You Can’t Use Paypal Anymore (meaning + Potential Solutions)

PayPal does their best to protect their users and it is a hard choice. However, sometimes PayPal has to permanently ban a customer’s account and prevent them from purchasing things.

I looked into it and I found out the reason why you and I can no longer use PayPal by following these steps, but if you want to know what this means for you and all your PayPal accounts, you must first understand why it needs to be fixed.

What Does “You Can’t Use PayPal Anymore” Mean In 2022?

When your account is deleted or frozen, it could be as a result of violating their policy. If you have used more than your monthly limit of debit or credit cards, PayPal will warn you. However, if you are using a bank account, PayPal won’t charge you for the overspend.

If you want to learn more about PayPal, you might be interested in going to their help pages or calling their customer service number if you’re having problems with your account.

Why Can I No Longer Use PayPal?

If you can’t use PayPal anymore, it’s because PayPal thinks you are violating one of its terms or agreements.

I confirm that the information provided in the form is accurate and in accordance with all conditions.

You [the person writing the comment] and I [the commenter] are both very clear about who we are and where we live. I think you should be clear about where you are.

Can a Permanently Limited PayPal Account Be Restored?

And sadly, if your PayPal account is permanently limited, then your only option is to speak with PayPal customer support to see if they can lift the limit.

In case of fraudulent payments, when there is an error in limiting your account, or the payments are fraudulent, then PayPal will restore your account.

However, if the reason is due to something you did (such as making or approving too many transactions),
you must wait for the reason to be fixed. If you do not, and the reason is fixed,
you will have to wait for the reason to be fixed again.

Additionally, you will be able to use the PayPal services indefinitely after that 180 days period.

Can I Create a New PayPal Account After Being Banned?

If you have another PayPal account, it cannot be used to receive payouts from a previous account. So, you need to close this account.

I’m sending you this email due to the following reason:
I’m notifying you that your PayPal account was banned, and it will take approximately 10 days to complete the necessary procedures.

If you wish to return, I will happily reinstate your account in 12 hours. However, it is currently in violation of a condition of service, therefore, I will need to take steps to prevent further access. I do not have the ability to reinstate your account. If you wish to pursue reinstatement, please file a claim with the merchant you paid for your services.

What Happens to My Money If I Can’t Use PayPal Anymore?

If PayPal terminates or limits your account, it will hold your funds in your account for up to 180 days, though you may have access to your funds sooner depending upon the specific reason for the action.

You should be able to access your balance at any time by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on “Account Details”.

When your account is suspended, you have the option to appeal the decision (if available) and PayPal will release your funds to you.

After 180 days, if you have not disputed or disputed the charge with PayPal, they will attempt to recover the full amount of your pending payment.

If you are considering opening your PayPal account, it’s best to do so with your credit card first.
If you do receive a disputed or claim-based charge on your PayPal account, you are unable to get your funds back.

Your leftover funds are not applied to the new transaction.

If you do not select a payment method, the PayPal account will only receive the currency and/or the products (if applicable) you paid for.

If you have any issues with your PayPal account, they will help you with any claims or disputes you might have. They will contact you with details to recover the funds. Only after PayPal has resolved any disputes and claims against your account, and if there is money remaining in your account, will PayPal contact you with details to recover the funds.

How Do I Contact PayPal Customer Support?

The Contact Us page is a great place to go if you are having trouble with any PayPal transaction. Here you will find answers to many common questions, and links to the information you need to get the most out of your PayPal experience.

You can ask for a new account or you can request a refund for a canceled order.

Additionally, Paypal also has the ability to email you when you meet a certain threshold and they’ve opted you into these email alerts.

You can find out more information on how to pay through social media.

To get more information about PayPal and how to cancel a PayPal payment, read our posts: How much does PayPal charge and why is PayPal so expensive.


PayPal will permanently ban or limit your account if it’s believed that you have violated one of its terms or agreements that you agreed to when first creating your PayPal account or have received notifications from the United States Department of Justice that your account might be used in an illegal fashion.

Additionally, if you violate a term or agreement and PayPal limits your account, your leftover funds will be held for 180 days, or until any disputes and claims (like a claim on a stolen account) and any of the consequences of violating the Agreement, like being banned from using any PayPal services, are settled.

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