Fedex Reptile Shipping (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

If you’re a lover of slithery snakes or bouncy frogs, then you’ll end up having the chance to ship live reptiles at some point of your life.

This article will give you details about shipping reptiles with FedEx. It includes how much it will cost and what types of reptiles are allowed.

FedEx Reptile Shipping In 2022

Ship Your Reptiles and Reptiles2You are two of the most popular reptile shipping companies. Both allow users to ship snakes and venomous reptiles. Shipping rates for each are similar, with reptiles2You taking out the middleman to reduce costs.

If you have still got questions then be sure to read all of the ways that FedEx can help you ship reptiles.

Does FedEx Ship Reptiles?

Like a pizza delivery man, FedEx has a “snake guy” who delivers reptiles to people in the US, and even overseas.

 And getting the certification can be difficult. You need to have a reptile breeder’s permit and a quarantine period of at least two weeks, which means getting the permit and quarantine completed before shipping.

Additionally, to be able to receive this certification, you’ll need to create a FedEx account, construct a box prototype for shipping reptiles, pass a series of tests, and complete paperwork.

Because of this, most people can’t afford to get this certification.

So this is how you can tell if a website is malicious. Let’s take a look at the code.

The company is a reputable company that specializes in shipping reptiles around the United States.

And that’s why the number of animals required for each certification is determined by the product, it does not increase over time, only with a growing company size.

How Do I Pack Reptiles For Shipping With FedEx?

A lot of work goes into packing up a live animal to ensure that it arrives safely. If you’re interested in following the same process for transporting any other animal, check out this helpful article.

If you are going to ship your package, you need to gather some of the supplies that you will need.

Reptile Shipping Guide: FedEx offers a free reptile shipping guide on their website. The free guide includes information on shipping requirements, how to ship and pack your reptile, and common myths about shipping reptiles.

It’s easier to prepare the shipping box when you first receive your new computer.

Two hours before shipping, boil the hot pack and freeze the cold pack overnight.

At this point, you are going to need to get the insulating foam panels that you need to put on the bottom and sides of the box.

After that, create ventilation holes in the box by punching 1/4 -inch holes with a screwdriver, one hole on opposing sides.

Finally, drill a hole at the top of the box. This hole will allow you to feed the string through and out, so that you can hang the box from. It’s always nice to have some kind of option for hanging the box from, or you can just tape the string down.

A Nest is a great place to start with your DIY project. All the supplies you need to set up a nest are available at your local hardware store or big box store. Assemble your supplies before you start. You’ll need a 2-in-1 nail or screwdriver with two separate sides. You also need some tape and packing material.

The best way to store reptile food is to crumple up a newspaper or towel and place it in the bottom of the reptile cage — then place the reptile food container on top.

After your shipment is ready to be shipped, put a sticker on the lid with the red line visible on the inside of the box.

Take a 12-inch-wide x 24-inch-tall x 1/2-inch-thick piece of cloth and fold in half as shown.

Check the bag to make sure there’s no holes or frayed seams and then secure the bag with a zip tie.

Make sure the entire inside of the cup is covered. Then, tape the rim of the cup on the inside. Do not cover the air holes.

After that you could easily label the cup or the bag with the species and sex with a permanent marker.

There are some reptiles that are shipped with their skins on. There are also some reptiles that get shipped with a belly full of parasites.

Also, be sure to refrain from feeding the animal one week before shipping to prevent regurgitation during transport.

Put the animal into the container, and then shut the lid.

Leave the room that the animal is in, and use a bed pillow or cushion to absorb any urine or other waste.

The container will be placed in the box.

Nestle the cup or bag into the nesting material. The cup or bag should be free to move around inside the box.

And then place the bottom insulating foam panel/lid with the cold or heat pack (if required) facing up, and fill the cooler/freezer with the ice or dry ice.

The label is a bit annoying because you have to write your name in the text box. But then again, it’s not like you’re going to be looking at it every day.

All packages must be labeled with the name and address of the shipper and the name of the recipient. In addition, the shipper-supplied address must be the same as the address on file with the government. If the shipper-supplied address and the information on file with the government are different, you may only use the address on file with the government. You may not use an address for a different purpose.

1. The outside of my package is to tell the recipient what’s inside of the package. (I)
2. Mark the outside of your package with a complete list of the animal(s) inside, including the quantities, common names, and scientific names.

If you can do so, please attach a label that indicates that this is the original copy of the documents, as I do not have the original.

Once you’ve got all the parts you may attach your shipping label and ship them.

Tape it to the top of the box or put it in a plastic pouch before you pack your box.

Then take the package to a FedEx facility. FedEx is your only option for a live animal transport. FedEx accepts all live animal shipments.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Reptile With FedEx?

It may cost more to ship a live animal, but shipping is still the same amount of money as for a package.

FedEx will ship a live animal according to its weight. The price depends on how much it weighs.

The FedEx price tool has been designed to make this task easier.

You will normally pay between $22 to $35 for a reptile shipping kit complete with foam insulation, zip ties, a cloth bag, hot and cold packs, and the necessary labels.

Where Do I Drop Off My FedEx Reptile Shipment?

In the drop-off location, you should be asked for your contact information (name, address, phone number, etc). If you do not know this information, you should ask your animal supplier to provide it. You will need your FedEx account information as well.

And the only locations that are authorized to receive them.
And if you were to receive them, it’s because they are your pets.
So, you have a contract to take care of them and you should be careful and give them plenty of exercise and attention.

You can also find a location near you by searching for FedEx on Google Maps, which will show the closest Ship Centers.

While this filter only lists FedEx hubs, you may want to add other airports to this view to get more information.

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Although FedEx does not make it easy to ship live reptiles, it is far easier to ship live reptiles with FedEx than it is to ship other items.

It makes sense to let a specialist company do the work for you, rather than go through the trouble in hand gathering all the documentation.

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