Does Walmart Pay Taxes? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Some companies pay low taxes while the government allows them to abuse the tax code to avoid paying taxes in full.

I uncovered a big secret: you probably did not know that Walmart is actually the largest tax evader in the United States with $1.3 billion in tax evaded per year.

Does Walmart Pay Taxes In 2022?

With the current rate of corporate tax and the other taxes that Walmart deals with (excise taxes, federal taxes, and state taxes) and the investment of the company, Walmart does pay a bit more than 21% in taxes. However, there have always been rumors that the company used tax loopholes but those have not been confirmed.

To learn more about Walmart, how they compare to their main rival Amazon, whether or not they take advantage of loopholes to pay less in taxes, and what Walmart’s corporate taxes look like compared to Amazon read on!

How Much Does Walmart Pay In Taxes Every Year?

The company paid $5.4 billion in income taxes last year. This is only $8.8 million more than the year before that. And $3 million more than it paid in 2012.
Here are some other interesting facts. Wal-Mart has the highest income taxes of any of the Fortune 500 companies.

And according to figures from the National Association of State Budget Officers, Walmart paid $3.9 billion in federal and state taxes in the most recent year.

Walmart is expected to pay roughly $6.9 billion dollars in taxes in 2022. It is a 40% increase.

Does Walmart Dodge Corporate Taxes At All?

However, taking advantage of loopholes in the law is not acceptable.

The companies were called out by news sources for paying absolutely zero tax in federal income, not to say payroll, sales, property, and corporate taxes.

The main point of this article is that the federal minimum wage will increase to $10.10/hr on July 24, 2020, while Michigan’s current minimum wage is $9.25/hr.
*The minimum wage in Arizona is $10.10/hr.

The Walmart insider told The New York Times that the company used a network of subsidiaries and shell companies in Ireland to avoid paying millions of dollars in U.S. taxes.

The documents were revealed to be fraudulent by the US House committee, which is investigating the company’s tax practices.

It involved a new subsidiary being created to make transactions that did not exist and which did not make the United States or China a third party in the transaction.

Walmart replied to these claims, saying that the investigation had already been conducted and the matter closed. It also stated that it was not responsible for the tax agency in some way.

How Much Does Walmart Vs Amazon Pay In Taxes?

Walmart has historically been a force in retailing in the US, especially in smaller communities. But they’ve been losing market share to discount chains like Target and even Amazon.

There were lots of comments on what is happening in the retail because some companies are paying low wages. That is wrong.

“…I challenge the top retail competitors in America to match the benefits and pay at every Walmart store in America. Do it!” he said.

Walmart executives reacted to the news from France that they lost a court challenge meant to protect their tax-avoidance in the European Union.

Amazon did not pay a single dime in federal income taxes in 2018, the company revealed on Friday, despite amassing a record $13.9 billion in profits.

You have to be willing to take the risk and bet on yourself, and if the bet is wrong, you lose, but you go as far as you want to.

The IRS told Amazon to pay up for $162 million in back taxes. This was on top of Amazon’s $250 fine.

But according to, that sum represents just 1.2 percent tax on a billionaire’s income, which is far less than the federal, state and local taxes that everyone else has to pay.

Compare that to a Walmart that had the most favorable tax treatment allowed by the federal rules.

If Amazon weren’t able to circumvent tax laws for a single year we would have to pay them 21 percent flat rate, which means we would owe them $2.73 billion.

If Walmart paid $8.5 billion in taxes, they would owe the U.S. government $3.6 billion.

But Amazon also received a $137 million refund from the U.S. government.
In fact, they received an even larger one than that, too.

Walmart has been paying millions in taxes over the past years, and it has been costing our government millions of dollars to track down and prosecute them.

Should Walmart Pay More In Taxes?

The largest private employer in the world should focus on paying all its employees well and increasing the standard of living for everyone. I don’t need Walmart to tell me what it should be doing or how we can support each other.

It’s not a question of paying too much in taxes, it’s a question of paying what everybody else pays.

Though, at Walmart, there are many employees that make a living and the way they do it is not fair at all.

How Much Does Walmart’s CEO Pay In Taxes?

It’s natural to wonder how much the guy at the top of the cash mountain pays in personal income tax. But that’s not going to win you any popularity contests.

After all, he made more than $20 million this year!

He would pay $8.18 million in personal income tax based on that amount (or 37 percent), but only $1.3 million is actually his salary. So, he actually saves $6.95 million.

(3) the money that was saved in the first step was not distributed in the second step, therefore the person did not gain anything.

The stock awards have a built in term that will expire, which we will need to know.

So if Walmart filed as the sole proprietorship, their tax rate would be $156,235 + (.37 x 781,600) or 37% of the difference between $1.3 million and $518,400.

The top 1 row has to be added to the top 3×3 square above, then, adding this, and then the top 3×3 square is added to the top row, and so on, until we’re left with the 3×3 square on the bottom row.

If you want to know more about Walmart you can also read our in-depth posts on the various companies that Walmart owns. If Walmart owns Asda you can look up the other companies that Walmart owns here.
If you want to file your taxes at Walmart, you will need to sign up for a tax preparation service that is affiliated with Walmart.


The fact they are willing to pay their taxes is commendable, but they are only paying it because they have the money to do so. They’ve consistently resisted paying their fair share of taxes.

Walmart has yet to catch up to competitors Amazon and Costco in terms of employee pay, but the company still continues to contribute back to the US Government.

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