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The issue of health today is more relevant than ever in our society. If 15 years ago, humanity did not particularly think about how certain of their habits affect health and thoughtlessly sat on diets, overexerted themselves in gyms, and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, over time, and especially after the coronavirus pandemic, society has changed its views.

Even before the pandemic, the issue of health worried many. Humanity has realized that excessive stress in the gym and exhausting diets destroy their health rather than help it improve. Therefore, more and more people turn to experts for advice, try not to experiment on their health, and teach their children to care for themselves.

Unfortunately, this change in society hurts some businesses. That is why these businesses are trying to improve their product, make them less harmful to health, or at least make them seem so to customers. One of the areas of such business is tobacco smoking. It is this segment of the market that is harmful but has not lost its popularity for decades.

The invention of the electronic cigarette de facto became one of the first steps on the way to changing the presentation of smoking and adapting it to the needs of the market consumer. Vape mods ( appeared on the market as the healthier and more convenient substitution for cigarettes. Firstly, many people (including the developer of the first e-cig) believed in this statement.

Hidden Rocks of Vaping

No sooner had scientists conducted some research than most experts understood that vaping also has lots of hidden rocks. Firstly, nicotine addiction. The truth is that nicotine is far from the most dangerous drug globally, which is why some people do not consider it super dangerous.

The other reason why we tend not to take nicotine addiction seriously is being habituated to smoking. We have seen people smoking all the time since we were born. We see them in the streets, in cafes, at airports, in films, and maybe even at our houses. Constant contemplation of the process of smoking subconsciously normalizes it for us. Therefore, it becomes difficult for our brain to single it out as hazardous.

Secondly, our constant involvement in the world of devices makes a vape mode just another type of those surrounding us all the time. Some people do not take it too seriously when they use their vape mods. It seems to them as if vaping is equal to checking your social media or posting a photo on Instagram. Numerous vaping apps make the process even more entertaining and enjoyable.

Thirdly, vaping can cause an allergic reaction, poisoning, or even an explosion if the vaper, tempted with curiosity, tries to change the details of the device himself- or herself. Any modifications to the original structure of the device are prohibited unless they are made by a company specialist. There were some cases when vapers attempted to increase the power of their vaping devices and got injured. They tried adding an additional battery to achieve the best vape mod ever. The problem was that those batteries did not fit the technical parameters of the device.

Another example of such curiosity is trying to substitute the specially prepared e-liquid with other types of liquids prepared at home or bought on the Internet without any quality certificate. Such substances can harshly damage the vapers’ lungs and other organs, get into the blood and cause general body poisoning.

Fourthly, the elements contained in e liquids, if overheated, can get toxic and damage not only the throat or lungs but also reproductive function, brain work, cardiovascular system, and other parts of the vaper’s body that do not seem to be at risk at first glance. When buying an e-liquid, make sure that the producer is socially responsible and that the liquid has passed several tests before being released to the market.

Fifthly, remember that the primary hygiene rules should be stuck to always. Sharing a mod vape with a group of friends, or even worse – some unknown people at the party might end up with some kind of infection in your body. Lip herpes is the least evil thing that you can get if you do that. The first step to secure such activities is using a personal mouthpiece. However, even in such cases sharing a vaping device is not a good idea, especially in winter when the risk of getting covid is growing.

Sixthly, vape mods are not always filled with the usual e-liquid. Sometimes harder drugs can be found mixed up with the liquid to vape. In such cases, it is safer to know what you vape. Your individual reaction to drugs cannot be forecasted, the physical harm got during a state of effect cannot be healed in a minute, and last but never least, your social image would be spoilt for a long time. Not to mention the risks of imprisonment since drugs are not legal these days.


Having been tempered with years of smoking, switching to vape mods might not be easy. One should consider both cons and pros of each type of nicotine consumption and make a decision with a clear head. Vaping definitely makes one’s life more comfortable in a way, but being comfortable does not equal being safe. There is no safe way to consume nicotine. No matter whether you are a smoker or a vaper, you should remember that nicotine is a psychoactive substance that causes addiction.

Moreover, vaping directly or indirectly damages all body systems, including nervous, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and other systems. Nicotine easily gets into the blood, impairs oxygen movement, and makes the organs more prone to diseases. The diseases develop at a faster scale and might never be cured. The entertaining marketing of vape mods attracts teenagers and young adults, making the number of smokers bigger and younger.

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