Mailbox Vandals (what To Do, How To Protect Mailbox + More)

It’s not really a big deal, but it can get a little irritating. People can start to take a baseball bat to mailboxes all over the place, and it becomes all too common.

1. It is easy to protect your mailbox. Keep everything on the inside of your mailbox shut. Do not leave anything on or inside your mailbox that is worth stealing.

2. Have as many mailboxes on your property as possible, so that you can protect your mailboxes with a single lock.

3. You can do your best to stop the vandals by keeping your mailboxes hidden, secured, and inaccessible.

Mailbox Vandals In 2022

Mailbox vandalism is the act of intentionally damaging mailboxes, mailboxes, property, or mailboxes. Mailbox vandalism is a common crime that can come with fines of up to $250,000 and 3 years in jail. If your mailbox is being vandalized, you can use the US Postal Inspection Service website to report the damages and call your local police department. There are many companies that sell products to deter and catch mailbox vandals.

If there is a mailbox in your area that someone is vandalizing regularly, you should call the police. The cops should arrest the person who is doing this, and they will be held responsible for any damages that occur.

What Are Mailbox Vandals?

Mailbox vandalism is the act of breaking into USPS or USPS Blue Collection Boxes. If a mailbox is vandalized, it means that it has been destroyed or damaged.

This includes activities such as banging on the mailbox, throwing firecrackers near the mailbox, scratching the mailbox, etc.

The kind of vandalism that happens every day in the form of letterbox-bombers.

Mailbox vandalism is often thought of as the crime of teenagers who get rowdy, but in fact, it is an extremely serious crime with serious punishments.

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Mailboxes were vandalized for having US government mail (US mail) in them, which is considered to be destruction of federal property, which means that the vandals get a $250,000 fine and the perpetrator could go to jail for 3 years.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do get caught.
Most people who live in the city will feel the same way.

If you have damaged a post office box, you do not have to panic!

If you’ve accidentally damaged one of our collection boxes, or you want to report damaged mailboxes, contact your local post office. The local post office will be able to help you report the location and issue a repair estimate.

Mailboxes can be damaged by accident for example if the mail is dropped or knocked out of a window. If the damage was not intentional the offender will not be considered a mailbox vandal.

What Do I Do If My Mailbox Is Vandalized?

1: You can report the breach of your mailbox’s terms of service; 2: You can sue the vendor for breach of contract; 3: You can pay the vendor and then sue them yourself; 4: You can not report the breach of your mailbox’s terms of service and sue the vendor for breach of contract and then pay the vendor and then sue them yourself.

In the case that you receive damage, do not leave your home for days, weeks or months; instead, remain safely inside the house or apartment.

When it comes to reporting vandalism, it is also recommended to first check the USPIS website ( for updates on the status of your complaint and, if you cannot find, it is recommended to call and speak to their automated reporting system.

After you submit a vandalism complaint, you will receive an e-mail with a reference number for your case.

The vandalism occurred in the parking lot of the UPS Store, located at 100 S. College
Here, and not in the UPS Store, located at 514 E.
College Avenue.

If you’d like to speak with some one in person, you can call the USPIS at 1-877-876-2455.

USPIS will keep you abreast of developments by sending you updates as new developments arise. These updates will tell you whether or not we’ve made any arrests, and if we have, when & where. We’ll usually only tell you the details right before they are made public; once the case details are out, you’ll be the last to know about any of the developments!

If your letter box or mailbox is on a private property and not a protected one, you can do various things to protect your own mailbox.

How Do I Protect My Mailbox From Vandals?

1. If you can live with the cost, get something like the Syslog-Guard, or the Snort-Guard. Which will detect the majority of common attacks and even some unique ones.
2. If you want something cheap, but still cover some of the more common attacks, get a Honeypot.
3. If you want something with more unique defenses, and want to try and defend against the really unique attacks, get a “Proactive” system.

To get around this issue, label the outside of the box “Return to sender”.

The 33 label is an adhesive-backed label that you can get for free from your local post office and it’s called the 33 label.

The “paraphrase” is the translation of the description into a more user-friendly format. The goal is to make it easy for the vandal, in a form that is not easily recognisable as a translation of any description, to use for his own purposes.

[Source]: The vandal may feel more comfortable breaking into the mailbox if they think the mailbox actually looks like a mailbox, and not a sculpture shaped to look like a mailbox with words on it.

Mailbox.conf does not provide any sort of protection against vandalism, so this option is not recommended for those who have had their mailbox repeatedly vandalized.

You shouldn’t take the risk of opening your mailbox every time you see a suspicious-looking package on your porch.

We have to have our weapons of choice, as they’re the easiest way to get our attention.

You can purchase, and install, discreet Ring doorbell cameras or you can purchase slightly more expensive, motion-detected cameras.

Motion detectors are built in cameras that can come with features such as motion-detected lights and alarms. This means that the cameras will automatically turn on when someone walks past them, and there is a good chance that the person will be caught in the act.

There are many companies that manufacture mailboxes that are virtually indestructible. Mailboxes that are manufactured using a composite material and will not break or chip from a simple hit from a baseball.

There are a few other types of mailboxes you can buy, but MailBoss is a good example of an indestructible mailbox you could purchase.

The steel is electro galvanized which is a protective coating that makes it a high heat resistant material and also provides it with corrosion prevention.

I’m actually curious to know how many people are actually going full custom, because if you’re going to the trouble making your own, it would probably make sense to buy a ready-made one and just swap it out.

Your own mailbox seems like a good idea, but you won’t be able to get mail when it’s done. Mail delivery still happens, it’s just that you don’t receive the mail.

The suggestion about putting your mailbox on chains will cause it to swing like a pendulum and absorb impact with the potential of returning damage.

Those steel posts are put in place to create a sort of force field around the mailbox itself, and to prevent cars from smashing into your mailbox.

Finally, make sure to keep your mail and packages secured by wrapping them in plastic wrap. This way, your mail won’t be stolen right out from beneath your door, and it’ll be harder for the thief to get at it.

If you have any questions on how to send an international mail, please check our FAQ on how to send an international mail. You can also see our posts on how to send an international mail. You can also find out more on our FAQ on how to send an international mail.


Mailboxes are the boxes that mail is placed in. The name is a combination of the Latin word mala (bad) and the Greek word kybos (container).

Federal law doesn’t make it a crime to take or use copyrighted material without permission.

If your mailbox is being vandalized, you must call your local police department. If the mailbox is being vandalized, the local police department should file a report with the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Once there is an incident of vandalism, you should take steps to protect yourself and your mailbox, which can include installing cameras and reinforcing your mailbox.

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