Is The Toilet Paper Roll Test Accurate? Read To Find Out

The instant thought that comes to mind when you hear toilet paper is the bum. People hardly think of the penis. Well, this notion is about to change. The toilet paper roll test is something every guy should know.

This test can tell how long your dick is by how much of your erect penis head protrudes from the toilet roll’s end. So, if your dick head doesn’t stick out of the roll, your penis is around 2cm. It’s so short, ugh! Well, you never can tell.

This bizarre test is sweeping the world like a wildfire and many men attest to the accuracy of the results.

Now let’s answer the main question

Is The Toilet Paper Roll Test Accurate?

Yes, the toilet paper roll test is accurate. This test is a reliable unit of measurement to know how long your dick is since almost all toilet paper rolls have the same length.

The longer your dick, the more your cock head will stick out from the roll. So if you’ve got all your dick head out of the paper roll, you surely have an anaconda between your thighs. 

Are you becoming curious about your dick’s thickness and length already? You’re about to learn how to size up using the toilet paper roll test. Just read on; we’ve got you!

How To Measure The Thickness Of Your Penis

Most ladies love it thick down there and the toilet roll is a quick option to know if you’re up to the task. However, you need to know the size of the paper roll you’re using because their sizes vary.

Step 1: Get toilet paper roll, preferably an empty roll.

Step 2: Stand up

Step 3: Ensure your dick is fully erect

Step 4:  Try and slide your penis into the toilet paper roll.

Now, that’s it! First, however, you need to know few things. One, your dick is of average thickness if it fits perfectly inside the toilet paper roll. Two, your dick is below average is if it loosely fits into the paper roll.

According to research done at King’s College in the UK, the average thickness of a man’s penis is 4.9 inches. Just know thatyou’re thicker than the average guy if your dick cannot slide into the toilet paper roll. .

How To Measure The Penis Length

You can also size up your penis by measuring your dick length. You’ll repeat most of the steps you used for the thickness test.

Step 1: Gettoilet paper roll

Step 2: Stand up

Step 2: Make sure your penis is hard.

Step 4: Once your dick is fully erect, stick it into the paper roll. If your penis cannot slide in, place it alongside the paper roll.

Step 5: Examine if your dick stretches beyond the paper roll or if your penis head pops out of the roll.

If your erect dick is shorter than the paper roll, it means you’re way belowanaverage penis length. However, you’ve got a dick above the normal average if your penis length extends far beyond the toilet paper roll.

Does Penis Size Affect Sexual Pleasure?

No, dick size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to pleasure. The dimensions of a man’s penis aren’t the only thing that determines hissexuality. It’s not the size; it’s how skilful you are with the dick.

There’s also no proof that bigger dicks provide more pleasure during sex. In some cases, an abnormally large penis may cause more pain than pleasure.

Bigger dicks might cause tearing, especially during anal sex. Then there’s the issue of choking and the gag reflex during oral.

However, many people are concerned about whether or not their penis is large enough to satisfy a sexual partner. Although these anxieties are unnecessary, they can affect a man’s self-esteem.

Men who are self-conscious about the size of their penis are prone to anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction and other mental problems.

Does Penis Size Affect Fertility?

Penis size does not affect fertility, but a recent study says otherwise. Researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City recruited over 800 people from a sexual health clinic for the study and observed them for three years.

From the study, guys who battle with infertility have a penis that is one cm shorter on average than men who do not have fertility issues.

Furthermore, infertile men have an average dick length of 12.5cm (4.9 inches), while the average penis length for fertile men was 13.4cm (5.3 inches).

The researchers established that the connection between a smaller penis and infertility is most likely due to underlying issues such as hormonal imbalances or testis disorders.

However, the researchers assured that people with small but healthy penises should be anxious for nothing.Your dick length, thickness, and even testicles have little effect on your fertility.Instead, your overall fitness and genetic makeup are the most important determinants.

How To Increase Your Dick Size Naturally

Increasing your dick size is known as penis stretching. Although there is evidence that stretching can increase your dick size, the effects are usually minimal and sometimes temporal.

While there is no magicalextension, you may follow the penis stretching exercises below to gain extra dick size and feel better down there.

Penis Massage:

Apply a lubricant to the penis and gently massage. This workout aims to stretch the skin of your penis, causing “micro-tears” in the tissue. As the tissues heal, they may appear swollen, making your penis appear longer.

You must be consistent with this process to see faster results.


Jelqing is a simple but effective penile exercise. It will increase the size and hardness of your penis. First, use a lubricant like baby oil or Vaseline and make sure your penis is partially erect. Then, with your thumb and pointer finger, hold your dick at the base.

Keep a firm grasp on the pelvic bone and maintain the pressure by slowly moving your hand up the penis. Then, stop your hand right below your dick head. Yea! That’s jelqing and, one Jelq takes 2 to 3 seconds.

Jelqing helps to drive blood towards the tip of the penis, enlarging the size while causing no pain. Repeat the procedure for a lasting result.


Kegel exercises are penile enlargement exercises that don’t have cardiovascular strain linked to other dick enlargement exercises.

Kegel exercises include tightening, flexing, and releasing the Pelvic muscles of the pelvic floor, which stretch from the urinary sphincter to the anus.

Kegel will give you a rock-hard boner by increasing blood flow to the penis, resulting in a  longer-lasting erection.

You can sit on a comfy sofa or exercise ball to perform kegel exercises, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Five Mind-Blowing Facts About The Penis

There can’t be two heads:

Most guys have little control over when they ejaculate because ejaculation does not require the use of the brain. So while your head down there is itching to ejaculate, the brain in the head is suspended.

Your spine handles the nuts and bolts of the operation. The spinal cord sends the signal to ejaculate and coordinate all functions relating to ejaculation.

The penis has no bones but can break:

The term “boner” is popular slang for an erect penis, but there are no bones or muscles in the penis. However, you can still damage their package if you aren’t careful during sex.

The blood veins inside the penis might rupture if there is too much pressure on it or if it is pushed too vigorously during intercourse.

Dead guys have erections. Even babies do:

Shocking facts from ultrasounds reveal that babies have erections even when they are still in the womb. But, interestingly,that men can still have an erection after they die.

Corpses have an erection after death because blood collects in the penis before it becomes soft again. So, it’s safe to assume that the erection cycle begins before birth and continues beyond death.

Your testicles are not equal:

The testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s anatomy. The primary reason for one testicle hanging longer than the other is to prevent them from colliding when a man walks around to prevent injury.

There’s more than meet the eye:

Most men would be pleased to know that their penis is twice as long as they think. Half of your penis is in your body, coiled up inside your pelvis and joined to your pubic bone.

You don’t get to know your entire penis length just like you don’t see the whole oak tree above ground. It’s much longer than you can ever imagine.


Yes, the toilet paper roll test is odd, but the dimensions are accurate. It’s a quick and straightforward method to calculate the size of your penis without having to use a ruler or measuring tape.

Finally, it’s such fun to participate in the toilet paper roll if you desire, but don’t take it too seriously. Your body was made explicitly for you. Therefore, you don’t need to be fussy about your penis length or thickness.

Remember, it’s not the size of the ship that matters; It’s all about the motion of the ocean.

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