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In the era that we have officially entered, social media app culture has reached new heights. From free messaging platforms to addressing the issue of information sharing, the social media apps list is packed full of useful apps that people do like. As a responsible user of social media, it is important to be aware of the apps you are using. Many of the most popular social media apps have been known to sell user data, collect user information, and engage in other shady practices. 

In this post, we will discuss the top social media apps and why you should install them on your phone. Most importantly, before downloading and installing, ensure that you have a strong internet connection, such as Mediacom. Explore the Mediacom paquetes and select the one that best suits your needs.


Meetup is the second-best social app on our list and is expected to be popular in 2022. Its goal is to bring people together across cities. The app is based on a single idea “when we come together and do things that are important to us; it’s when we’re at our best.”

To use Meetup, one of the world’s most well-known websites for social networking, one must pay an amount. Plans for Meetup subscriptions range from one month to six years.


Hyperlapse created by Instagram enables its users to create tracking images and time-lapse videos that were fast and previously unattainable without heavy tripods or expensive equipment.

It is a very simple application. Simply tap on the screen to record, tap when ready to stop, and select the speed you would like your video to be played at. There is no need to sign up for the application. Just take a picture, point it at the camera, or speed up, then share.


In the present, you would be lying if you claimed you have never been aware of TikTok. The popular short video platform is a huge hit on the internet and has become one of the major players in the world of social media. At the same time, it is not allowed in some countries such as India. Other well-known social media apps like Instagram and YouTube have copied its fundamental idea and have created different versions of short-video services. Consider this your sign to download this app, if you have not already!


With its most aesthetically pleasing layout, this app is a hot spot for mobile users of social media apps. The social media app for free is a thriving community, an intelligent community of users who chat, discuss, or share photos and even videos.

There are dedicated forums among the social media platforms to discuss everything known as Subreddits. However, it has various engagement levels and it is recommended to study and learn about the appropriate and most popular subreddits to promote your brand.


LinkedIn is the most popular social media app for professionals from all over the world. It’s easy for users to market their businesses and also themselves. It allows users to increase their connections to business while also linking with professionals.

Also, companies use it to establish their credibility and position themselves as leaders in their field, as well as to attract talented employees. LinkedIn also provides opportunities to promote your business, such as sending personalized advertisements, boosting content, and even displaying advertisements on the website.


Tumblr can be described as what occurs when social media and blogging meet. You can publish pictures, text videos, texts, and other media files on your blog that other users can follow. The website also allows HTML editing. If you are proficient enough, you will be able to modify your website’s layout and appearance completely. You can even choose an individual domain name.

Tumblr, according to its executives, is secured for minors. Before an outright ban in December 2018, some estimates suggest that as high as 22% of traffic was pornographic.


Tinder is probably something you’ve heard about. Dating apps like Tinder are the most popular. Tinder offers its users an endless supply of possible profiles that meet the needs of its users. The primary feature is the simple sign-up process. To begin, users swipe through the profiles listed and nay or yay them.

It also allows users to sign in using their Facebook accounts, which allows them to create a profile. When they choose, Tinder Plus members have access to extra features such as unlimited likes and the freedom to connect with singles around the world.


Instagram’s Boomerang application takes a sequence of images and produces an image that resembles a GIF. However, there is a small yet crucial difference between Boomerang and GIF. GIFs loop the same video repeatedly. While a Boomerang plays a video in forwarding motion, before going backward, repeats it repeatedly.


There are myriad social media applications around the world. If you do a little searching, you will be able to find a social network app that has specialized in whatever niches you are interested in.

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