Does Tractor Supply Drug Test? (state, Warehouse + More)

Tractor Supply is a good employer to work for. With a warehouse store in a rural area, it’s the only chance of employment.

Tractor Supply doesn’t actually drug test. If you have a drug problem, they may not hire you. They just ask some basic questions when they apply for an entry-level position. You might be wondering if the drug test applies to the entry level positions. The truth is that not knowing the answer to that question is a pretty good sign that the drug test may apply.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In 2022?

Tractor Supply states that it is committed to a safe and productive workplace. It also says that job applicants must pass a drug test before being offered a position. However, in practice, Tractor Supply rarely does this and mostly only does it after a serious workplace accident.

Read further to learn about this topic. You’ll learn about the drug testing policy at Tractor Supply and how it works out in practice.

What Is The Tractor Supply Drug Testing Policy?

Tractor Supply Company has a drug free workplace program and we are committed to protect our workforce.

With that, the company is saying that they will stop selling marijuana and will stop drinking in public.

As a result, the policy states that TSC will take adequate measures to provide a safe working environment for its employees.

the use of alcohol or controlled substances and/or other similar substances.

An employee must provide proof of satisfactory completion of a drug and alcohol treatment program or drug education program in order to keep their employment.

This is true even though not all of the positions are drug testing positions. TSC has only implemented drug testing of the management positions. The written policy provides that the drug testing may occur during employment.

There is a difference between a person that makes a mistake and a person that ignores his duty. The latter is worse than the former.

For instance, I can’t find any evidence that a lot of staff members (and in fact, their employers) are required to be drug tested after working there for a few months.

Does Tractor Supply Do Random Drug Testing?

Tractor Supply reserves the right to conduct random drug tests on its employees but only in particular circumstances.

An employer can require employees to submit to drug testing if they observe “Reasonable Suspicion” that the employee is coming to work under the influence of drugs.

Another time where drug testing is required is when an accident occurs in the workplace that causes injuries to co-workers or customers, leading to medical treatment. If you need workers’ compensation benefits, our team of workers’ compensation attorneys at Burch Kelly Law Group can help.

While the benefits may sound good on paper, employees that are fired will most likely not have any access to these benefits.

Every state has different laws that are based on their economy, their politics, their cultural values, etc.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test Before Employment?

The TSC drug policy states that it will make pre-employment drug screening a condition of employment.

In any event, you were already hired and we are already making money from selling your product. You can stay employed and do us good by making it look like it was your idea. This is a public/private partnership after all.

They also report that, while they were denied jobs, they were not tested due to the government’s lack of resources.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Tractor Supply Do?

It seems like Tractor Supply might be more like a traditional retail company then something like Whole Foods.

There’s a job board site called Indeed, and it shows that the only job listings that drug tests are required are for management and assistant management.

A surprising number of employees do not know what kind of drug tests are used or what the penalty is.

The company has said that only three workers reported not being tested for COVID-19. However, a large number of workers reported to have tested negative for COVID-19 at the same time.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Texas?

The law allows private companies to implement their own drug testing policies but no one has to comply with the law.

Well, they don’t test. They only test like every 3rd person, when they find something like a needle. I haven’t seen them test anyone ever.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In North Carolina?

However, Tractor Supply will do random drug tests in the state to determine if an employee is using drugs and if the employee is a drug addict. If the employee fails the test twice, the employee will be fired. Tractor Supply will hire the employee if the employee passes the test first time.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Kentucky?

Many companies will randomly drug test employees to keep drugs out of the workplace.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Tennessee?

Tennessee does not have a mandatory drug-free workplace program. However, employers have the option to participate.

A drug-free workplace program also has the benefits of having employers regulate the testing process.

Tractor Supply does not test its employees in Tennessee for drugs.

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test In Ohio?

The new law means that companies can drug test employees.

While drug testing is common in other industries, it is not common in federal agencies, because of the concern that it could be a violation of civil rights.

To know more about this issue, you can also read about Tractor Supply hiring process, if they have felons.


Tractor Supply Company’s policy is to help and support our associates working towards a safe, productive, and drug free workplace.

Tractor Supply Company is not a state drug testing agency. They do not drug test their employees for drugs unless there is an accident or crime committed that results in a serious injury.

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