Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries? (all You Need To Know)

Meijer is a great store where customers can buy a range of general goods and services for car ownership.

This question must occur to many buyers, whether you need automobile batteries for your car or not- what brands of batteries do Meijer carry and what are the prices? To answer this question, I first want to share some important information.

Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries In 2022?

In the event that you would like to know whether Meijer sells automobile batteries, then you can actually do that.
A Meijer has a number of locations and the batteries will be available at all of them. The batteries are also sold at Meijer’s online store, so there won’t be any issues in regards to your options if you wish to shop online.

Does Meijer Sell Car Batteries?

Buying your battery at a Meijer can be tricky because not all stores carry all Meijer batteries.

The number to reach a Meijer store is 800-534-4441, and to go online, type and press enter. The store hours are 9:00 am- 8:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 9:00 am- 7:00 pm on Friday.

What Brands of Car Batteries Does Meijer Sell?

Sears has a partnership with Meijer and they sell batteries at Meijer. The batteries are reliable and durable in all car performance conditions.

Meijer is currently stocked with the Powercell 58 3 12 Volt Silver and the Powercell 75/25 2 12 Volt Gold car batteries.

What Alternatives to Car Batteries Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer stores and outlets are joining with EVgo to have chargers for electric cars.

This move increases the chances of more people using EVgo network. But only electric car owners can benefit from that.

The company plans to make fast charging available soon, which is 100 to 350 kW.

For the future, it seems like Tesla will have a strong competitive position. The company is also considering other applications like solar, and is considering a big battery storage project at their Fremont factory.

What Car Battery Accessories Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer didn’t just stock car battery chargers and car battery terminals. They provided these items with the car battery you wanted to buy.

Both the Schumacher SC9 Fully Automatic 10A Charger and the Schumacher 100/30/6/2 Amp battery charger/engine starter are on sale at Meijer stores, but are not available for purchase online. Meijer stocks the Schumacher SC9 Fully Automatic 10A Charger at $ 63.99, and the Schumacher 100/30/6/2 Amp battery charger/engine starter at $103.99.

The brand of the battery terminals Meijer stocks is the Schumacher Battery terminal. Red and Blue is the value.

Where Else Can I Buy Car Batteries?

When a car battery runs out, the battery shop where you bought it or a Meijer store can sell you a new battery. Visit the battery shop or call the store to find a location that’s convenient for you.

This way you will know where to buy your specific car battery brand and not have to spend hours wandering from store to store.


Does Meijer Have Car Fuses?

The Bussmann Series fuse blade is the fuse which is in the Bussmann Series blade.

The eight multi-high amp fuses come in a sealed plastic bag for convenience. They’re easily stored in a glove compartment, trunk, or even a toolbox.

Bussmann will install an engine in your vehicle. We have the correct parts to ensure that you will have a reliable engine.

Can I Buy Car Batteries at

You can go to and buy car batteries if the batteries you want are available.

Pickup at a Meijer store is available for a limited time. You can opt to pick up the battery at your local Meijer store through curbside pickup.
If you have an order with an item that is eligible for curbside pickup at a Meijer store, you will be able to choose curbside pickup.

You can purchase car batteries directly from while using Instacart.

If you prefer a specific Meijer battery to your existing one, your Instacart personal shopper will find a match in your existing inventory and place a fresh battery into your shopping bag.

Does Meijer Have Car Stuff?

Meijer sells products for people to buy and use inside their cars, which is why it has a department that just has car stuff.

You can buy accessories online or in stores.

If you want to purchase more car-related products and services you should go to Meijer gas stations and get the best deals on gas and automotive services.

Does Meijer Have 12 Volt Batteries?

The Powercell series battery is available in two types- the Powercell Silver and the Powercell Gold. Both models are available at Meijer.

You may also be able to learn more about this by reading our post on what are the best return policies, is Meijer gas top tier, and does Meijer require a membership.


Meijer wants to sell electric cars and will help its customers to charge up. Customers can also buy car batteries and chargers for their electric cars from Meijer outlets.

Consumers can buy their batteries from other outlets as well. However, before they purchase, they should ensure that the batteries are available by checking beforehand online or calling them out beforehand.

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