Home Depot Employee Discount (All You Need To Know)

Home Depot is known for being one of the best places to work in retail. The company has over 524,000 associates working in its stores, and their employees earn competitive wages.

To apply for a Home Depot employee benefit, you will need to complete and submit an employee application. You can visit Home Depot’s website here.

Home Depot Employee Discount In 2022

It is not that Home Depot does not offer benefits for its employees, but that they have cut back and decided to have only those employees who work at least 30 hours a week receive the benefits. In fact, Home Depot does not even offer employees insurance for their own employees. Instead, they are forced to buy insurance through an online marketplace.

You can learn more about Home Depot’s benefits by signing up for their email newsletter or by searching their web site at www.homedepot.com.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Give Employee Discounts?

Home Depot employees do not receive a discount because they are being considered a conflict of interest.

Instead of going to a single location to buy all your insurance, you go through an employee portal to get access to discounts on different insurance products.

The company that owns the chain of discount stores, ShopKo, and its sister company, ShopKo-West, have also recently begun a drive to eliminate the use of cashiers at checkout as a way to increase the number of sales in stores. They are trying to make stores more like the other discount store stores in the U.S. In an effort to get shoppers to use self-checkouts, they have reduced the number of cashiers at each store by 75% and will continue to cut back on the number of cashiers at their stores.

What Benefits Do Home Depot Employees Get?

Home Depot is an organization that makes sure that its employees receive perks.

In addition to financial benefits, all workers receive benefits which include paid time off and work/life benefits. For full-time employees, the benefits are more generous than for part-time employees because there are more hours for the employer to offer benefits.

Part-time associates have the same rights and benefits as a full-time associate.
They must work a minimum of 2,000 hours in a fiscal year to qualify for the standard benefits.

In addition, part-time associates are eligible for the same company benefits as full-time employees, including: company-paid insurance, health/dental/vision plans, paid time off, and life insurance.

Compensation will be based on experience and the business needs.

Who Can Use Home Depot Employee Benefits?

All Home Depot associates can claim various employee benefits. You may be entitled to benefits depending on the number of hours you work.

For full-time benefits, you must work more than 20 hours per week, with part-time benefits given to those that work below this amount weekly.

Can Home Depot Employees Earn Discounts?

Some Home Depot associates cannot earn employee discounts however, the company does offer merit and award programs to high-performing associates.

You can get a variety of awards when you reach a certain milestone. A promotion with a pay rise can help you move up in the company.

Do Home Depot Employees Get Paid A Commission?

Because of this, they have to train and motivate their sales team to be the best, to make as much money as possible.

If employees contribute to a large number of sales, they will get the merit and bonus system.

Additionally, for every milestone achievement an employee receives, they also get a financial reward for their services, a Homer badge to place on their apron for customers to see, and a Homer shirt.

Home Depot Canada Employee Discount In 2022

Canadian employees can save 15% on Home Depot products through the employee discount, and Canadian employees can save 15% on Home Depot stock shares, but the employee discount only applies to U.S. products.

The employment and benefit laws in Canada are very similar to the US. Workers, like their counterparts in the US, are covered under the Canada Labour Code and the Employment Standards code. The employment benefits package available to Canadian workers and their families includes coverage for medical benefits, short and long-term disability benefits, pension benefits, severance payments, bereavement leave, vacation pay, parental leave, personal emergency leave, and adoption benefits.

However, Canadian employees are not allowed to enjoy sharing the success of a store that makes extra sales with the Bonus Plan benefit.

If you exceeded your sales numbers, you will receive additional cash in your semi-annual bonus.

Which Hardware Stores Provide Employee Discounts?

If you seek a position at a store that provides an employee discount through its benefits package, you may wish to work at Lowe’s.
* * *
In our view, the best approach to resolving this issue is to simply acknowledge the problem and provide a solution. We provide a few below.

Lowe’s associates must receive a 10% discount for in-store purchases and on Lowe’s website using an employee discount card.

Your employer may also offer benefits and perks to your family.

This project allows a user to shop online on various products and services, including phones, vacations, and insurances.

Lowe’s is the only home improvement retailer that allows its employees to take advantage of its Employee Discounts program. Associates are given a 10 percent discount on all their purchases.

Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Dollar Tree have an employee discount.

If you want to know more about Home Depot’s discounts, you can also read our reviews and articles on the Home Depot student discount, if Home Depot has a senior discount, and if Home Depot has a military & veteran discount.


Home Depot associates can receive an employee discount for purchases made In store or on site.

Employees also have access to a complete package of benefits including paid time off, financial initiatives, healthcare, vision and dental support, and the 401(k) plan.

Full-time employees are considered to have more responsibility, and may have more perks than part-time employees that work under 20 hours per week.

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