How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car?

Car wrapping is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to painting. The wrap is pulled over the car’s existing paint and can be easily peeled off again later. You must be wondering, how much does it cost to wrap a car?

Eye-catching patterns, bright colors, filigree decors, carbon-look, or matt effects – there are no limits to the possibilities when you are wrapping your car. 

In today’s blog, we’ll learn what car wrapping is, what’s the cost to wrap a car, and other important topics related to car wrapping.

With that said, are you ready to explore the details of car wrapping?

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car?

The cost of wrapping a car is somewhere around $5-$15. 

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is literally nothing more than having your car ‘covered with plastic.’ The car is fully or partially covered with a layer of wrap film in wrapping.

Wrapping is a popular technique to give vehicles a makeover and make them look more attractive. 

Of course, styling your car is also possible. Car wrapping offers the possibility to provide your car with a unique design.

You can choose from popular colors like Nardo Grey, chrome, matte grey, pink and more!

The technique for styling cars has developed quickly and effectively in recent years. So you have the facility to have your car fully customized to your own taste.

You might say that many people opt for spraying instead of wrapping. 

Well, spraying is an expensive and time-consuming job. Moreover, it also offers permanent results.

Therefore, go with wrapping if you have a low budget and want to get a quick makeover of your car. Wrapping has a wide range of advantages over various other car customization options. 

Advantages of Wrapping a Car

Car wrapping brings several advantages. Below we have shared a few of the primary advantages. 

  • Wrapping offers the possibility to drive a unique car without affecting the original paint of the car
  • In addition to giving the car a totally new look, wrapping also offers a protective function. It protects the car’s paint against rubble, scratches, and weather influences
  • Car wrapping is a cheaper alternative than repainting your car
  • The wrapping on your car is easy to remove without a trace
  • There are endless possibilities when we talk about the designs or style in which you want to wrap your car

We hope reading these advantages helps you understand that wrapping your car is a better customization choice.

If you plan to cover your car with wrap, the cost is an essential factor to consider. Do you know how much it costs to wrap your car? If not, then that’s what we are going to talk about next. 

The Cost of Wrapping a Car

How much does it cost to turn your car into a unique personalized car? It’s among the most asked questions about car wrapping.

Car wraps are all different, and therefore the question ‘how much does it cost to wrap a car’ is quite difficult to answer. 

The cost of a car wrap depends upon the car model, color you picked, the desired film, and, of course, the type of foiling (partial/full foiling).

But there is no standard price tag for a high-quality, professional car wrap. Think of it as commissioning a work of art – the price variation can be huge depending on what you exactly want. 

Most car wraps are made from heavy-duty materials for higher strength. They cost somewhere around $5-$15 per square foot. Moreover, when you are wrapping your car, the wrap’s cost isn’t the only expense you’re going to face. 

With the wrap’s cost comes the installation cost or artisans’ charges. Each workshop can charge its own prices depending on the effort. These charges are around $3-$4 per square foot. 

Therefore, to install one square foot of wrap on your car, the craftsman is going to charge you $3-$4. Therefore, when preparing your budget for wrapping, don’t forget to consider these charges.

Car Wrapping – Follow-Up Costs

While removing scratches from paints is often difficult and time-consuming, they are easier with wrapped cars. The damaged wrap can be easily removed and reinstalled component by component.

In order for your car foil to fit perfectly into the overall picture, you should know the manufacturer, color, and batch number of the film. 

If it comes to sheet metal or hail damage, it can be more expensive with a foiled car. It’s because both the foiling and the underlying paint could be damaged. Therefore you have to pay for the costs of two repairs. 

Compared to coatings, wraps also have a shorter service life of about five to seven years. After that, edges can peel off, and shrinkage and embrittlement can occur. In most cases, car foils do not last forever. 

However, this isn’t a disadvantage but a benefit. If you want to sell your car again after a few years, install a new wrap and place it for sale.

Another advantage of foiling is that the condition of the paint is preserved, and it is protected from minor scratches. A special paint protection film can also provide protection against stone chips and key scratches.

This increases the vehicle’s resale value, and in the case of leased vehicles, high advance payments can be avoided on return.

Just make sure to research the types of wraps that you can cover your car with. Don’t forget to ensure that the wrap you choose fulfills your requirements.

Final Words

So far, we have learned what car wrapping is, the advantages of covering your car with wraps, the cost of wrapping your car, and the follow-up costs that come with car wrapping. Now you will be able to determine if car wrapping is an option for you.

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