Does Walmart Take Wic? How To Use It, Self-checkout & More

Walmart got its start in the 1960s. It was the brainchild of a man named Sam Walton who wanted to make everyday affordable, without people paying crazy prices for the same things that other retailers were charging. He was a man who had a simple philosophy about the world.

WIC is a federal program for low income families. It is a program that is designed to help children who are at risk. The program is not available to everyone, but if you qualify then the store will accept it. This is an important part of the program.

Does Walmart Take WIC In 2022?

Walmart stores must accept WIC benefits at most locations. WIC benefits can be used to purchase cheese, vegetables, canned fish, eggs, milk, fruit, peanut butter, and certain whole-grain foods. Additionally, some Walmart stores may refuse to accept WIC, and it is not available online.

The credit card is encoded with a special code that is different from the regular code used by the credit card owner. You can use this code when buying items at a store, or by using a self-checkout system.

The “Visa Electron” card supports online and offline transactions.

What Items Are Eligible For WIC At Walmart?

Walmart will make it easier for all shoppers to save money on groceries at Walmart under the WIC benefits program.

Under the WIC food benefits, the USDA provides a list of products approved for distribution to recipients.

Additionally, when shopping at Walmarts, WIC products are often placed on the shelves marking which food items are WIC eligible.

The only time it won’t work is if you are doing it for another family member who happens to live in another town within that municipality. But if you know the name of that municipality you are able to get it done.

How to Use The WIC Card at Walmart?

You could use a WIC Card to pay for items at Walmart. They even have a barcode scanner that will allow you to scan your card and they will tell you the amount of WIC cash you will receive. Keep in mind that you will have less than the amount on the card when you return it for a cash refund and it can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks to receive your WIC cash back.

The only time you should be putting products back in your cart is when you’re done shopping. You should always empty your cart of goods before heading downstairs.

If you find that you have accidentally purchased something with the WIC card that is not approved by the WIC program, ask the cashier to remove that item from the WIC purchases and place it with your other purchases. If you do not remove it, you will be charged 2.4% of the purchase price.

Can You Use WIC at Self-Checkout At Walmart?

Another advantage of the Walmart and WIC partnership is that WIC beneficiaries can now use their WIC benefits at the self-checkout at participating Walmart stores.

You can select the items you want to check out and then scan the barcode for the items you select. You will not have a cashier to scan your items for you.

1) Go to the grocery store.
2) Go to the self-checkout stand.
3) Use the self-checkout stand when you are in the check-out line.

If you find that you bought something that is not a WIC-approved item, then you can void it. You may need to get some help from the attendant in the SCO area.

There are many different ways to save at Walmart. One of them is using Walmart coupon codes, finding and using Walmart veterans discounts, and checking out the Walmart clearance section.


In many states, being on assistance can be like buying a big item on a tight budget. The first thing a person needs is food, and as a mother and a WIC recipient, I found that Walmart does an exceptional job of it.

With all these new amenities, you’d think the Walmart WIC website would feel more user-friendly as well. However, it’s actually a real mess. It doesn’t have a dedicated WIC section, but instead features a list of items on the WIC website alongside general online shopping links. This makes it difficult for anyone outside of a few select states who don’t have a local WIC program to use it.

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