Does Wendy’s Have Grilled Chicken Wrap? What You Should Know About Wendy’s Service

Grilled chicken wraps keep things simple, and many people believed that it has fewer refined carbs component than the burgers and sandwiches on many restaurants’ menu.

Despite its lower carb claims, the grilled chicken wrap still offers up to 20g of protein. With this, the grilled chicken wrap seems to be a more nutritious and healthier alternative to many other options on the menu.

It comes with great flavor, and the price seems to be okay with most people too.

So, Does Wendy’s Have Grilled Chicken Wrap?

Yes, Wendy’s offers grilled chicken wraps in several options.

What You Should Know About Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Wrap

The Wendy’s grilled chicken wraps are a fresh, fast food chicken recipe on the go. It includes the famous herb-marinated chicken breasts wrapped in the flour tortilla and comes with added ingredients like crisp spring mix, shredded cheddar cheese, and some smokey honey mustard.

All these provide a handful of flavors to the typical grilled chicken wraps. The following are options and prices of Wendy’s grilled chicken wraps:

1. Spicy Chicken wraps

These are juicy chicken breasts marinated and breaded in a unique style with a fiery blend of peppers and spices to deliver great flavor in and out of the grilled Chicken. They are wrapped in Tortilla and crisp lettuce, with shredded cheddar cheese plus ranch sauce.

The 6-piece regular or spicy chicken nuggets go for $1.79, and the same price is the Spicy and grilled Chicken Go wrap. The Caesar or garden side salad option goes for $1.49, while the small chili chicken goes for $2.09.

2. Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Wrap Nutritional Facts

Many people often asked if the grilled chicken wraps from Wendy’s are healthy. The answer is yes! There seems to be a balance of protein and carbs in the chicken wraps, and if you are a lover of spice, you should go for the Spicy chicken wrap option.

The total calories in the package of Wendy’s grilled chicken wraps are 270 or 1130 Kj. The chicken wraps contain 55mg or 18% cholesterol, 640mg or 27% of Sodium, and 24g or 8% total carb. The Wendy’s grilled chicken wraps are also rich in dietary fiber, 2g or 8% of the complete package.

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Wendy’s Restaurant Profile

The Wendy’s company is the operator of Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in the United States of America and some parts of the world. In Columbus, Ohio, Wendy was initially opened in 1969 by Dave Thomas; he later named the company after his daughter, Wendy.

With annual revenue of $1.73 billion, this company is one of the largest restaurant chains in the USA and entire North America.

The headquarters of the company is located in Dublin, in the state of Ohio, United States. The company is the seventh-ranked hamburger chain in the USA, behind McDonald’s, which ranks number one, and Burger King, which ranks number five.

As of 2020, Wendy’s was reported to have at least 6,780 restaurants in its chain, and contrary to popular belief that the company owns all these, only 355 of them are owned by the company, and the rest are franchised.

Nearly all sales generated by Wendy’s were made in North America, comprising of the United States and Canada. Besides the burgers and fries, Wendy’s restaurants also serve chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes, chili, and varieties of salads. You will find all sorts of drinks at the restaurants too.

Instead of the regular milkshakes, Wendy’s serves its famous thick frosty beverage.

Wendy’s Introduces New Chicken Wraps For The Family

The hot and juicy burger chain- Wendy’s offers more than 6,000 restaurants in more than 50 states across the USA and the world.

Wendy’s is hardly just a cheeseburger, especially with those spicy options they offer. You can also find the spicy chicken sandwiches, making the restaurant more than the usual cheeseburger joint.

The Spicy Chicken Go wrap is one of the newly released grilled chicken wrap from Wendy’s. This chicken strip is prepared from half of the chicken fillet and then dipped inside spicy breading before deep-frying. They also include the lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and ranch sauce, and everything is wrapped snugly inside the 8-inch flour tortilla.

