Does Usps Deliver To Jamaica? (all You Need To Know)

If you are planning to send mail overseas, take a moment to check the following.

Luckily with the shipping system in the U.S., most people do not even have to go into the post office to ship their products. They can use the online system.

In order to ship to Jamaica, you need to choose one of the USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes.

Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes are one of the best options for shipping to Jamaica. They offer the same protection as other Priority Mail services, but they’re a flat-rate service and the cost is a lower rate than any other USPS shipping option.

Does USPS Deliver To Jamaica In 2022?

The USPS offers competitive international shipping options to customers in Jamaica, with affordable rates from the U.S. mainland. One can save up to 20% on their shipment just by using a Global Express Guaranteed or Priority Mail International, rather than a standard mail option of USPS First-Class International, for example.

As some of you might have heard, the Jamaican port of Montego Bay is a little bit different. Some customs officers are actually able to check the status of your shipment before it even leaves the USA and there are three different types of containers you can use depending on the weight of the shipment.

How Does USPS Shipping To Jamaica Work?

To take a trip to Jamaica, you only need to head to the Post Office, and purchase Global Forever Stamps.

If you have your home bank and can have your transactions processed directly, you’ll enjoy higher interest than if you paid full price at a teller counter.

You could use Fedex, which is free for small packages under $500.
DHL is also free, but requires you to pay a flat $25 shipping fee to
send anything larger than $500.
If the package has to cross a border to get to your destination,
DHL charges $35 per package to move it from one country to another.

FedEx International Economy : 6-10 working days
FedEx International Priority : 2-5 working days
FedEx International Priority Express : 2-3 working days

And then, let’s examine the current shipping terms for USPS.

If you’re going for the more expensive, heavier version, you may want to take a look at the larger, cheaper versions here, as they have some significant price differences.

This means that a non-exhaustive list of the packages/packages-* files that were downloaded is provided.

Global Express Guaranteed: the insurance provider for United Airlines.

If the address on the return label is incorrect, you cannot use this service.

Priority Mail International and Standard Shipping are both available for International, Regional, and Domestic deliveries.

I am really excited about this program, as it will help us to be more connected with the rest of the planet.

Because it doesn’t have to worry about weight, the service is very fast, but its really pricey.

As you can see, the Global Express Guaranteed option is the best for when you have a tight deadline, but its more expensive than the other two options.

First-Class Package International is much more affordable for those who are not in a rush.

There are no surprises when shipping. You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. However, Priority International Flat-Rate shipping is a terrific option that merges affordability with some semblance of speed.

Next, you can fill in which address you want the package to be delivered at, then which services and products you want included on the label, and then fill in your personal information.

You can also find out what you need to know on the USPS’s official website and by clicking on the “Learn More” section.

Make sure to write to and from addresses on the package itself, to ensure that the address remains legible, even after the package has been opened.

There are certain documents that are necessary for sending a package from the U.S. to Jamaica, so you may wish to consider sending these documents using a method other than first class. For details of how to send packages from the U.S. to Jamaica, please refer to this link.

You can also ship items with the USPS for free but it will need to be packed professionally.

How Much Is It To Mail A Letter To Jamaica Through USPS?

Merely sending a letter from the United States to Jamaica only costs $1.30, and with that money you can help send a letter anywhere in the world, and in the name of the United States, too!

However, if your letter is heavier than one ounce, additional postage may be necessary.
Your mailing address must already be included on the front of your letter.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A USPS Package To Jamaica?

Take a look at the destination and the return locations. If you select that it will take more than 14 days to reach your location (from Europe) and less than 14 days to reach your location (from USA), you can estimate the cost.

How Long Does It Take USPS To Deliver To Jamaica?

It takes United States Postal Service (USPS) mail approximately two to three weeks to
arrive at Jamaica from the United States if you select Priority Mail.
It takes approximately six to eight weeks for USPS mail to get to Jamaica if you select First Class Mail.
It takes about two to four weeks for USPS mail to arrive at Jamaica if you select Express Mail.

However, if there are unprecedented events, such as a natural disaster or global crisis, then estimated arrival may also be slower than normal.

It’s not a great idea to ship with Global Express Guaranteed, though, as it’s incredibly expensive.

Note: This option should only be used with orders that are under $500.

Priority Mail International takes about 6-8 business days, Priority Mail Express International takes 3-4, and First-Class International takes longer than 6 weeks with an estimate at 2 weeks.

However, this might not be true for a rough journey where the crew members are subjected to rough waters, rough weather which could shake up the passengers and cargo.

Who Delivers Mail In Jamaica?

One source said that is is very likely that Jamaica Post will be the last-mile delivery service in Jamaica.

The Jamaica Post is a national network of post offices in the country like in the United States.

When sending a package through USPS, the mail enters the country, clears customs, but then is handed over to another country to fulfill final delivery.

UPS does not ship to China for free, because UPS requires you to charge items first, and you will be reimbursed from the Chinese customs.
UPS does ship to Hong Kong, but it is not free or cheap.
UPS ships to France, but it is not free or cheap.


Sending mail to Jamaica via the United States Postal Service is very inexpensive, though sending parcels to Jamaica can cost as much as $500+ at the max weight.

You should double check that you aren’t sending anything that is illegal as well as double check the contents of the packages you are sending.

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