Does Sam’s Club Give Military Discounts? (full Guide)

Veterans who serve in the military usually go through an extreme amount of sacrifice to keep the country safe. In return, some retailers offer veterans discounts when they return home.

It turns out Sam’s Club has a lot of military discounts and the stores can save you up to 30% off most of their merchandise. So if your shopping at Sam’s Club and want to get some good deals, take a look around.

Does Sam’s Club Give Military Discounts In 2022?

Sam’s Club is offering active and retired military personnel and their families a $10 Sam’s Club gift card until January 31, 2022. Military personnel must present a valid form of identification proving they have served in the military to redeem this offer online or in-store. See store for details.

To obtain a gift card at Sam’s Club, make sure you have a valid form of military identification.

How Much Is The Military Discount At Sam’s Club?

The $10 gift card is currently being offered to the men and women who are serving in the military and those who have been recently discharged.

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Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not offer active military members a discount, and most retail stores do.

Who Qualifies For Sam’s Club’s Military Discount?

Whether you are a Club or Plus member you can qualify for the military discount, however, the store will require you to enter valid proof of military service.

There is a gift card with a monetary value of 10,000 DKK in the Danish Armed forces.

1. A military ID, or a document with your military ID number, including: Your DD-214, DD-214C, DD-215, or DD-216, depending on your branch of service, the military or reserve component you belong to, and military service number(s).

I will bring a military ID with a valid driver’s license to the Membership Desk of my local Sam’s Club.

If you did not provide one of the forms of ID necessary to prove you served in the military, this Sam’s Club will not be able to honor the military gift card.

Do You Have To Be A Sam’s Club Member To Receive The Military Discount? 

Sam’s Club has a $10 gift card that can be redeemed as long as you are a military member.

Does Sam’s Club Offer Any Discounted Memberships?

Sam’s Club discounts individual membership plans to some extent, but it does not discount individual membership plans.

Sam’s Club will offer Business Membership to companies.

This program is designed to help store owners and managers increase their customers’ in-store experience by allowing Sam’s Club members to buy products that are not available for sale at the store level.

For businesses to qualify for the program, they must have at least 250 employees on staff, and one of these jobs must be a managerial or supervisory position. To apply for the program, go to your local Sam’s Club Membership Desk, or give them a call!

Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks From A Military Address?

A customer must provide the order confirmation number of the online order to the Sam’s Club customer service representative. Upon receiving the customer’s order information, the customer service representative will then give the customer a provisional order number. The customer must provide this provisional order number within 24 hours of placing the order.

Does Sam’s Club Ship Products To A Military Address?

If you live at a military base, you probably need to know if you can have products from Sam’s Club delivered to your home.

Shipped items that are eligible to be delivered will have a label in the shipping information area of your order that will indicate the value of the shipment. Please note that if your order qualifies to be shipped to a military address and you do not want items to be shipped to your Federal Postal Service address you may choose to ship your order to a Non-Military address.

If you reside in an APO/FPO location, you will receive the shipment and your billing address will be confirmed when you provide it.

If you do not want to receive the shipment, choose [no]. You may refuse the shipment at any time during the checkout process.

The item will be delivered to the Shipping Address that you provide during checkout.

If the item you are requesting is currently in your cart, you will be able to adjust the shipping method before checkout.

What Restrictions Does USPS Have When Shipping To Military Addresses?

To check if your postal address cannot receive packages shipped from Sam’s Club, visit the USPS website and check the status of your mailing address.

This document is in the Adobe PDF format. To view this document, you must have the Adobe Reader plug-in available in your Internet browser. See the FAQ for more information regarding this.

As you can see, I put in my zip code and got a list with restricted items.

What Other Stores Have A Military Discount?

Sometimes, there are ongoing military discounts in stores.
There are discounts on groceries, like 10% off a purchase each time you show your military ID.
There are discounts on computers and electronics, 10% off a purchase each time you show your military ID.
There are discounts on clothes, shoes, and accessories, 10% off a purchase each time you show your military ID.
There are discounts on furniture, 10% off a purchase each time you show your military ID.

Also, some stores offer a one-time discount for active military. There are also additional programs for the active military that I will mention in a moment.

Sam’s Club’s competition, Costco is offering a special military card when enrolling in their basic membership. In return, Costco will save you about $30 when signing up for membership.

Budweiser, Coors, Miller Lite, and Molson Breweries, which have stores in Afghanistan, or are at least in the “region” of Afghanistan (Afghanistan has an area of about 50,930 km2, so “region” is maybe a stretch; but there are many US military installations and bases in the “region”), are offering continual discounts to active military personnel.

Retail stores are not the only type of stores that offer military discounts. Active and retired military personnel can also receive ongoing discounts at the following types of stores: Banks and other financial institutions, travel agencies, and car rental agencies.

To find out more, you might want to read up on whether or not Target offers military & veteran discounts, if IKEA has military & veteran discounts, and if Walmart offers military & veteran discounts.


Members of the military who are active or retired and their families can receive $10 in Sam’s Club gift cards for proof of military service.

Some of the acceptable documents that prove military service include an active or retired military card issued by the Department of Defense and a VIC..

The information presented here is the current version at the time of writing.

It does not constitute legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute for legal counsel.

Finally, certain products may be shipped by United Parcel Service, and shipping time, cost, and delivery are governed by UPS.

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