Is Artist’s Loft A Good Brand, And Are Their Products Worth It?

Artist Loft has made a big name in the market for being an excellent brand that has consistently provided high-quality art supplies over the years and for its creative centers.

People have been buying their products for a long time because the supplies are environment-friendly and affordable. The primary customer base of this brand is students or beginners who are on a tight budget. But the question remains on many people’s minds; Is Artist’s Loft a good brand, or is it just unnecessary hype?

Please stick with us throughout this article to find out while we go through their popular products so you can decide whether you would be interested in buying any art supplies from them.

Is Artist’s Loft A Good Brand?

We cannot give you a complete yes or no without any context for an answer to this question, so we will be taking a look at their best-selling products one by one to let you decide whether you should invest your money in the Artist Loft products. Without any further ado, let us jump right into our detailed discussion!

Crafts Creative Centers

For a unique artistic experience, you can go down to Artistic Downtown Flagstaff, where Artist Loft is located. There you will find a craft shop with various craft items, including textiles and ceramics.

An Art shop is also made there with a large selection of handcrafted items. Finally, if you are interested, you can also take art and crafts classes.

The Artist Loft folding desk is an innovative approach to a 3 in 1 workstation manufactured for art enthusiasts. You will be getting a two-tiered sleek work desk, as well as a spacious craft box that has an astounding number of 18 compartments. For additional storage, this product comes with two arrange-a-shelf units. Furthermore, there are also two built-in shelves for you to store your other supplies.

So that you can work comfortably, there is also a chair with the Artist Loft that sits perfectly under the desk. You can easily organize all your supplies on this industrial-looking desk and work more efficiently. If you are looking for a desk like this, you might consider the Artist Loft to elevate your studio to a whole other level.

Easel Sets 

If you do art, or more specifically, paint, you must know how convenient an easel can make your life.

The easel set by the artist loft seems to be a great deal with its light but the sturdy structure and a tabletop that even tilts. You can put your paper on the paper holder and place your paper roll in the paper roll holder.

This easel set is foldable, making it perfect for carrying around since the studio is not always where you feel the most creative.

In this set, you will be getting a full-size easel that has a clamp holder, two palette trays, and of course, a canvas holder. The easel consists of four clips to ensure your art piece is always secure.

With removable tray inserts and two-segmented trays for holding your supplies, this set is truly an excellent option for artists who are looking for a portable and sturdy easel set that works as storage as well as an easel.

This product has two tiers; the upper tier will come with a paint can cup that will hold your color and an outer ledge to keep your extra brushes while painting. On the other hand, the lower tier features an adjustable palette for convenience.

Lastly, there is a carrying handle with the set to carry the whole thing around easily. If you are starting in the world of art and are willing to give your artistic abilities a shot, the easel set by the Artistic Loft might be a worthy investment for you.

Colored Pencils 

Two factors determine the quality of colored pencils, which are durability and quality. Artist’s Loft has done a superb job at checking off both these boxes.

Their high-quality non-drying wax in their colored pencils gives them a good pigment, and the package also comes with a sharpener so you can keep your pencils pointy. These colors apply very smoothly to paper, so doodling or coloring will be a pleasant experience for you.

Their 72 counts colored pencil set is a great package, and all the beautiful colors are ideal for anyone looking to find the perfect colors for details.

The thick cores of colored pencils ensure that you can use them for a long time and get drawings with rich colors. Thankfully, these colors neither smear nor fade away with time so that you can store your art safely for a long time.

As a bonus, the package comes with a cedar case, making storing and traveling with Artist’s Loft colored pencils very easy.

Loft Markers

The dual-tip markers by Artist’s Loft have become one of the customer favorites amongst all their products. With the 24 dual-tip markers step, you can doodle or create any form of art you want to.

Another great thing about these highly pigmented markers is that they are environment-friendly, and they are also non-toxic and acid-free, so you can give them to kids without worrying too much.

The ink used in this item is water-based, so they are water and alcohol soluble, which also means after the ink has completely dried, it is washable.

Since these markers are dual-tip markers, you will have more room to get creative with your art by experimenting with thick lines to fine crisp lines.

Acrylic Paint Tube Sets

Customers have also fallen in love with the acrylic paint tube sets manufactured by Artist Loft. The formula of these acrylic paints is simply unique. The colors from the tubes appear rich on any material, and with these vibrant colors, you can give your artwork more life.

Artist Loft sells 3 sets, with 24, 36, or 48 tubes of paint, and there are multiple size options of tubes varying in diameter from ½ to 5/8 inches.

For people who already have some experience and are working on more detailed pieces, the 48 tubes set will be better, while the 24 tubes set will be perfect for you if you are just getting started and want to begin developing your painting skills.

You will have plenty of primary colors for any of these sets to make more shades of the colors by mixing the paints in your palette. These acrylic paints mix very well and have a smooth texture which means the colors will look very impressive on your artwork.

The quantity of paint in each tube, on average, covers about 11 paintings of 2 x 1 inch, which is actually decent. For ease of portability, the acrylic tubes come in a sturdy case that has a built-in handle.

Sketch Markers

Doodling is getting bigger and bigger today, so the demand for sketch markers is rising consistently. Hence, companies have to make very high-quality sketch markers to stay relevant in the market.

The Artist Loft has done an excellent job with their sketch markers, which is why they have managed to impress such a big crowd. These markers will look crisp and bright on any material and make your art pieces look even more stunning!

Moreover, these markers come packaged in a durable grey box to store them there safely. The markers are obviously water-resistant, and the pigment and clay used in them are also of superior quality.

In a matter of seconds, your ink will dry, so you do not have to fret over smeared ink ruining your work! Therefore, blending different colors with these markers is easy, and the shading looks absolutely fantastic.

The set comes with 12 sketch markers with a gray exterior and has fine and broad tips, making it versatile. Hence, these sketch markers can be used for many projects and not just art. In fact, you can use Artist Loft’s sketch markers to work on fabric, glass, wood, paper, and smoother materials.


Your skills come first when it comes to art, so do not let your gear limit your creativity. However, we must add that good art and crafts supplies definitely help in reflecting an artist’s vision onto their artwork.

After finishing up with the details, if you are still wondering whether: is Artist’s Loft a good brand, then YES, we think it is a good brand!

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