Is Costco A Good Place To Work? (all You Need To Know)

As one of the leading employers, Costco spends a lot of time thinking about how they treat their employees. They offer competitive pay, generous benefits, and a safe and fun workplace.

I’ve been doing some research on whether Costco is a good place to work. And all the information I have found is that the company is a great place. What I came across were the benefits that the company offers.

Is Costco A Good Place To Work In 2022?

Most of the employees for Costco are happy with their work, and many consider it to be a great place to work. Costco provides its employees with high wages, as well as other benefits that are often unmatched in the retail industry. Additionally, the company offers a laid-back work environment, so its employees can work from home.

While our team may have been a little biased, we still wanted to hear from the past employees about their experiences and job satisfaction.

What Hours Do Costco Employees Work?

Costco Business Center hours are Wednesday through Saturday between 9 AM and 9 PM.
Senior Hours are Monday through Thursday between 9 AM and 9 PM.
Standard Club Hours are Monday through Sunday between 9 AM and 9 PM.

You can shop for any of the products that are currently available in the store, and if they aren’t available they’ll be available at the close of the day.

And my day may begin at 4 or 5 in the morning when my store opens (for certain stores, like the ones in the mall, store employees are required to work on certain days).

There are always additional employees working to handle the increased traffic at the time of the day where Costco offers memberships.

A pharmacy store, an optical center store, and auto center store begin their shifts at an hour after 10am, and are closed at an hour before 6:30pm.

Employees love spending holidays with their families, and the ones that work in an office can even get to see their kids on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

How Much Does Costco Pay?

According to, hourly Costco employees can expect to make between $11.00 to $35.00 per hour. However, your pay rate depends on your position and duration with the company. In fact, you’ll probably make more at a retail store than at a corporate office job.

Furthermore, Costco supervisors make the most money of all Costco staff, with an average hourly income of $24.43. However, Costco front end clerks earn the least, with an average pay of $14.23 per hour.

While Costco pays employees a fair wage at entry level pay rates, employees who stay with the company can earn pay raises by advancing within the company.

What Benefits Do Costco Employees Have?

One should be weary of the employer who promises the most money he can afford, and instead finds it necessary to lower its overall compensation offering.

Costco also has a paid time off program. Employees have the option of buying a paid vacation of up to seven days after working over forty hours, five sick days per year after working over thirty hours, and four paid holidays per year after working over twenty hours.

A company-paid 401K plan, and a matching company contribution to a defined savings plan, access to a company-paid plan for dental and vision care, and a company-paid commuter assistance. Additional benefits include: life insurance, disability insurance, tuition assistance, and paid time off for personal and family needs.

All employee benefits are determined at the time of offer,
which are incorporated into your offer letter by reference. I have not seen the
“Summary of Benefits” document referenced in your letter.

In your letter to the Trustees, you asked if the Pension Plan had made any contributions to the Plan Trust. Pursuant to the plan documents, the Pension Plan has made contributions to the Plan Trust.

How Is Costco’s Work Environment?

In addition, you can check out sites like LinkedIn, which allows you to see who else has been working in your target position, and how they fared in their tenure at Costco.

Costco seems to be a very good employer. It has an excellent rating among employers. It also seems to be a great place to work.

Costco has a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere where employees can dress comfortably and wear jeans, blouses and polo shirts, and closed-toe shoes.

Also, it’s essential to understand that Costco employees should feel safe knowing that the company values safety by implementing safety policies, including background checks and a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use. Additionally, the employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment and should provide safety training and tools for employees.

What Are Things Employees Love About Working at Costco?

Every job is super fun and there are no boring assignments.
There’s no such thing as a boring holiday party.
Everyone is genuinely interested and supportive of one another.

Customer service, which was highlighted by the promotion.

Costco is noted for its diversity and inclusion practices and has been in the top 5% of diverse companies in the United States since 2017.

What Are Things Employees Hate About Working At Costco?

Most retail employees receive a low amount per hour for the amount of work they perform.

Costco’s entry level wages fall under the poverty line. This is due to their low prices and a large number of employees working there.

The business model of Costco is a membership-driven business model.

Most people who work in retail are generally honest and will not cheat their own customers, but it is not a great idea to treat the workers badly. Especially if you can easily buy the products online.

[Other Complaints]: I have to walk through a long corridor with other employees that are waiting to speak to people. It takes time for me to finish my job and the other employees are complaining about this.

Is Working At Costco Stressful?

Being that Costco is a membership-based store, you might not be sure to expect members to be on their best behavior. However, this is the company’s policy, and it is important that all members be a great contributor to the company.

Examples of the poor hygiene are shown to include not washing their hands, not cleaning themselves, etc.

According to researchers, customers who don’t follow the instructions of the staff can cause a lot of stress among the employees of a company.

Do Part-time Costco Workers Receive Benefits?

Costco does not always pay part-time employees benefits. However, if you are a part-time worker, you can get benefits of your full time staff.

Because Costco offers benefits, they are a good place for part-time and seasonal workers.

Is Costco A Good Place To Work At 16?

The store will not hire people under 18 to work at the store, so if you are a high school student, you cannot work at Costco.

Is Costco A Good Place To Work While In College?

The opening hours of the Costco warehouse could be one of the factors responsible for the rise of e-commerce.

Many people get started early, and it is not uncommon to finish a shift in the wee hours of the night. Many people have classes starting early in the morning and can continue until late at night.

I am currently an employee of Costco Wholesale. Costco offers competitive pay and benefits to employees as well as a safe workplace and opportunities for advancement. They provide opportunities for professional and career growth.

To learn more about Costco, you can also read our posts on whether or not Costco should be considered a retail location, if Costco prices are too low, and on their business model.


Despite the fact that Costco, like all major retail businesses, is a major employer, it has an outstanding reputation as a place to work, with employees generally enjoying a high degree of job satisfaction.

Costco will provide employees with several benefits including an attractive wage, medical, dental, and financial benefits.

Costco also gives their employees many options to make extra money to help with anything from a down payment on a home to paying off a car loan.

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