How To Get Free Stuff At Walmart? (12 Different Methods)

Low prices on essential items are one of the most important aspects of Walmart. It attracts a huge customer base.

With the great deals that are being offered on the site, it’s a good idea to check out ways you can use your savings to get more free stuff at Walmart.

You can find great deals at your local Walmart. These deals will help you save money and get free products.

How To Get Free Stuff At Walmart In 2022? (12 Methods)

1. Get Free Samples While Shopping In-Store At Walmart

Sometimes Walmart allows certain vendors to have a sampling station in the store, usually in the grocery section, to give you a free sample of the product.

Free samples help new products to spread and new brands to promote. Companies will give samples as goodwill gesture to customers to promote their products.

If you have not yet received your samples, request a free shipment by visiting the customer support desk at the nearest store location.

2. Get Free Samples With Online Orders At Walmart

There are a couple of different ways to obtain free samples from First, you can enter the word “sample” and a few of your favorite items, or you can browse the website looking for a “sample of…”. Second, if you have a referral code, you may be able to request a sample for free.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy the product, just remember that Walmart customer review sections will detail the best and worst reviews that the product has received. That will help you make a better decision.

3. Sign Up For Free Sample Boxes From Walmart

Walmart also offers a few different sample boxes called the Beauty Box and the Baby Box. The Beauty Box includes products like makeup, lotions, body wash, and hair care. The Baby Box includes diapers, wipes, and other essentials.

The Baby Box is designed for different stages of babies. You can choose from the Pregnancy, Newborn/Infant, or Toddler box.

I got a free sample of a lip gloss from Stila, but it was all I needed to get me started.

4. Attend An Event Hosted By Walmart

Walmarts has a lot of events for all their customers. They have food, products, and even toys.

I would like you to take a look at the previous sentences and come up with your own, based on the provided information. Write each sentence in the present perfect tense, using the following words:


Try this out for yourself, then come back to the thread and write your own version.

However, it is likely that the coupons will only be given to customers at the event. This may be to eliminate fraud, as it was with those who “scammed” the free trial of Amazon Dash.

This event is only held in select Walmart locations. To see if your local Walmart has any events going on, visit the Walmart website and enter your zip code.

The right side of the screen is for local events. If your store does not have any local events, you can simply call your store and ask if they will host any events.

5. Look For Expired Products At Walmart

People may also look for deals on clothing by the number of times they wash it, or just by how much it costs.

That’s why you start shopping early. You can guarantee that the store opens early enough for you to find your expired products.

When you bring an expired product to the customer service desk, customers will be allowed to take similar products for free.

We need to return this product to our warehouse because it is unsafe.

6. Visit Blogs To Find Walmart Coupons

If you are tired of searching the web for Walmart coupons, you can come to us and we will try to find the best ones for you!

This website has a section for all of the available Walmart coupons and other coupons, and it gets updated each week.

At the beginning of this month (October 2011), there were tons of deals and coupons for Halloween, but it’s only the 3rd week of the month, so I guess the deals will be done with this month. I hope you can find something to save here. There were tons of deals on a lot of things that I did not get. Please share the deals that you can find and I’ll post them here.

7. Sign Up For The Walmart MasterCard

A great way to get free stuff at Walmart with a credit card is by using the Walmart Credit Card. The card offers significant cash back on qualifying purchases (up to $150 cash back per month) that you can redeem for a Walmart gift card.

$10 cash back
If you spend between $500 and $1,000 on purchases during the first 90 days you receive 2% cash back.
If you spend between $1000 and $3,000 during the first 90 days you receive 3% cash back.
If you spend between $3000 and $10,000 during the first 90 days you receive 5% cash back.

With the Walmart MasterCard, you get rewards for purchasing items you would otherwise choose not to purchase!

If you’re interested in applying for one, just click [here]( to apply.

8. Download Walmart’s Savings Catcher App

Walmart uses a tool so that you do not have to spend time searching prices from different retail stores. It helps you save the time.

Walmart is a business that has a lot of stores around the country and you can use their app to compare prices at the stores.

Additionally, Walmart will take your money and give you a different item in return.

9. Apply for Walmart Funds Through The Community Grant

Walmart has a community grant program that funds the needs of families in financial need.

Walmart is an organization that takes care of their employees and customers needs as a whole.

If you enroll your child for the school year, they receive a free lunch. If you enroll for the summer, they will have access to summer camp.

10. Use Rebate Apps To Receive Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart has rebate apps you can use to earn money back, so you can purchase items you want after your rebate has been applied.

There are numerous rebate apps available to be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet.

The majority of rebate apps require that you take surveys or watch commercials to earn money towards purchases from Walmart.

You take surveys and then you get given points to buy your favorite products at Walmart.

11. Become A Walmart+ Member

Recently, Walmart introduced Walmart+, a membership program that offers to members exclusive deals and other ways to save money.

It claims to save shoppers money by scanning their shopping lists and re-ordering their items and then delivering them to their doorsteps.

Walmart+ members can save money by earning rewards for purchasing their favorite products, and gain access to exclusive offers and events. Walmart also provides assistance for a wide variety of products and services, such as: household goods, electronics, vehicles, travel. Walmart+ members can also receive: online order and delivery, a mobile application, and services for a variety of different devices.

Although there are no studies that show online grocery stores save you time, Walmart says that people spend less time grocery shopping this way.

12. Buy Refurbished Technology From Walmart

It is possible to save money by purchasing refurbished items in Walmart. This will give you the latest technology and you will be able to save money on the devices you need.

The refurbished option also applies to electronics, tablets, and smartphones.
Refurbished products may be slightly better than new items in some cases.

A lot of people have wondered if Walmart has a rollback or not. This post is to get you more information on how to get free shipping on Walmart. You can also get free shipping on Walmart in the form of a Walmart rollback. You can read more about Walmart rollbacks here.


If you want to score even more money, Walmart also has a few ways for you to receive free products from the store.

Walmart is offering free stuff to people that sign up for its various services. You can get free things by signing up for the different services.

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