What Is A Master Key Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

The USPS is responsible for delivering all of the mail in the entire United States so they have access to any mailbox anywhere in the country.

It makes sense that the US Postal Service has an easy-to-find master key. It’s used to make sure all the doors of the postal service are up and running. It is one of the few keys that is available, and only has to be changed when there is a major problem.

What Is A Master Key At USPS In 2022?

In 2018, the United States Post Office started requiring every USPS carrier to be equipped with the master key to access all of the mailboxes and delivery areas of the United States, as well as the doors to restricted buildings. The key will be located in the carrier’s pocket at all times. If a carrier feels like their key is being compromised, the USPS requires them to switch out their key every six months.

A key is a type of secret that unlocks a type of cryptographic technology. Here’s more information about what each key means and what they protect.

What Does A USPS Master Key Do?

An umbrella key is another form of master key, although it doesn’t open any door. It was originally a way to unlock mailboxes, but now almost all of them have been converted for carrier use.

This is not true, if you want to travel with your kids, then you need to check what is the code for your area.

The arrow key is used to select a panel and then the panel will open to reveal the mailbox or apartment.

Mailboxes can be anywhere, and can be anything from a mailbox with a door and mail slot to a mailbox with a slot that’s not even attached to a house.

Key’s are also used in some systems to identify a specific person within a group of people.

Coding is the act of writing information down as a set of numbers. It is the basis of the numeric system.

>In the wrong hands, an arrow key can result in thousands of cases of stolen identities using the personal information in someone’s mailbox. Material theft, breaking and entering and stalking are also possibilities.

Do All USPS Mailmen Have Master Keys?

Not all USPS mailmen or carriers have master keys on hand all the time. Most do, though.

The majority of carriers will have arrow keys. The mailboxes are generally located in a more suburban area (or maybe even a more residential area) and the carriers will deliver to these locations for their residential boxes. The majority of carriers won’t normally deliver mail in a commercial mail center, such as a small town or a larger city.

If a person is walking down the sidewalk and sees a package addressed to them, he would typically stop and pick up the package, or the mailman would stop and pick it up.

It is highly recommended that carriers with arrow keys wear them on a chain attached to their clothes at all times, in the interest of safety and/or integrity.

Carriers also have to make sure that there keys are accounted for while they are in the possession of the people that they are responsible for.

When arrows keys aren’t on the person of the carrier or being counted by a clerk, they are kept in locked safes at the post office, typically with both alarm codes and cameras on standby past the regular lock system.

Can You Get Fired For Losing A USPS Master Key?

Although there are several reasons for losing a USPS key, none of them are likely. They likely can’t be fired for losing this key because it’s unlikely that it’s a lost key.

The second reason is it’s a lot easier to just steal a whole bunch of arrows and arrows have a lot of value, and arrows are not that easy to replace.

To prevent this, the key was removed from the database and deleted from the keystore on a regular basis.

Another more likely reason that you don’t need to worry about losing your job is that the US Post Office values people.

There are many places out there to put your lost key. Please do not pick the wrong place. Report it to anyone at all who can help you, to be safe.

There’s been a lot of news about the USPS’s new policy that prohibits the delivery of keys, and the ensuing controversy. A USPS carrier was injured when someone tried to take their key from the delivery truck.

Locate the arrow key and remove it for repair or disposal. (The arrow key is the first button on the keyboard.)
If you lose the arrow key in your purse or pocket, place the arrow key inside your purse or pocket. If you lose the arrow key on your desk, place it inside your desk or work surface.

Can You Make Copies Of A USPS Master Key?

To be thorough, it’s worth noting that the arrow keys do work on the German keyboard, as shown in the diagram below. The same would happen if you tried to enter text with the arrow keys (i.e. holding down the “A” key to go to the end of the sentence). This seems like an odd implementation on the part of the Germans.

When you use a hardware keylogger, there’s no guarantee to keep your hardware safe from potential theft, which has been proven throughout history time and time again.

You will need to be a member of the “International Association of Postmasters” to get access to this content.

If you’re looking to learn more about the mail system, you can also read our post on how UPS works.


After the Keymaster system was installed, the USPS decided to take out the master key from all mailboxes in the country, thus, no longer granting anyone access to those mailboxes.

Arrow keys are intended to open collection boxes, apartment/ condo mailbox panels, and allow carriers access to gated communities along their route. A carrier will be allowed access only if the gate is open.

The keys have strict safety protocols, even when they are not in use. They are locked in a safe when not in use, and they are chained to a carrier when they are.

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