How To Activate Walmart Gift Cards (+ Other Common Faqs)

Walmart Gift cards are a great way to give someone a memorable present this holiday season. However, before you give out Walmart gift cards, you need to make sure that they are still active.

A Walmart gift card is perfect for anyone on your list. These cards can be activated however you wish. Walmart gift cards can be used for anything, including gasoline, groceries, or even clothes.

How To Activate Walmart Gift Cards In 2022

Keep reading to learn details on gift cards, including the different types of gift cards available, the Walmart gift cards activation process, and more!

Do You Have To Activate A Walmart Gift Card?

Any card that is valued under $250 can be purchased at Walmart.

What Walmart Gift Cards Need To Be Activated?

Walmart says that they want to make sure that people are protected, so they require any bulk orders of gift cards to be activated before they are used. It is important to be protected, so they require that any bulk orders of more than 25 cards or gift cards valued at more than $250 to be activated before they are used.

Your gift code is sent as an email so you must collect a password from the email.

So no need to panic if you get the email and can’t find the details. Just chat with Walmart Customer Care!

How Do You Activate Walmart Visa Gift Cards?

Once registered, you can use your card in any Walmart store or on

Even worse, I’m not allowed to use two-factor authentication, which means that you need this code at the same time as you’re using your password.

How Do You Activate A Walmart Gift Card In Canada?

Paying online with a prepaid card is convenient and easy, you can purchase a prepaid gift card online at Walmart and use it towards your online purchases.

How To Activate Walmart Canada Gift Cards And eGift Cards

Since Walmart gift cards are only available in denominations of $250 or less, there is no requirement for PIN. The gift card is simply activated once it is pulled from its packaging.

You can use any gift card you wish. For example, you can use your Amex gift card to buy things at the American Walmarts.

How To Active The Vanilla Walmart Mastercard Or Visa Gift Card

When you use a Walmart gift card, it isn’t actually worth anything to use. Instead, you activate it at the register.

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Where Is The Gift Card Number On My Walmart Gift Card?

Since there are no other payment cards that you have to go through, the 16-digit card number can be seen right on the back of the gift card.

How Do I Find The Pin Number For My Walmart Gift Card?

When you get your Walmart gift card, the card should have a strip of paper in the bottom right-hand corner. If it doesn’t, look for it there.

However, if you try to swipe your card at Best Buy and accidentally press the wrong button, you will only be able to use your card at Best Buy!

For your security, you must enter the PIN before you make e-commerce purchases. However, you can trade credit cards without PINs at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations.

How Do I Store A Gift Card In My Walmart Account?

You can also use the payment method to pay for items on Walmart sites such as or Sam’s Club.

Walmart allows you to add up to five Walmart gift cards or eGift cards to your account.

In Amazon, as an example, visit, and then choose to log into your Amazon account. Click on your name at the top right of Amazon’s homepage, and then click on your Profile. Click on Gift Cards under Your Account. From this page you can view and edit your store gift cards and gift codes.

After this, the information is secure in your account, and you can start using your gift card to make payments on future purchases without re-entering the PIN.

How Can You Recover A Missing, Lost, Or Stolen Walmart eGift Card Email?

To buy something online, people often take advantage of the gift card as a way in buying without paying full price.

If you’re like me, you might lose track of your eGift card email, or it can wind up in the spam folder. Even if you don’t have an Email program, or don’t remember the email address you used to register the card, just enter it in the field below. Your eGift card will arrive by email.

 Look for the email address that is linked to the Walmart eGift card. The email address is likely to be either [name of person who redeemed the card], [email address of person who redeemed the card], or [address/URL of website that contains redemption information].

If you cannot find the email in your spam folder or it has been more than 48 hours since the purchase, you will need to purchase it again.

Walmart also has a new “specialty” gift card for iTunes, Hulu, and various restaurants and entertainment options.

You can also add another recipient in the “To” field for the email and it will automatically fill it in.

You can begin by choosing the first option, Install OpenSSL, and clicking the Install button.

Does Walmart Replace Lost Or Stolen eGift Cards?

Walmart is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Make sure you don’t forget your password and email for your account.

To learn more about how Walmart gift cards work, you can also see these posts on used Walmart gift card, Walmart gift card balance, and Walmart gift card balance.


With a Walmart gift card, it’s easy to start your spending early.

If you have an eGift card, specialty card, or a gift card that’s worth more than $250, then it’s going to take a little bit more work to get started.

Walmart also offers many great incentives with their gift cards. They can be used in any of their stores, they can be applied to any product in the store, and they can be redeemed for merchandise. The gift cards can even be added to an existing rewards account, giving you the ability to earn more rewards as the gift card is activated.

This feature allows customers to register a gift card or receive an email with the link to Walmart’s app that they can print, so they can easily spend the money in stores.

If you have the right gift card, you will receive an activation code with email. That’s right, your gift card will have an activation code attached to it.

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