Does Walmart Have A Butcher & Deli? [all You Need To Know] 

Walmart pride themselves on having a large number of goods and services available to their millions of customers everyday.

However, you may be wondering what sort of butchers or delis there are at Walmart. Here is all that I’ve managed to find out!

Does Walmart Have A Butcher & Deli In 2022?

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Why Does Walmart No Longer Have Butchers?

Walmart, in their attempt to make the meat more convenient for their customers, began purchasing meat from pre-butchering facilities and cutting it into strips instead of whole cuts of meat. This, coupled with the use of pre-packaged meats, helped with customer’s ability to purchase meat at any time of day.

A butcher’s position is an unnecessary role that Walmart will be eliminating from their stores.

Walmart is now the sole producer of meat, meaning that they can control what they sell, and where they come from.

What Does Walmart’s Deli Counter Sell? 

Walmart’s deli counters are filled with a number of different and delicious foods, such as cheese, lunch sandwiches, and various meats.

The butcher shop, however, specializes in the slaughter of an entire animal and the butcher is often hired to do the job.

When Do Walmart Deli Counters Open And Close? 

In addition to being able to buy snacks and cold drinks inside of each Walmart store in the United States, Walmart also has a number of delis in various cities and towns that are open to the public.

Typically though, Wal Mart stores across the United States open at 8am and close at 10pm.

However, most deli counters are usually open for a minimum of ten hours a day. It is also possible to purchase a variety of prepared deli foods outside the deli.

Do Any Other Grocery Stores Have Butchers?

Sams Club, Aldi, and Target offer butchery services, but you may have to find them in their meat department.

Kroger offers a butchery department in select locations, such as Fred Meyer and Fry’s.

Lucky’s and Costco also offer butchery services in their stores.

You may find a butchery department in some larger grocery stores such as Shop ‘n Save and Dollar General.

Does The Walmart Deli Cost More Than The Rest Of The Store To Buy From? 

Also, the deli guys spend their time in the deli doing a lot of prep work, where they are getting ready to make the sandwiches for when the store opens up.

There is also the possibility that they are talking about the general layout of a deli.

When it comes to buying products, people are not necessarily looking for the highest quality available, but rather
for the lowest price.

I have already looked at where Walmart gets their chicken meat and beef from and I think I will write a post on whether or not they sell halal meat.


This is very true. Walmart can afford that because of the volume that they sell. It’s like buying milk at the grocery store and then drinking it. I get that, but it would cost you much more than buying it in a grocery store.

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