Wendy is introducing these lines of Chicken Go Wraps as handy, eat-on-the-go snacks that you can enjoy when you are on the run to work, on lunchtime or when you feel like snacking. These products are launched to compete with the McDonald’s snack wraps and KFC’s toasted wraps.

Wendy’s believes that less is not more, and people want more in quantity. The Wendy’s spicy Chicken wrap just got bigger and even more filling than the competitors’ snacks. It is not one of those little chicken nuggets, especially those that have been stripped-stretched, that you will find around.

The Wendy’s spicy Chicken go wrap is half of the breast of a full-grown chicken, and it is very meaty. The strips were also immersed in Wendy’s spicy breading before they are deep-fried to absorb the flavor in and out of the chicken strips.

You probably love Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches; the new chicken wraps are pretty similar in deals. The main difference is that the wraps have been shrunk and twisted in a tight flour tortilla.

Wendy’s drive-through catchphrase, which is “A bunch of hot air,” you should not take such phrase literarily because the new wraps offer more than you would expect. With some new menu items like a fish sandwich prepared with Cod instead of some white fish, now you have the Spicy Chicken Go wrap, Wendy has become much better as a fast-food restaurant than many of its competitors.

Why You Should Choose Wendy’s

Wendy’s has become a household name in the fast-food business, and for several reasons, you should consider them.

1. Real Chicken for its Go Wraps

Wendy’s uses the authentic organically grown Chicken for its Chicken go wraps instead of the surgically-enhanced chicken breasts many restaurants are known for. These are not particleboard fillets from chickens that have been injected with brine water. With this, you can rest assured of eating wholesome, nutritious Chicken.

2. Chicken Served Fresh

Wendy’s go wraps are fried-to-order and are served while they are glistering hot. Pay attention to the first bite and notice the squirtage to confirm this freshness in Wendy’s Go wrap chicken.

3. Original Farm-source Ingredients

The ingredients used by Wendy’s, including the spices, are “first-rate.” These are ingredients that have been sourced directly from the farm with no dilution. Wendy uses a fine blend of romaine and iceberg lettuce, and these veggies are chopped daily in all Wendy’s restaurants.

Wendy doesn’t buy the 50kg or 100 lbs. pound bags of pre-cut lettuce for its products, like those you see at Sam’s club. Wendy’s chicken strips are cut from the whole breast fillets right at the restaurant premises.

The ranch sauce remains the standard at Wendy’s restaurants, and the company is putting its ranch products on just everything these days.

4. Portability is the Watchword for the New Chicken Wraps

Wendy’s decided to give its customers something they can eat on the go, and this is where portability comes in. The name itself says “Go Wraps.” Though they are portable, the bites are more than what you will get from typical snacks. You consume roughly 320 calories and about 16g of fat which is the specific component you will found in an average meal.

With such calories and a moderate-fat amount, the Wendy’s Go Wraps could be your ideal lunch when you need some calories to burn at work in the midday time.

Aside from the spicy chicken wraps, Wendy’s also provides non-spicy chicken options for its non-spice-loving customers. There are even more Go Wraps options to be launched in the nearest future.

5. Great Prices

On Wendy’s website, you will be asked to pick your favorite and then pick another product for just a dollar. The Buy-one-get-one-for$1 deal means you can get the single, spicy Chicken, classic Chicken, 10 PC crispy nuggets, or any other product at the standard price, then get another product not on the primary list for a dollar. This is a huge price bargain you will definitely want to take advantage of.


In addition to the grilled chicken wrap and all other chicken products offered at Wendy’s, you can also find great products like the Classics, breakfast combos, Coffees, Biscuits, side options, Croissants, and hamburgers. The two for $4 breakfast allows you to pick two of many breakfast options; these are; Bacon egg and Swiss croissant, Sausage egg and Swiss croissant, or Honey butter chicken biscuit. This is one great breakfast deal everyone likes to take advantage of. There are also app-exclusive offers where you can save even more money by ordering your favorite meals from the Wendy’s restaurant app.

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