23 Aldi Statistics, Facts & Trends

Today, there are more than 550 Aldi stores in 21 countries, including Germany, Mexico, Australia and the UK, and the company does more than half of its own sales in its own stores.

In addition to the Aldi stores the company has many stores under other names, including Lidl, in Australia and Europe and the Big Foodstore in the UK.

Aldi is pretty famous now, it’s an international company and it has stores all around Europe, they sell at very low prices and they sell everything at extremely low prices, which the American consumer is used to.

I am learning more with this growing grocery store with a great reputation for customer service and huge savings.

Read on for 23 statistics, facts, and trends about Aldi’s history, growth, stores, employees, distribution and logistics, and the things that Aldi’s near future holds.

Aldi’s History

1. Aldi was founded by two German brothers in 1948

Karl bought a grocery store from his dad, who started his business in the early 1900s.

While in France and Germany, consumers demand more and more of products and their manufacturing costs continue to rise.

2. Aldi Got Its Name In 1962

The company was originally called Albrecht Discount. After the company shortened their name, it became Aldi.

Aldi Nord is the more successful store and is widely known to sell the freshest produce. Aldi Sud was sold to the German retail chain REWE in 1993 and continues to operate in Germany.

3. Aldi Came To The US In 1976

Aldi came to the US in 1976. They had two stores in Iowa City, IA. In 2008, the chain had stores in 31 states.

4. Aldi’s Main HQ Is In Illinois

The headquarters of Aldi USA is located in Batavia, Illinois, which is about a 45-minute drive from Chicago.

In addition to the administrative and product testing work, they also do tastings and meetings when they come to Germany.

Aldi’s Growth

5. Aldi Could Become Third Largest Grocer In US By 2022

The number of Aldi stores has skyrocketed. The profits have also skyrocketed.

Aldi should be the third-largest grocery store chain in the United States after Walmart and Kroger by 2022.

6. There Are Over 2,000 Locations In 37 States In The US

Aldi opened the second store of its own in the U.S., in Elmhurst, Illinois.

The opening for the new cinema was put back by over a year based on their own projections.

7. Aldi Is Aiming For 2,500 Stores In The US By 2022

Aldi is planning to add 2,500 stores by 2022, as it’s adding more stores in the US than Walmarts and the New Yorks of the world combined.

It’s been a big year for Enron. Enron North America recently announced plans to move to Level 3, as part of Jeff Skilling’s plan to integrate wholesale and retail. That facility is already under construction in Sugar Land, Texas. If the company’s plans are approved, the combined sales and trading force will include 500 people.

8. Even The Pandemic Couldn’t Slow Down Aldi

While most of the US was still in a state of emergency, Aldi was able to remain calm and expand their business.

Aldi even got a jump on the competition by implementing pick up services for their stores in Arizona.

9. Louisiana Will Be The 38th State To Get Aldi

Aldi hopes the new Louisiana location will give them more space for stores and more shelf space for fresh produce, but it means a bit of expansion for Louisiana as Aldi will bring in some new jobs and a few more stores.

10. Aldi Has Remodeled Extensively In Recent Years

Aldi added thousands, maybe millions of square feet to the amount of stores that they have by making changes to the appearance and layout of their stores.

What happened was that some visitors went to your store and noticed that the whole thing looks different. It wasn’t just your imagination.

We see this example from an Amazon seller. The seller uses paraphrase because the original statement seems too hard to understand.

11. Aldi’s US Revenue Estimated About $15 Billion in 2020

So, when we read “no one else is making a decent amount of money” we are getting a rough estimation of revenue and profit.

The new store, called Aldi America, opened at the former location of Harris Teeter in Lake Orion, Michigan, on January 19, 2020. Harris Teeter is a division of Giant Food.

Aldi’s Stores

12. Aldi Stocks Only About 1400 Items

Look around the mall, and you will begin to feel the overwhelming indecision take over the people you are around.

Aldi is a discount grocery stores which sell their own brand of products, but they have a limited selection and a lot of those products are the same products you can find at your regular grocery store.

Aldi looks like they’re about a 1,400 products on their website, compared to about 40,000 products at your local Wegmans, and 100,000 items at a Walmart Superstore.

13. Aldi Stores Are Only About 12,000 Square Feet

The stores are small so they save money on rent, building, and utilities. Aldi is able to deliver groceries and offer other goods at a discount because of this smaller size.

14. Aldi Averages 40 Million Customers Per Month In US

Based on their small store sizes, Aldi estimated that they saw 40 million pairs of feet each month in the United States alone before the pandemic struck.

15. Most Of Aldi’s Products Are Private Label

Aldi doesn’t use the term private label. They call their own private labels “Aldi brands”.

The company also provides gluten-free products under Kirkwood brands for people with celiac disease.

It’s crazy how many people are willing to spend money on these fake products.

You can also make fake items by printing some templates and cutting them out and using them as a base for what you want. I used the template from the “Pizza in a bag” video, but you can use any template you want.

Once you have your item made, add a price tag to it. I used a dollar sign, but you can use any symbol you want.

16. Aldi’s Wine Is Award-Winning

Aldi’s wines are made from the finest grapes harvested from around the world.

Their excellent and unique wine bottles have made it onto a couple of lists recently. Their wine expert, Ryan Brown, who is no stranger to the website – check out his work on our wine of the year discussion and review of the 2016 Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon, was recently named a Wine Authority at Wine Enthusiast.

To learn more about the rules for buying alcohol from Aldi, you can see our full guide on buying alcohol from Aldi.

Aldi’s Employees

17. Aldi Pays Better Than Minimum Wage (And Their Competition)

Despite the fact that Aldi pays high wages for non-management employees, and that the company offers good benefits, many Aldi employees are not satisfied with their pay and benefits.

There’s a full-time employee that’s working for Aldi, and they were only paying about 78 percent for the insurance. And it only costs them $20 a month, whereas the competition just pays 88 percent.

18. Aldi Employees Work Hard

When employees at Aldi get their pay, it’s like clockwork. They have reported back-breaking work, nonstop movement, timed check-out rates, stocking shelves, loading and unloading trucks and, the list goes on and on.

Employees work very hard for each other and for the company as a whole.

Aldi’s Logistics/Distribution

19. Aldi Re-Engineered Milk Cartons

Aldi does the distribution themselves so they can change stuff whenever they want.

Somehow, they managed to be one of the first companies to be able to produce a successful truck that would fit on the truck in the way that it would be produced.

20. Aldi Trucks Cover Over 108 Million Miles Per Year

We deliver the goods to you from stores in your area using trucks. We cover millions of miles each year delivering the products to your area and return back home with the empty cargo containers.

21. Aldi Has 25 Distribution Centers In The US

In this week’s newsletter, our “news source” says that the government’s plan is to have 25 distribution centers scattered all over the US, with the bulk in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions.

There are four reasons to believe that this is true, and at the same time, we can do better.

Aldi’s Emerging Trends

22. Aldi Is Investing In Green Technology

Aldi has renovated stores, and now has wind turbines to power them. Maybe this is a sign that green technology will eventually get more widespread acceptance.

23. Aldi Is Leaning Into Instacart Partnership

After opening just eight stores in the first six months, the US grocery store chain announced the hiring of the first four “Instacart associates” on December 5, 2019. The company will hire over 10,000 seasonal associates for their stores in the US and Canada.

There’s so much to love about Aldi and aldiapps! Check out our related guides on Aldi’s best deals, who owns Aldi, and our favorite Aldi store locator app.


Aldi has been expanding its presence not just in the United States but all over the world and customers can only hope the company stays true to its mission to provide quality food at the best prices in the convenient format they have come to love.

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