How Fast Is Ups 2nd Day Air? (all You Need To Know)

UPS is also known as a shipping service and is often used for same day delivery. It charges $6.95 for standard shipping, $14.95 for 2nd-day air, $35.95 for next-day air, and $69.95 for overnight shipping.

I found that the 2nd Day Air shipping service from China to the US is the cheapest, but be sure to read these tips before you ship anything from China.

How Fast Is UPS 2nd Day Air In 2022?

The 2nd-day delivery guarantee is only available to customers in certain metropolitan areas (including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, and San Jose).

UPS 2nd Day Air can be faster than standard UPS shipping, but it only guarantees that it’ll arrive by a certain date.
2nd Day Air is available only in select cities, and it only covers the continental United States.
UPS 2nd Day Air doesn’t deliver to P.O. boxes
UPS 2nd Day Air shipments have a “handling time” of 24 hours for delivery
2nd Day Air shipments are free from standard UPS shipping rates
2nd Day Air shipments may not be guaranteed, just faster!

Does UPS 2nd Day Air Mean the Package Arrives on the Second Day?

You can use UPS 2nd Day Air for your package, which means that it will arrive at its destination by the end of the second business day. It can sometimes take a couple of days to arrive.


If your package is scheduled for a 4:00pm pickup, expect to receive it by 4:00pm the next day, excluding weekends and holidays.

There is a very good reason why the shipping company has chosen to only offer this service to commercial customers. Because of the complexity of the application process, the shipping company has determined that it is better suited for commercial customers to have the ability to buy a shipping package and pay for the items to be shipped and then have the shipping company fulfill the package for them. The shipping company does not have the ability to collect the funds from the buyer and deliver the items to them.

If you have a 2nd Day Air Package and the package was picked up on Thursday, you could expect it to be delivered on Friday if the recipient lives in New York, but if they’re in Atlanta, you might get it on Saturday.

If you order was delivered to a smaller county, it will likely take a longer time to get shipped.

UPS 2nd Day Air only deliver packages on Mondays. To get a delivery on the following Monday, you have to either ship Wednesday, or pay the additional shipping cost of $25. Alternatively, you can use the FedEx Express shipping.

Generally your package will be delivered the next business day after it is picked up. But, I wouldn’t expect to get the package until the business day after that.

If you need a quick estimate on shipping, you can use the “Create a Shipment” page on the website to get a personalized estimate on shipping on the UPS 2nd Day Air Service which will provide free shipping for large items.

Is UPS 2nd Day Air Guaranteed?

If you order before 9/5, UPS guarantees that your package will be delivered to you by 10/6.

If you are not home when your package is delivered then your delivery may be left in a safe place with a neighbor, friends or family member.

You can place orders starting Monday (or later) to have them shipped today, but there will likely be delays.

2-Day Air has delivery guarantees for all addresses in the United States and Puerto Rico. The earliest time for delivery is 10:30AM on the second business day of shipping.

How Does UPS 2nd Day Air Work?

UPS 2nd Day Air lets you get your things delivered to a different address than the one you’ve ordered from us from, in just a couple of days.

There are some exceptions for residential packages that are going to be transported via a commercial delivery company, but this will not be offered as a 2nd Day Air option for you.

When you sign up to use UPS 2nd Day Air, you order your package to be picked up or dropped off at a UPS location, at a location decided upon by you.

Once the package leaves the UPS facility, it’s either going to be delivered the next day to the destination address or it’s going to be transported back to the UPS facility depending on its destination.

Once the package arrives at it’s destination, your package is taken to an arrival facility where the delivery service picks it up and moves it to a courier office.

This may sound like a lot but the real benefit is that we can ship almost anything. With overnight shipping we’re limited to smaller items, whereas with 2nd day air we can ship big items.

Does UPS 2nd Day Air Include Saturday Delivery? 

For overnight service, we can send this on Monday if you place your order by 4pm the previous Thursday.

**Note: If you don’t see a shipping method available by the checkout process, it’s due to a limitation of our shipping provider. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to select alternative shipping options after checkout.

[List all locations].

You will not be charged for this supplement.

Just so you don’t think I am trying to spread FUD [Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt], this is not the complete list of the entire United States.

If you want to find out how much time it takes for your city’s UPS to deliver a package, you can get a UPS Delivery Estimate here.

You can also read our “Ask the community” section for answers to commonly asked questions about UPS shipping, as well as a number of community videos that are helpful in answering these questions.


The first package for that order is in transit. Please refer to the order tracking information to verify the status of your shipment.

UPS 2nd Day Air guarantees delivery to every address in the United States and Puerto Rico, with the earliest delivery time being 10:30 am on the second business day of shipping.

Duty free, if applicable.

The item is in your possession at the time of shipment.

Shipped within 7 business days from the time we receive your payment.

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