Filing Taxes At Walmart (how It Works, Partners, Cost + More)

Tax season could be like dental care, mandatory if you don’t do it, uncomfortable during, but with fabulous dental pay-off after.

There are some things that are easier to do than others, and one of those things is to file for taxes. It’s easier now, since Walmart is partnering with tax prep services in almost three decades.

Forget about dealing with big-box stores like Walmart, and head to your favorite CPA instead. You can get your taxes done from a trusted CPA and avoid the hassles of dealing with giant companies.

How Tax Filing Works At Walmart In 2022

As part of our commitment to our customers, we are committed to providing them with the highest-quality tax preparation products for free. We want to ensure that they have the opportunity to file their taxes in the most efficient and convenient way. We have partnered with Jackson Hewitt to provide Walmart customers with an in-store option where they can drop off their taxes for free at their local Walmart store.

To know more about how to file your taxes and get a refund to help pay for all those tax prep services, see all the info and links below!

How Does Tax Filing At Walmart Work?

Thanks to Walmart’s longtime partnership with Jackson Hewitt, the second-largest tax prep servicer in the U.S., shoppers now can make in-store tax preparation appointments online.

This is how every tax preparer sets up shop. Usually it’s in the middle near the customer service area of the store. They may have cubicles set up, but they tend to be more comfortable.

It is an old-school walk-in service, where you can just walk in, they will help you the best they can, and if you cannot go in person, you can opt for a mail-in.

The Drop-Off service allows you to shop, while the Tax Professionals will handle everything else for you.

In both cases, Jackson Hewitt promises that your taxes will be done within one hour, the maximum return possible, and a lifetime accuracy guarantee.

The tax pro you are referring to needs to hold and follow the same code of conduct as its clientele and the public at large. They should be ethical. They should always be clear, concise, and follow the same code of conduct as their clientele and the public at large.

You can bring your tax prep to a cashier in Walmart.

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You can only get tax prep services in tax season. After tax season, you should go to one of our offices to help you with your taxes.

How Much Does It Cost To File Taxes At Walmart?

If you want help with taxes and filing, one of the best places to start is with a tax pro at Walmart. The price is $48 to get started; but you can continue into a complex filing for several hundred dollars.

You’ll be paying more for the service when you file your taxes if your taxes are more complex than the average person.

What Are The Dates And Locations For Filing Taxes At Walmart?

Jackson Hewitt, a financial company, sets up over 3,000 mini-offices in Walmart stores across the country.

There is an official Jackson Hewitt website to find out if there are any free tax filing sites near you. If there are, check them out before you get a tax return.

You can start to see the office of the nearest Walmart and tap on it so you can visit and you can even find out how to get there.

The lawyers start to prepare their proposals at the beginning of the new year, when the filing season starts.

I have heard that they are planning to close all those doors after April 15th.

What Should You Bring To File Your Taxes At Walmart?

An ID, driver’s license, and/or passport

A photo ID, including your social security card or passport

At least two forms of government-issued ID with different names

Proof of your taxpayer identification number ( TIN).

If you have a different address, bring a copy of your mail delivery form from the Post Office to support the address on your return.

You are supposed to bring a paper copy of your passport along when you come here.

Does Walmart Offer Any Online & Software Services For Tax Filing?

In the US, you can do your taxes yourself by following the step-by-step instructions on the IRS website.

Although they have no direct connections with federal online tax filing services, they can connect customers with online tax filing services, through online tax preparation software.

The $8 price point is one that makes this version very enticing. This is a software that most people that are familiar with Linux will already be familiar with. So they are not going to be intimidated by the installer process.

How Can You Get Your Refund After Filing Taxes At Walmart?

People are complaining that this company is too slow to give them their refunds.

In the old days, before internet banking and credit cards, many people had the option of cashing a refund check at a bank. Even if you have a bank account, you can still cash a check by going to a bank and waiting in line.

So to keep your costs down, get the Walmart ATM card. It will be cheaper for you to use your Walmart card.

Now, another thing that you need to do with your money is make sure you have your own personal emergency fund. A good rule of thumb is to have three to six months of income in an emergency fund. That way, if you’re ever in a financial bind and you need to take a few weeks off your job to be with your family, that money will be there for you.

Finally, you can direct deposit your tax return at the same time as your refunds come back. You’ll need to bring your banking information, including account number, routing number, and institution name.

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Walmart has perfected the art of one-stop shopping years ago. And, in this vein, they offer in-store tax preparation services.

Walmart, through the Jackson Hewitt tax service, offers shoppers the opportunity to pay their taxes without having to wait for an appointment and/or wait for their tax pro to return a call. The company also gives them the opportunity to either pay their taxes in person or have them shipped to their home for payment.

The company, like others, is offering free shipping during the holidays. Free tax return shipping is available in the U.S. only during the Thanksgiving holiday for customers who pay their taxes through the company’s Jackson Hewitt tax service.

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