Does Costco Take Coupons? (your Complete Guide!) 

Costco has developed quite the following over the years, with nearly 100 million members who loyally pay an annual subscription to receive exclusive membership dues.

Costco has been offering coupon savings for its customers for a long time. Many who shop at Costco often get coupon savings on their items, which they can sometimes apply to make those wholesale prices even lower.

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Does Costco Take Coupons In 2022?

A Costco membership is generally required in order to redeem coupons and purchase discounted items. In some cases, however, Costco will extend special discount offers such as “Member Mondays” in which select items are available at a reduced price to members who purchase a membership during a specific week.

Although it may be frustrating to shop at Costco without the use of manufacturer coupons, in reality a manufacturer coupon is not necessary when shopping at Costco.

So, even without using manufacturer’s coupons, there are several ways that shoppers can get the maximum value out of their Costco Dollar.

Why Doesn’t Costco Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Costco does not accept manufacturer coupons to attain greater autonomy for how it prices its items.

When offering a promotion or coupon, the manufacturer is required by law to include the price of that coupon or offer in their total selling price to retailers.

If a laundry detergent company would sell its detergent product with a $1.00 coupon, it will sell its product at an average unit cost of $.75.

The retailer will make the same percentage of profit as last year, and the manufacturer will make a greater profit due to consumers buying the product with coupons.

Instead, Costco simply avoids manufacturers coupons and sets its own prices. Costco shoppers are able to achieve the lowest possible price and maintain the integrity of the program.

Buying at the lowest wholesale price is a way Costco can make sure that they are not overcharging for the products.

How To Get Coupon Savings At Costco 

Besides using the coupons printed in the paper inserts, Costco members can stack the discounts that they receive at the stores on their purchase receipts. For example, a member who bought both milk and eggs could buy two gallons of milk and two dozen eggs for a total of four gallons of milk or $16.99 less than the regular gallon price. Or a member could buy six gallons of milk for $14.49 less than the regular price and cut the purchase down to two gallons for a total savings of $10.41.

The savings offered by manufacturer coupons is usually less than you would get from shopping in bulk, so if you can get them at just the right time, buying in larger quantities can make a big difference.

Costco often offers coupon codes or special combo deals, such as buying a certain item at full price leading to a subsequent savings of a related product.

Costco store coupons are regularly mailed to members as new offers become available. Or you can request a coupon book at the customer service center in-store.

Shoppers can also print coupons at home by visiting and clicking on the coupon section located on the left-hand side. This feature has been very popular with customers, according to a spokesperson.

While most Costco store coupons are only available in-store, you can take advantage of online Costco deals, especially the Black Friday Deals, to save a lot of money.

Download Cash Back Apps 

If you’re at Costco and want to save some cash, you should definitely download a cash-back app to get rewards for your purchases.

Apps for these offers work by redirecting a shopper to a third-party merchant’s website after making a purchase, which allows the app to record the transaction and credit the shopper with the cash-back. The apps are most useful if the consumer has a strong interest in the brand or store where the coupon is being redeemed. For example, the coupon may not apply to purchases from a certain brand.

The following breakdown explains how Costco shoppers can save more on their trip using a cash-back app:
For a list of Costco coupons, visit [Costco’s website](

While most traditional coupons only let you apply the coupon savings to one item, cash-back apps typically allow you to use the offer up to five times, a further benefit to those shopping at Costco, as buying in bulk is the name of the game.

If you’re the owner of an account, you can log in and use your account info, as well.

Many coupon apps require you to purchase one off their offers. However, the popular Cash-back apps require you to earn the cash back by shopping at certain retail stores.

This feature enables you to save your points by having them redeemable for real world currencies and subscriptions.

Know Which Items Are On Sale At Costco

Costco will have certain items that are typically priced a given amount higher than their standard retail price. To save the best money possible, Costco shoppers must know these prices and use coupons and cash-back apps to save more.

Keep Shopping, Even After You Buy 

In a similar way to Costco you can also get a deal on your next shopping trip at If you visit the site before you go and see that a product you’ve been looking for is on sale, you can add the item to your online cart before you check out. Then, when you’re at the store, you can ask for a cash refund for the difference. It’s a great way to stock up while saving!

For example, if you bought a pair of Kirkland jeans for $39.99 on March 1st and the price dropped to $35.00 on March 10th, you can take your receipt to Costco at which you made the purchase and get $4.99 in cash back!

Applying Costco Coupons Without A Membership 

Costco Shop Cards allow Costco shoppers to earn points on a pre-tax basis, up to a maximum of 3 points per dollar spent. Those points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards, or transferred to another account using the Costco My Account program. Shop Card members can also earn bonus points for certain purchases in addition to receiving the 3 points per dollar.

Costco Shop card are a way for people to get low prices at Costco. A Costco Shop card can be used anywhere the card is recognized, even when not at Costco.

The shop card only works at Costco locations.
The shop card is for purchases at Costco stores.
The shop card is not available for purchases online.

You would need to buy a Membership Card for $55 up-front, but then you are free to shop at Costco as often as you want; however, there are some restrictions depending on where you live. For example, while you could travel to Seattle and shop as long as you buy the Costco Membership Card, you could not visit the Sacramento store unless you have a California Costco Membership.

However, you do not need a membership to shop at Costco in those states where it is not required.

If you want to learn more about how to get a free Costco membership, you can see my comprehensive guide on Costco and military discounts.


It is worth noting that Costco does not accept manufacturer coupons, but it does offer its own selection of exclusive in-store coupons so that you can use those to further save money. In addition, you can use cash-back apps such as Ibotta or Checkout 51 to get some savings after the purchase, making Costco’s famously low wholesale prices even lower.

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