Gift Cards At Rite Aid (list Of All Cards You Can Buy)

Rite Aid already has gift cards that they sell. They do this through their in-store credit cards.

 But, that doesn’t mean that all Rite Aid gift cards can be used at any other store! So, for more information on the type of gift cards you can use at other stores, keep reading below!

Gift Cards at Rite Aid In 2022

You can find Visa gift cards at Rite Aid stores. The cards can be redeemed for store credits or cash. You can also find many cards featuring popular stores, such as Home Depot. But if you want to find some that can be loaded with prepaid cash, you have to call ahead to find an exact card.

The list of gift cards for Rite Aid is pretty amazing! You get to choose from the different categories, and also the gift card is available in different denominations.

What Gift Cards Does Rite Aid Sell?

Rite Aid currently sells a variety of different gift cards in all of its stores. However, the exact types of gift cards are being constantly updated and may be based on your region.


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You can use the Gift Card Shop to buy gift cards from Rite Aid. Some of the gift cards are available to buy immediately, and you have the option to add it to your PayPal.

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But Rite Aid also provides its own gift cards which you can load using the Rite Aid Store app at any time.

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To find out if a store near you is selling the above gift cards, click on the store locator link above.

It’s recommended that if you are looking for a specific card, you should ask your local store to see what they carry.

In most cases, getting an accurate inventory of products in a local store to be able to compare against inventory from other stores can be done at a larger cost to the vendor.

What Denominations of Gift Cards Can You Purchase at Rite Aid?

Rite Aid stores will usually display the gift card balance on the card itself.

You are able to put a certain amount of your hard earned money onto a gift card. The amount would usually be around $50-100 on a $50 gift card, or $100-200 on a $100 gift card.

When you check out, you can select the amount that you want to pay.

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When you purchase these cards, they will always load this amount regardless of your spending.

In a lot of the more expensive cases, they preload you with the amount of money that you want to spend. It can be a little bit harder to do because you don’t always have the flexibility to choose the exact amount you want. Some of them are pre-loaded.

Does Rite Aid Charge Extra Fees for Gift Cards?

You will pay the exact amount as displayed on the card. You may be subject to any sales tax or other applicable fees.

However, in the worst case scenario with no limit on the number of transactions, even if
the total fee per year is more than the amount you’re paying for the card,
the card issuer will still offer you a credit.

You will be charged the fee for this transaction automatically when you click on this button below.

Can You Buy Gift Cards Online at Rite Aid?

You aren’t really purchasing the gift cards from Rite Aid. Instead, you are just letting Rite Aid know that you would like a gift card to purchase things from them or to be used to purchase items from other merchants.

And buying from a third party is one of the things they were worried about.

When you attempt to purchase a gift card online, you will be sent to this third-party website, where you can then make a purchase.

This may occur if you are redirected from a third-party website, or if you are redirected to a third-party website when clicking on an email link.

You will not have to go to the Rite Aid website to pay for the product. You will be able to go to a third-party website, purchase, and then have cash back from Amazon paid to your Amazon account. You will be charged for that on the Amazon website.

Because the company transfers you to a company or person who sells the gift cards, thus allowing you to make a purchase with a debit or credit card, they may also charge you fees to do so.

Can You Buy Gift Cards in Bulk at Rite Aid?

Rite Aid allows you to purchase multiple gift cards up to a limit per household. If you go over, the gift cards won’t be available till the next time you need them.

For example, you may only need three cards, but if there’s hundreds of them available, that’s no problem. If you have to buy a large number, it may be worth it to buy them all at once, since you can use them all for the year.

If you happen to buy something that you already have, there will not be any extra gift cards added to your account. Therefore, be sure to use all of them.

After clicking the button below, you will be re-directed to the shopping page where the number of remaining gift cards can be seen.

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Rite Aid is a popular drug store chain; they are known for their convenient items. The company sells gift cards of all sorts, from Google Play cards to Visa cards.

That is why you can easily find all sorts of gift cards at Rite Aid. Its wide selection makes it easy to find what you need.

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