Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtains? (+ Other Common Faqs)

The owner of Hobby Lobby is a Christian businessman that owns a chain of arts and crafts supply stores across the US.

And once you’ve decided that you want curtains, what should you consider? This article will give you some advice to assist you through the process.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtains In 2022?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry curtains. While the company does carry curtains and other small home decor items, these are very small items. While Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry curtains, it does offer classes on making them for yourself. One of these classes is available for free and uses supplies bought from the retailer.

Check out our Curtain Buying Guide to learn everything you need to know about buying curtains at Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtain Rods?

Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store where if you don’t have a particular tool needed it is usually available, and they usually have something similar to it if not.

If you’re using the standard curtain rods, you can probably use the standard window finials, as long as they will fit the existing rod.

Finials are ornaments you attach to the top of a curtain rod. They keep the rod from slipping out of its brackets and provide a decorative touch.

You can pick up an extension rod and slide it into the hole of your current curtain rod and see if that will give you the personal touch you were looking for without having to get a whole new rod.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtain Valances?

Hobby Lobby does not sell curtain valances but they do sell draperies. This means you can purchase the product and still have it shipped directly to your home.

When you click on the product images, it will show you all available information about that product.

If you want to buy valances for your curtains, you can buy curtain panels, fabric and craft supplies to create them.

To show that it is possible, Hobby Lobby has published a guide to making your own curtain panels on YouTube.

To be as accurate as possible, make sure to measure the space where the valance will be attached to the wall. It should be at least 8 inches from the floor to ceiling.

You can find a video from another channel on making them, and have them for yourself right from your home.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Drapes?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell curtains because, like the large table decor items that don’t fit into the store’s theme, they are too large for the store to sell.

The store isn’t just about food, but it does include a few home decor accessories and other items.

They didn’t mention how thick the drapes were; I can assume that they were just like any other kind of curtain.

Hobby Lobby previously sold a very similar looking bedskirt style drapes and curtains, and no longer does so.

The company did not have much choice about where in the building they could place the partitions.

However, if you search “window curtain” you’ll find many different options available from brands such as DecoArt, Artistic, and Mondo.

These kinds of curtains are made from hanging strings that are a collection of small pieces of fabric that are meant to be draped over a door to separate one room from another.

No, but if you know of a bead designer that makes them just for us, please let us know.

The company is not a traditional bulb company. It’s a manufacturer of LED lights and is selling LED lights as fabric curtain lights.

Hobby Lobby sells some curtains with a little tassel and tieback, which you can hang on the wall to hold the curtains opened.
[original]: To finish off these curtains I got some large buttons and tacked them to the curtain rod and tied them with a pretty blue and yellow striped ribbon.
To finish off these curtains I got some large buttons and tacked them to the curtain rod and tied them with a pretty blue and yellow striped ribbon.

This configuration keeps the curtains more stable against wind when the windows are opened, so they aren’t blown into the living area.

And this also lets more light into the space. Light comes from the windows.

If you really want to get some drapes, you can buy the material from this store, and you can make them at home yourself.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Shower Curtains?

Hobby Lobby does not sell shower curtains, but there are plenty of places where you can pick up shower curtains and the supplies to make your own.

What Store Has a Good Selection Of Curtains?

We can’t get curtains ready to hang from Hobby Lobby, so we found a few different brands of cheap curtains online at Walmart.

These retailers sell home decor items as well. Apart from curtains, drapes, and valances, they also sell other home decor items like shower curtains, and more.

We’ve also written about whether Hobby Lobby sells fabric, if Hobby does custom framing, and where is Hobby Lobby.


Hobby Lobby sells curtains, curtain rods, drapes, shower curtains, and valances because it has an extensive collection of them. They are also a more high-end craft store, with prices generally much higher than many thrift stores.

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