Ikea Taskrabbit Services (everything You Need To Know)

If people have an hour or two they can handle putting the shelves up on their own, TaskRabbit.com/IKEA is now a service that will help!

Here at IKEA, we have a team of designers who make all types of products. That means anything in our stores can easily be broken down into a few different steps that we can take a look at. One of those steps is the assembly process.

IKEA TaskRabbit Services In 2022

TaskRabbit was founded in 2012 by three Swedish college students who had a love of design, business, and delivering people great experiences.

How Does IKEA & TaskRabbit Work?

You can use taskRabbit to hire a handyman, a dog walker, a local plumber, a home cleaner, or a babysitter. It doesn’t cost anything to have someone you can’t find in your own circle of contacts perform a task.

The way it works is that you can go to a store and pick any Task from the list to complete, and the Task is allocated to the person that needs it done most. For instance, you can go home and pick a Kitchen Installment Task.

It’s possible to book your task as early as tomorrow, and it’s even possible for a task to be dispatched as early as tomorrow.

After filling out the online form, you’re ready to go. TaskRabbit will connect you with a trusted tasker who will come to your location.

You’ll earn through their TaskRabbit platform, but with them giving you a guarantee that you’ll only have to be paid once your assembly is complete.
[Original] When you complete a task, the person who hired you will pay you on TaskRabbit.
[Paraphrase] When you complete a task, you’ll get directly paid on their TaskRabbit platform.

If you plan ahead, you won’t have to worry about the last minute.

The IKEA TaskRabbit Happiness Pledge

Once you hire a professional, TaskRabbit is 100% sure that you will get the job done right and they will fix whatever was not done.

We are very thorough in our background checks on each of our taskers to make sure we only hire the best of the best in the industry. All of our taskers have gone through very stringent vetting and screening processes. They must pass a thorough background check to be allowed to work for us. We do not want sloppy, sloppy work!

Additionally, IKEA TaskRabbit also assures its customers that you can contact their dedicated customer service line in the rare event that you don’t like either your tasker or the finished product.

What Services Do IKEA TaskRabbit Provide?

– TaskRabbit matches people to each other with skills.
– People that need tasks for IKEA must first register on TaskRabbit.com and only then can they post their service.
– Tasks can be picked up by IKEA customers.
– Tasks can be delivered, repaired or cleaned.

IKEA is dedicated to the happiness of its customers and is always happy to help you in any way.

With a dedicated partnership with TaskRabbit, it makes your everyday renovation that bit easier by connecting you with affordable and flexible ways to get some work done.

IKEA TaskRabbit Locations

The TaskRabbit website lists all the locations available for your TaskRabbit tasker.

New York, Colorado, and California are a few of the states that can’t use TaskRabbit as of right now due to laws prohibiting workers being employed by a third party.

I’m curious to see if the Taskrabbit is available in your state,
and I recommend that you go check.

If you’re having some trouble finding your location on the TaskRabbit website, they also have a dedicated “Check Availability” search bar where you just input your ZipCode.

How Much Does An IKEA TaskRabbit Tasker Cost?

The price you pay for a task will vary based on your needs, but for a basic project, you should expect to spend between $15-$40.

I also find this explanation to be more reasonable than the original explanation.

If you know how much you want to spend before you set the job, you can let your tasker know by entering your hourly rate in the job. You will then be shown a list of taskers’ hourly rates.

*Prices do not include any labor costs, which are charged separately.
**Not all tasks are available in all areas.

Also, your furniture will never look like the picture – people, like you, have really good taste and you can’t afford to look like you just spent $800 on a coffee table.

How Do I Pay My Tasker?

When you want to use a payment method you are probably wondering how secure it is.

Cashless payments means you don’t have to input any cash and other payment methods such as credit cards, Paypal, and Venmo can be used when booking.

You will receive credit within 24 hours of tasker submitting their invoice.

This invoice is for the number of hours you spent as a tasting taster plus any other expenses you have agreed to make (such as a sample pack or tasting set-up).

Is TaskRabbit Any Good?

If you’re still looking for a great TaskRabbit Task then take a look at some of the reviews online. You can see why others love using TaskRabbit.

The majority of feedback for our service is quite positive. They worked thoroughly, provided good knowledge, and were extremely efficient. The only feedback we received was a request to “send more frequent updates”. We will certainly try to provide more frequent updates!

I personally used the service, and I had to say that it was the first time I used the service. I was pleasantly surprised.

To learn more about if IKEA is ethical, read our post about IKEA’s ethical practices. If you want to understand if IKEA delivers to your apartment or not, read our post about IKEA apartment delivery. IKEA drivers can be tipped with cash or by gift cards.


With the knowledge that Ikea gives a team for you to hire, you can relax and wait for a person to arrive and deliver and assemble your products.

The cupboards are simple to install, you can do it yourself within minutes using an Ikea TaskRabbit tasker in just minutes.

You might feel a bit disappointed after buying IKEA furniture. But don’t despair, because IKEA TaskRabbit has a Happiness Pledge. So you should be quite happy with the furniture.

Now I would like to add your name. Please enter your name. This will be the name we refer to you by. We don’t want any confusion with the IKEA TaskRabbit.

IKEA Taskrabbit will ensure that your home renovation is a smooth one, and that you receive your items on time.

ikea_taskrabbit is a web service that connects people looking to buy products from Ikea with people looking to buy those products. People from different parts of the US can use Ikea TaskRabbit to fulfill their Ikea needs from buying product to delivering them.

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