How Long Does Overnight Shipping Take Usps? (is It Really Overnight?)

The U.S. Postal Service gives you many ways to get your mail in an urgent time frame.

So, if you need a fast and efficient option for your international shipping costs, then Priority Express is a great option for you.

We’ve got the inside scoop on how long shipping can take USPS in reality. Not only is shipping time an important factor to look at, but so is the actual shipping rate itself!

How Long Does Overnight Shipping Take USPS?

The United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail Express service is the fastest way to get packages where they need to go on United States soil. If you want your package overnight, there are a couple of things you can do. You can have it delivered to the nearest post office, or you can go online and place an order yourself.

To find out more about the overnight shipping services offered by USPS, how it works and what it means to ship and receive items overnight, keep reading!

How Does USPS Overnight Work?

you can purchase USPS overnight shipping using a service called USPS Priority Mail Express.

To save money, you have to combine orders into one, and hope that you can catch the Post Office before the weather turns it around.

You can pay $28 flat rate shipping for something that weighs 70 pounds.

You could also save on postage by checking the boxes for “unusually large” and weighing your items there. The shipping prices for unusually large items are set by UPS, the same company that’s handling your shipping.

The Priority Express flat rate envelope mail box is $0.39/lb. (including delivery) and requires a minimum order of $25. These orders are delivered overnight for delivery Monday through Friday.

The first thing to remember is that overnight shipping only applies to shipments within a limited distance from you.

That is correct. If you’re in Pittsburgh and you want to overnight something to California, that is certainly beyond the realm of the U.S. Postal Service’s capabilities.

If you can’t get your order in the next 2 days, then don’t worry because orders over $120 that ship free aren’t eligible.

By using the price calculator, you can check to see if your order qualifies for true overnight shipping.

When buying items online, if you need the item right away, you can usually get a free shipping offer from the seller, or choose another shipping option. Some sellers offer free shipping to more locations, but it’s usually not available for all items.

Mail delivery on Sundays and on holidays can add days to the delivery time of Priority Express.

I definitely recommend this service! I was on a tight deadline for a project, and I placed an order for rush printing. The quality of the finished product was exceptional, the turnaround time was fast, and the price was reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

There’s no need to wait on the truck and you can be sure that your package will get to it’s destination in a timely manner.
The box is constructed of solid fiberglass to ensure maximum protection, which is great if you are a business or a company that needs to protect the package you are shipping.
With Priority Mail Express, you can choose to ship on two different options: Tracked (or 3 days, and 3 days guaranteed delivery) or Signature (5 days, 5 days guaranteed delivery).

I enjoy ordering from Amazon, even though I’ve only ordered maybe six or seven times.

When it comes to getting your mail delivered to your home quickly, it all depends on which service you choose. For example, if you are having issues with your Priority Express service, here are some things you can do to improve your situation.

Is USPS Overnight Shipping Really Overnight?

If you add 5 pounds to a package for overnight shipping, then it will be shipped next day to the destination.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your mail will get to you tomorrow. (If it does, well, congrats to you!) Some things cannot be expedited; that doesn’t mean what you want is impossible, though. It just means we need to give you a more realistic shipping estimate.

In the end, it appears that your destination will be a few dollars more expensive because it will require next-day shipping, but it may still fall within the free-saver price window.

I found a USPS Priority Mail Express carrier who has been willing to take mail for me in the past, but I haven’t heard back from him yet.

What Is The Cut-Off Time for Overnight USPS?

Although I am not familiar with USPS, I can’t think of any reasons why UPS or FedEx could not handle overnight packages as well.

It didn’t matter if you shipped to another country in the same continent or to another continent. For example: if the destination was in the USA, you could ship it to the UK in about 3 days, France in 6 and Germany in 12. When you calculate your shipping options you can check for the time you’re going to need and the shipping to any destination in the world.

The only limit is when the postal service closes shop for the day.

But you can probably get the Post Office to open to drop off shipments of any product.

It is always best to investigate and double-check before using a postage calculator or by calling or visiting your local post office to make sure it is safe to send a package by mail.

How Much Is USPS Overnight Shipping?

* When you are at the Post Office, you can pay the required amount and complete the application here.
* The Postal system will let you know when your package was sent and that you are eligible for the priority fee.

As a new user, you only have to send the item before the tracking code is issued.

It would be cheaper to buy a large number of these and hang them all around to increase the weight.

A regular Flat-Rate envelope costs $27 to ship; a legal Flat-Rate envelope costs $27.25; and a padded Flat-Rate envelope is $22.25 more, at $40.50.

However, if you can’t fit your Priority Express into an envelope, you’ll have to pack it into a box, based on distance and weight.

It is cheaper to ship a parcel to the US by air – a common method that takes about 2-4 days – than it is to ship a parcel to Canada or to ship a parcel by air and ship a parcel by land by container.

If you’re shipping to a zone 9 address, you’re going to need two-day Priority shipping.

Look at the Postal Prices list on the website when you are ready to purchase the postage.

If you want to know more about USPS shipping zones, you can read our related post on US Postal Service shipping zones.


However, if you order by mail and you’re ordering products that are not eligible for overnight shipping, then you will be required to pay for shipping and a money-back guarantee is not offered.

While customers should have the option to order USPS Priority Mail flat-rate boxes, we would recommend that customers order from a local or in-state business that ships Priority Mail boxes.

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