which is great if you don’t have unlimited data.

If you can’t use a regular phone number, you can use a Virtual number which is great to have as you don’t have to pay any bills or keep a bill with you.

For what I can remember, the “local” network is on a different connection than the WiFi one.

There are some good ways to get PayPal to give you a real phone number.

Your ID card should look like this. This is where you write down all of your personal information and where you keep your passport. It’s very important that this is kept safe and secure.

So that’s really the bad news. The good news is that you can try out some other apps, like TextNow or Burner or Skype, to try and contact PayPal and make sure that there’s no problem with your account and that they’re just unable to process payments.

How Do I Contact PayPal Customer Support?

– Email at [email protected] and press 1 for assistance or press 2 for an agent.
– If you are visiting the web site, look for the link “Contact Us”.

Lastly, if you have feedback on this issue that is not covered here and needs to be discussed with a representative of the company, then you can contact us by sending an email with the subject line “Feedback:”.

When a customer has a problem with the billing or shipping, please contact PayPal Customer Service.

You can also get help via an online form at

This will be updated in the future.

It is important to make sure the information being shared is true, and to be careful about sharing your personal information.

Can I Use PayPal Without a Phone Number?

You will not need to have a phone number to use PayPal because
you can do everything on the web.

The first step you need to do is to add your phone number, and you can’t move on from this step unless you’ve entered one.

If you have already created your PayPal account, and you are having issues adding or editing your number, you will still be able to use the account. However, if you do want to add or edit your number, you will need to delete your account and create a new one.

I’m surprised, but PayPal is interested in your phone number to identify you. This is used for account security and other things like 2-factor authentication.

A payment service you have on your mobile device that can transfer money into your PayPal account.

If your phone number is not working, you will be unable to use certain parts of PayPal. However, you can still use your account.

If you are looking at PayPal and Venmo, you need to get your money back, as the company is taking a hard stance on not granting any refunds.


Sometimes, PayPal’s system is confused about your real name, or your real address. If your name or address attached to your phone number doesn’t match the name or address you gave PayPal, the system gets confused and won’t let you continue.

Try to add another number, correct your name or address on PayPal, contact your phone company about your name or address, or contact PayPal Customer Support.

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