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Are you looking for a brand to meet your furniture needs? Well, look no more as we will be reviewing Giantex in this article. Giantex is popular and budget-friendly and meets all your furniture choices – outdoor furniture, office supplies, or large appliances like washing machines.

As their headquarters is situated in North America, they can deliver punctually and manufacture furniture locally. So, next time you order from Giantex, know that it’s benefitting the country’s economy as well.

Now you might wonder, is Giantex a good brand? Below we have provided reasons why OGX is a great brand based on customer experience. Check it out!

Is Giantex A Good Brand?

There’s no doubt that it’s a good brand. But to know how good it is, we’ll need to look into its product line. Let’s check them out.

1. Washers

Giantex washers have a lightweight design that customers love. It can be used in any compact space like corners of your apartments, dorms, or even in RVs.

You can save huge bucks by not spending on bigger washers. Oh, did we mention that Giantex washers are portable as well?

It has an LED display, water level selection ease, and 10 programs. There is an option for child lock as well. As per your washing needs, the recommended procedure and amount of detergent are listed.

Despite the small size, Giantex does not compromise on quality. The spinners reach the toughest stains and give your clothes a spanking clean look.

Why People Love This? 

Compact Design

Customers can easily move the Giantex washers around in their homes due to their portability.


The washer is incredibly quiet compared to bigger washer machines. It is also easy to operate with its specific and detailed manual.

Super Clean

It goes without saying that Giantex washers are superb for cleaning clothes. They get rid of the most stubborn stains and dry your clothes within minutes. Its spin dryer works wonders. 

2. Office Furniture

Giantex will never upset you when it comes to office furniture. If you are thinking of organizing your office space with their folding chairs, rolling storage carts, and computer chairs, know that you are in the right place!

Their furniture is made of durable metal, making them sturdy and solid. It can bear heavy goods easily. They have a cart made of metal utility, which features a simple design. The furniture also enhances space utilization, so your office space looks more organized.

Why People Love This? 

Enough Room

All the furniture has drawers, boasting enough room to store plastic trays to organize pens. Not only pens, any extra paper sheets, clips, boards, or other office equipment can be stored.

Easy to Move

The office cart can be moved easily with its rollers. In case a person pops out of thin air, the rolling cart has brakes to guarantee your safety.

Solid Structure

You don’t need to worry about the weight you place on the furniture. As they are built of durable materials, they can withstand the load easily. Workers love this feature – especially those who work in small spaces. 

3. Outdoor Furniture

Giantex has no dearth of outdoor furniture items. Their vast array of collections involves benches, chairs, planter boxes, pot holders, plant stands, and much more.

It’s important to find comfort in outdoor furniture while relaxing. Giantex outdoor furniture is designed to display a modern look. Also, they save up a lot of space due to their compact design.

Not only these but the accessories can also be easily installed following the detailed manual.

One mentionable outdoor piece of furniture is the outdoor chair. It is created using premium breathable fabric. For those with back pain, Giantex furniture keeps your spine in the correct posture.

Why People Love This? 


All Giantex outdoor furniture like benches, chairs, and plant holders is sturdy. They also have a long lifetime. Their chairs have triangular anti-slip foot pads that increase stability.


Giantex offers folding chairs. Customers love them as the lightweight chair can be carried everywhere – not limited to the outdoors only. They are made compact to save you space.

Simple Design

Any furniture can be styled with Giantex outdoor furniture. Its simple and sleek look adds a sense of modern look to your outdoors.


Giantex and comfort go hand in hand. For book lovers, Giantex offers outdoor furniture crafted with curved armrests. You can relax and support your back while reading. Loyal Giantex customers take the pressure away from their shoulders and back and rely on Giantex. 

4. Washroom Products

Pin your hopes on Giantex for your bathroom products. They have everything you need – metal racks, over-the-toilet racks, shelves, and storage cabinets. Really easy to put together, the cabinets adjust decently in your bathroom. As well as some décor, you can store your toilet tissues there.

Why People Love This? 


The cabinets have a pull-down door that holds bath products. No matter what your storage need is, the cleverly designed bathroom allows organizing all items. After all, you don’t want the visitors to see all your bathroom items.


Using MDF construction, the space saver offers excellent longevity. Thus, you do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Convenient Usage

The Giantex cabinets are freestanding furniture items that fit over your standard bathroom tanks, making them easy to clean. 

5. Sport Items

You can choose from a wide range of sports products for your children’s entertainment like basketball hoops, soccer nets, floor beams for gymnastics, and trampolines.

Among these, trampolines have garnered much reputation in the sports industry. Giantex should be the go-to brand when purchasing trampolines. They are a fantastic way to exercise as well as play with your young ones. Well, about the money, it’s definitely worth it!

Why People Love This? 

Range of Sizes

Customers are fond of Giantex sports products as they come in different sizes. For instance, the trampoline combo bounce is available in sizes that match different yard sizes.


All sports equipment is made of rust-resistant steel frames. That is why customers love to enjoy a longer lifetime.


Giantex trampolines have zipped doors that prevent your kids from falling off the trampolines after an enthusiastic jump. A net enclosure has been attached to make sure the risk of falls is reduced. Small children can access it using a ladder.


Some Giantex products like soccer nets, trampolines, and floor beams are portable. For families who do not want full-size sports equipment in their house or yard, Giantex is an excellent option.

The Positive Points Of Giantex As A Brand

Let’s discuss the reasons why they have become so popular.

Customer Priority

Giantex has a primary goal – customers always come first. Despite Giantex being a reputable brand in North America, it has not abandoned its customers. The company is all ears to listen to the customer’s needs, wants, and demands and fulfill them accordingly.

Trained Employees

In order to prioritize customers, Giantex realizes that it needs a trained list of employees to support them. After all, a qualified employee will delve into customer demands and deliver accordingly.

Giantex promises to ensure its trained employees can identify customer issues while purchasing.

Online Shopping

This pandemic has shown that without digitalizing your business, you cannot prosper. Giantex has been an online brand for a long time now.

Online shopping has made it easier for North Americans to purchase anything they like from Giantex just by sitting at home. It also reduces any health risk amidst the pandemic.


With experience of 5 years on hand, Giantex has gained practical experience. Their online presence, quality product, and fast delivery have propelled customers to place their trust in them. Now, it has the reputation of one of the most trusted brands and retailers in North America.

Available in Different Countries 

Until now, Giantex has shipped to almost 10 countries. Almost everything they feature can be shipped to parts near North America. This extensive market coverage makes Giantex globally renowned as well.


Are you worried about the cost of such high-quality products? Do not fret, as Giantex is famous as a cost-aware brand. Well, it might not be the cheapest brand you might find, but it certainly provides value for each penny you spend.

This allows loyal customers to purchase from them due to the cost-effective measures. For more than 5 years, their trend of affordable prices has been ongoing.

Wide Array of Goods

Giantex offers a variety of goods, which range from home furniture to hardware. As we have seen above, home furniture is available that is durable and high-quality.

Furthermore, to keep your workstation free of mess, Giantex provides premium quality office supplies. If you like to relax outside after work, Giantex has your back. Their outdoor furniture is comfy and simple, how you want it.

Sports equipment are famous for their safety and wide range of sizes. Giantex also features other hardware, which can be employed for various purposes.

Final Words

That’s a wrap-up for now. Loyal Giantex customers are really satisfied with its service, durability, and quality.

So, if someone asks you in the future, is Giantex a good brand, you know what the answer is.

Just ask them to purchase from the well-known brand, and we assure you they won’t be disappointed!

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